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The White Ajah
WhiteAjahRibbon.png Truth and Logic will shield us WhiteAjahRibbon.png

The White Ajah of the Grey Tower is the Ajah dedicated to the value of logic, and devotes itself to questions of philosophy and truth. They do not concern themselves with worldly affairs, and for this reason, it’s Aes Sedai and Ashaman rarely cultivate an eyes-and-ears network. The head of the White Ajah is called the First Reasoner.


Those who have chosen the White Ajah have decided that logic, serenity and the search for the truth are the bedrocks that will protect the Grey Tower from the chaos of the World.

As such, they have little passion for the causes that define the Blue, Gray, Green and Red Ajahs. White Ajah Aes Sedai and Ashaman will also try to avoid the dwelling on the past that seems to permeate the worldly knowledge that the Brown Ajah seeks.

While many whispers in the halls of the Grey Tower hint that they have no room in their hearts for passions at all, they are deeply passionate in their search for the truth. Many Whites appear almost ascetic in their behaviour.


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There are people, and they are in the White Ajah.

Current Leadership

The First Reasoner, the head of the White Ajah is Neran Banin, a Cairhienin Asha'man.

Tower Leadership

Whites that have gone on to have major roles in the Grey Tower's leadership include:

"I want to be a White!"

To wear the White Cord or Shawl of the Ajah, requires a mind that can retain a calm demeanour and serenity in the midst of a tumultuous world. This coolness; which the others often see incorrect as uncaring aloofness, is what allows the White Ajah to approach the searh for truth without emotion.

The judgement given by a White sister or Ashaman is considered usually the most impartial and the less conditioned by sentiments, interests and personal involvements. Candidates will be expected to show restrain, intelligence and an extremely rational mind.

The Whites are good in resolving logic and mathematics questions, a skill that can be useful for more practice ways as the administration of Grey Tower is an area the Ajah thrives at.

The ability to research, put long hours into studying, debate and reflection , and absorb information is a must for anyone who would wear the White. Having a subject to specialise in is also helpful. Collaborations with the Browns, Greys and Indigos can also add to the Ajah’s experience so if there is an area of study with some overlap, do look at making some friends elsewhere just in case they come in handy.