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The awards for the Winds of Chaos Major Roleplay were announced on the 17th of August, 2016.[1]

The site transitioned to a new style and format of awards a few weeks later, but those awards marked with an asterisk (*) were added to a player's 'new' awards instead of their legacy awards.


Winds of Chaos Participation Ribbon*
Awarded for participation in the Winds of Chaos MRP.
Avyra, Becks, Bella, Cheiron, Craig, Damien, Felix, Jack, Jenn, Jenny, Jiggity, Kenneth, Leala, Locke, Matty, Nani, Phineas, Quibby, Roan, and Sunny.
The Bronze Tower*
The Bronze Towerx1
The Silver Tower*
The Silver Towerx1
  • Craig for exemplary writing and providing support in a variety of threads
  • Jenny for her fantastic work in the Dishes and Dishes and the Cloak and Dagger threads
  • Becks for being the mastermind who orchestrated the Upon Sacred Ground thread
  • Jiggity for leading two separate subplots to fruition, including organizing several different writers into one thread.
  • Kenneth for his leadership and brilliant portrayal of Taesh in the Dishes and Dishes thread
  • Avyra for her consistent presence and firm adherence to what was true for her character (even when it cost her dearly) throughout the entire MRP.
The Gold Tower*
The Gold Towerx1
Depth of Character Medal
  • Roan for the impressively well-written and heartbreaking work she put into Tia's time as a damane, and her willingness to talk out MRP plots with the host even when she was super busy.
  • Locke for exceptional writing activity throughout the MRP as well as the avalanche of OOC work he did to lead multiple subplots from start to finish, and helping to plot out the bigger story, as well as remaining a positive presence even when things got chaotic.
  • Kaia Ariasca for Kaia's glorious transformation from bitter, angry, lonely, and proud, to finally recognizing what she loved in herself, understanding the mistakes she made, letting go of her pride in favor of love, and doing the hard work to regain lost ground.
The Purple Heart Seal of Fortitude
  • Jaryd Kosari for all he endured at the hands of Regann the sul'dam, and the permanent physical and psychological damage that experience has inflicted upon him. (I feel awkward writing about my own character....)
  • Tia Tomosan and Zarius Iiro - Tia and Zeen both endured extreme humiliation and torment while held in captivity. Despite their horrific treatment they both retained their dignity and their sanity, and truly shone as children of the Grey Tower.
Outstanding Medal for Marksmanship Blaze of Glory Ribbon
  • Fiona Trakand for her quick work with a bow that led to the bittersweet salvation of one character and the freedom of two others.
  • Morgan Cade for his tragic death at the hands of the Seanchan; he was captured while trying to save his friends, and died while still trying to do the same. He may have considered himself an unlikely hero, but the Tower will remember his sacrifice forever.