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First appearance Life in Shienar
Created by Craig
Portrayed by Rose Leslie
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Aiel
Weapon Skills
  • Daggers ✦
  • Swords ✦
OP Strength 7.2
Affinities Earth, Fire, Air/Spirit, Water

Zarayne is an Aiel Yellow Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Zarayne's appearance is both the product of her parents and of her upbringing. Born in the Three-fold Land, she has the flame red hair, bright green eyes, and stature from her mother. Her complexion is pale compared to almost all Aiel, an inheritance from her Shienaran father. Whilst she was raised in the Waste, her freckles were a large and prominent part of her appearance. Since her move to Shienar, they have diminished in size. It is likely they will fluctuate in and out of sight whilst in the changing climate of Hama Valon.

As the only child of a single parent, Zarayne did her utmost to imitate her mother. She is best when given time to think and reason things out, and less good when placed on the spot. In the latter case, her emotions can cause her to shut down into a pennant silence. She remembers well the shame she brought on herself in her childhood after acting off of emotions instead of logic.

In a positive frame of mind, Zarayne stands as tall and proud as any Aiel. Her posture isn't challenging, but it does promise a tough fight should someone press her. She has a wariness around other Aiel, brought on by her difference in upbringing and appearance, but she won't shirk away from a confrontation or interrogation. Whilst she has reconciled that she is different, Zarayne is still Aiel to the bone, and bares no sense of patriotism to her father's homeland. Despite this, Zarayne's interpretation and adherence to ji'e'toh leaves a bad taste in the mouths of her peers.


Zarayne was born to Sinead, a Wise One of the Chumai Sept of the Taardad Aiel. Her mother had a relationship with a Gaidin of the Grey Tower, which ended when he defied the instructions of Wise Ones, and defiled the sacred city of Rhuidean. Zarayne was very young when her mother left the Three-fold Land for her father's homeland of Shienar, and she has very few memories of the Aiel Waste.

Zarayne was also too young to really recall the difficulties they faced after arriving at the small village of Seohae. She always recalls that her mother was the village's Wise One, although the Shienarans called her a Wise Woman. Zarayne also only remembers the strict divide between their public and private lives. In public, both Sinead and Zarayne acted as the Shienarans acted. In private, they acted as Aiel should, or at least Sinead's interpretation of that. Zarayne has no other reference points to work with, but she is aware there were deviations from the norm in her mother's practices. If only because there were subtle shifts over the years.

Like her mother, Zarayne had the ability to touch the One Power. Sinead guided her daughter in her teachings, until the night that Zarayne flaunted her gifts. This resulted in Zarayne suffering severe burns over large parts of her body from an unweaving that went awry. Sinead placed her daughter in gai'shain whites for a year and a day, and as soon as it was over, instructed Zarayne to go to the Grey Tower.

This has left Zarayne feeling adrift. For a year and a day she was bereft of a mother's love, but the promise of a return to normality kept her going. Now her world seems to have ended for another one; trapped in novice whites, but far more harrowingly, in the place where her father lives and works. She has no idea what to expect, and the fear of the unknown is making her unravel, if only internally.


Career History

  • Novice (27 November 2016)
  • Accepted (3 June 2017)
  • Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah (12 November 2017)