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The Yellow Ajah
YellowAjahRibbon.png Healing and ... moar Healing YellowAjahRibbon.png

The Yellow Ajah of the Grey Tower is the Ajah of Healing. Whilst the Talent itself is not a prerequisite to join their ranks, rare is the Yellow who cannot Heal. This is the first Ajah to devote itself specifically to a Talent.


Typical activities for Yellows typically revolve around Healing the injured. From trainees in the yards to folk out on adventures, the Yellows run the Infirmary and are the best place to go for when there is a need for Healing. Less directly involved with Healing with the Power, Yellows can also be seen performing the more mundane day-to-day running of the Infirmary, tending to the gardens where they grow useful herbs for non-Power related activities, or researching new methods with their peers. Some of the more active may go out into the field (literally) in search of new herbs and flowers to test.

I want to be a Yellow!

Awesome! Some aptitude in Healing would be great, but more importantly you will also want to be someone with a desire to help others and make the world a better place... <3 perhaps not on a grand scale, but compassion and empathy and fixing what is in front of you are all necessary.

Maever, our current Head of the Yellow Ajah, has this to say about potential Yellows: "Ohhh the Yellow Ajah do be most lovely, it would be so nice to have you join us! We do be having lots of interesting things going on, there do always be something to do! And of course we do always be there for each other."

Ok so he didn't have much to say about what it takes to be a Yellow, because he'll take pretty much anyone.


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There are people, and they are in the Yellow Ajah.

Current Leadership

Maever Donovan, the First Weaver

The current First Weaver, Head of the Yellow Ajah, is Maever Donovan. Come say hello!

Tower Leadership

Yellows that have gone on to have major roles in the Grey Tower's leadership include: