Zaephra Wyrd

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Zaephra Wyrd
ZAY-eff-rah WEHerd
Created by Mim
Full name Zaephra Liadan Wyrd
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Indigo Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Sylantry Latremaine
Nationality Andoran
OP Strength 8.9
Affinities Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth, Air

Zaephra Liadan Wyrd is an Andoran Indigo Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


She doesn't seem like the vessel of such power, being small and slight with milky skin and wide hazel eyes under a mess of barely-restrained auburn curls, but her image inspires fear in anyone having the misfortune to need to see her twice. In public, she clings to an arrogant and aloof aura, and she views the Learning Ranks with barely veiled disgust. While she is an innovative teacher and enjoys discussions about the Power, Talents, and potential, she cannot abide pranks, illicit sensuality, or specious rule-breaking. Her wrath is sudden and violent.

She has an artist's long fingers, a dreamy mien, and a penchant for wearing blood red - she says it's because anything else she wears would be stained, but I rather hope she's kidding...don't you?


A thin cry in the darkness, stifled quickly as the woman turned away from the prisoner, who lay gasping at her feet. "A girl," the Yellow said. "A daughter." Her eyebrows pinched together, she glanced down at the small, squalling child. "Aeric Wyrd has already been executed for your foolishness. Why could you not have birthed a son?" Distaste marred the Healer's face as she thrust the small girl out from her grasp, still sticky with her mother's blood. "He will not be pleased," she warned, but the young woman on the floor was beyond caring. It would look as though labor had caused an aneurysm to burst in her brain, leaving just one survivor of the Dreadlord who had led the Black Ajah to so many victories before he had been lust. That survivor clung reflexively to Audella's small hands as she bundled the child up.

There was always hope, wasn't there?

Fate intervened, as it usually does. The only woman to be found with milk and patience enough to raise the daughter of a convicted Dreadlord was the wife of the Master of Training, who had a sturdy auburn-haired daughter already. Although the bundle that was handed over to Annaudra Damodred was given the name Liadan, after the mother she'd killed, the interfering Grey looked over her new charge with delight, and after a day's study, announced that the child would be named Zaephra, for Aeric Wyrd's mother. Audella exclaimed over the new name and the plump baby alike, but shook her head once she was left to her own counsel. The name meant "bright hope," and this child was already promised to the Dark One. Then again, it wasn't as if they should name it Raven or Shaitana! And a name was merely that - a name.

A time would come when the girl would pick a name of her own.

Except, it never did: the girl always seemed too studiously attached to her foster-twin Kiatelie, and then she was a Novice, under Miahala Sha'hal's watchful eyes, and as an Accepted, she was ever surrounded by a crowd. She didn't belong in it - it merely happened around her - but she could not be inducted. A few people tried, but after the second death, the girl became wary. It was decided upon to destroy Annaudra Damodred in the hopes of bringing the child into her birthright, but that did not go well - she gained the woman's stubborn and troublesome Warder.

And the day she was raised, she disappeared - gone to Illian, she had said, to hunt the Horn.

The woman called back to the Tower ten years later was sober, quiet, and calm: she slid into the Tower and then into the office of the Mistress of Novices still defiantly Light-blinded. Indeed, she seemed not to recognize the taint of the Shadow at all. Regretting that the girl had not been brought up as she should have been, to lend her incredible strength to the Shadow, seemed a waste of time. After all, there were many better candidates right under Zaephra Liadan Wyrd's slightly freckled nose.

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai of the Indigo Ajah
  • Sitter of the Indigo Ajah
  • Mistress of Novices (22 November 2009)