Ubriel Bryne-Mael'din

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Ubriel Bryne-Mael'din
Ubriel Bryne-Mael'din
YU-bree-uhl brin-MILE-din
Created by Bree
Portrayed by Jean Seberg
Gender Female
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Zacharyn Bryne-Mael'din
Nationality Cairhienin
Weapon Skills
  • Quarterstaff ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦✦
  • Axe ✦✦✦✦

Ubriel Bryne-Mael'din (born Ubriel Bryne) is a Cairhienin Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Ubriel is now twenty-two years old and while still appearing pleasantly soft in a young woman’s way, she has developed a respectable layer of muscle that has firmed every part of her body. Instead of making her look hard however, all that muscle has turned her voluptuous and causes her to move like a prowling ridge cat. She maintains a short hair cut that barely reaches the tops of her ears on the sides and stops at the top nape of her neck in the back. Her clothing is sometimes rumpled and she often appears “frumpy”. She wears a loose trouser and loose linen shirt that she cinches at the waist with a belt. She takes great pride in her affiliation and position with the Warder Yard of the Grey Tower and wears some variant on her official uniform at all times. She prefers low heeled boots to any other type of shoe. Her coats are generally mid-thigh length and tailored to be relatively close fitting, but she almost never wears them since attaining the right to the fancloth cloak.

She is energetic and lively and interested in everything new. She wants to see the whole world, even as a Gaidar. She keeps a diary of her experiences and can be quite serious about learning or training. She does not take too much else seriously. She has an avid interest in the legendary battles of history. She has professed a disinterest in romantic notions and does not consider romantic stories interesting. She is stubborn when she thinks she is right but her pride will not let her delay in admitting a mistake or fault.

She has a horse, a strawberry-roan mare, she trained herself. Her horse's name is Peach and she considers Peach to be her best, possibly only, friend. She carries a quarterstaff which she cut and carved herself before beginning to practice with it when she was several years younger. She also wears a unique necklace that she believes to be a family heirloom. It is her only jewelry or adornment and family legend says that it was made from a coin from Shara, gifted to her grandfather by Jain Farstrider.


Ubriel is the only child of Nari and Jom Bryne. Raised on a farm in the southernmost part of Cairhien, due south of Morelle, they were so close to the border of Cairhien that her father would sometimes pick up and throw a stone from their back gate joking, “I’m so strong I just threw that stone all the way to Haddon Mirk.”

Her mother, Nari, used to read to her from a copy of the Travels of Jain Farstrider when she was very young. She said her grandfather was Jain Charin’s older brother. As proof she would pull from her bodice the strange necklace she always wore and tell her it was a gift to her father from Jain Farstrider himself. As Ubriel got older, she was never sure she really believed her mother’s tale, but she wanted to.

Dissatisfied with farm life and a father who was progressively less attentive and who pushed her harder each year to be more demure and feminine and find a good strong lad to marry, she decided to run away. On the night before her sixteenth birthday she snuck out of her house with her quarterstaff and a change of clothes. To her surprise, she found her mother tying a small package and blanket to the padded saddle on her horse, Peach. Her mother hugged her and gave her the necklace. Without a word, her mother then turned her back and went inside, leaving her daughter to disappear into the night.

Ubriel went first to the White Tower thinking that it was the best place for her to begin a life of adventure. She was shocked when, upon being tested to become a novice, she was informed that even though she may learn to sense the source, she would never be able to learn to channel. Humiliation and defeat lasted only as far as preparing to leave Tar Valon. The Tower had sent her off with a pocket full of coin and seeing the wide world spread before her, she turned Peach, her horse, South. Arriving in Illian some time later, she stood among the throng in the Great Square and took the Oath of a Hunter for the Horn of Valere. Thrilled and excited, she wandered in the crowd, thinking vaguely that she should find a place to bed down. Then music caught her ear and she told her horse, “We have time.” She bought two apples from a cart and, after locating the quartet of street musicians that had drawn her, fed one to Peach as she leaned against the horse’s withers to eat her own.

There were dancers around the musicians and one very pretty young man dancing alone spotted her and pulled her into a dance with him.

They spent the day together, shopping and sampling foods and talking. Late that night, after waving farewell to the very pretty young man, Peach gave her a reproachful look for not having acquired a place to sleep. That being the case, Ubriel decided to begin her hunt right away. She turned Peach East, determined to ask the Ogier if they could remember where the Horn had been left.

After finding her way to the Grey Tower several years ago, Ubriel rose through the ranks and became very active. She found herself honored with the nomination to serve in the position of Mistress of Training just before her twenty-first name day and has been doing everything in her power since then to foster learning, exploration, activity and warder yard/channeler interaction.

Career History

  • Drin (20 October 2014)
  • Ji'val (10 November 2014)
  • Gaidin (16 March 2015)
  • Master of Training (16 March 2015)