Torianin Soulane

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Torianin Soulane
Created by Leala (player)
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Family Abby Soulane (adopted daughter)
Bondmate(s) Erishar Kurian
Nationality Seanchan
OP Strength 6.7
Affinities Air, Water, Fire, Spirit, Earth

Torianin Soulane (born Torianin) is a Seanchan Red Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Torianin no longer bares any of the extra pounds that her past had given her. She is not skin and bones, but she is as thin as she likes, and works to keep it that way. She still wears her bright orange hair long, and spilling down in curls to her lower back. The damage done by her twin is gone, and it shines with health now. Her pale skin is littered with freckles, and her green eyes are alert. For the most part, she wears red, the color of her Ajah, along with complementing colors.

Even though she has been on this side of the Aryth Sea for years now, Torianin still speaks in the Seanchan drawl. She tries to present herself honestly, and keep herself humble. Despite being an Aes Sedai, she does not refer to learning ranks as "child." She believes this sounds too close to how damane are treated. All in all, she has realized who she was meant to be outside of the collar. She has reacquainted herself with her friendlier side, and shows kindness to most everyone, but she will become the cool, calculating Aes Sedai when she sees fit. While maintaining an outward show of confidence, she still has worries and fears, but has learned to control them.

Even while exuding friendliness and humility, Torianin still has the capacity to embrace the Red Ajah, and become the force of judgment that is needed in the world, and she will certainly become that to protect her daughter, Abby.


Torianin led a rather normal life before the collar, for the most part. She was the first born of a pair of identical twins. She and her sister Lumanin were close as twins usually were. She remembers perhaps wanting to go into making jewelry like her father. He often praised her for her creativity and intelligence. She was considering becoming his apprentice when it happened. She and her sister were called to test to see if they were damane or sul'dam when they were both fifteen. They stood with a clutch of other frightened girls as the collar and bracelet were passed among them. One girl was tested for the collar and was found to be damane. She screamed as she was led away, both from fear and from the pain the collar caused. Other girls were delighted to find that the bracelet worked for them. One sul'dam thought it would be funny to put the bracelet on Lumanin, and the collar on Torianin. To Torianin's horror, it worked. She was hauled away to become damane while her twin sister was sent for training to become sul'dam.

Torianin quickly learned that the only way to defeat the collar was to show absolute submission. If any thought crossed her mind of escaping while her sul'dam held the other end, she was punished severely. She had to train herself to only think those thoughts when the a'dam lay unattended. It almost felt as though she had two personalities. After her training stint, her sister was sent to be her sul'dam. It seemed as though Lumanin was fed lies about their relationship, because she was bitter, talked of jealousy, and threw in lies about their childhood together. Lumanin even renamed her "Ri." The other sul'dam took to the name immediately and would only call her that. Apparently, they had been waiting for her twin to finish her training before bestowing a false name on her, to add the largest insult. None of this hatred had been present in the sister she remembered. And so, Torianin had to accept that her thoughts were no longer her thoughts and that her sister was no longer her sister.

When she was unattended, she would often fantasize about using this great and powerful weapon she had been dealt to vanquish those that put her in this thing, even Lumanin. She continued her life as damane, serving the whims of her twin and the Empire meekly yet reluctantly. Lumanin found different ways to punish her, mostly involving physically distinguishing them. She teased Ri's hair, she force-fed her, she placed garish orange flowers in her already orange hair.

The Empire saw fit to send them across the seas one day. That was the first time Torianin remembered harming innocents through the control of the a'dam. People making their way across the ocean who were not connected to the Empire in any way were hurt, some likely killed by her lightning. When the collar came off that night, she became violently sick, blaming it on the ocean. Lumanin saw she was lying and punished her. They landed in a new land, and that was the first time Torianin had heard of Aes Sedai, even Asha'man. People with her abilities free to walk about and do as they wish. They even had a large impact on the world, it seemed. She knew it was fruitless, but she pined for that life.

And then, it happened one day. Lumanin took her out for a walk, mostly from the suggestions of other sul'dam who praised her discipline, but also joked that perhaps "Ri" was getting too fat. She kept her head down and followed, as usual. She thought perhaps she sensed another damane about when she felt weaves from the One Power come at her suddenly. She stayed stock still when she felt them coming for her collar. When Lumanin saw that Torianin was not reacting when she should be and would not attack when ordered to, she lashed out with the collar, but Torianin did not react, used to the pain by now. She heard the mechanics click and the collar fall away. After a moment of stunned silence from her, and commands from her former sul'dam to put the a'dam back on, Torianin struck out. She called lightning, but it was perhaps that stubborn twinge of familial love that stopped her from striking her twin directly. The other woman commanded she come with her, but she already knew that she wanted to. As she ran away with the Aes Sedai and her Warder, she saw the limp figure of her twin unresponsive, but still breathing.

The Aes Sedai quickly channeled them all away in a gateway, but not quite to where they needed to go. She knew that her weave could be traced, and instead they were perhaps ten miles from her intended destination, the Grey Tower. On the trip, the Aes Sedai hastily explained what it was that she was offering Torianin, what it meant to be Aes Sedai, and what the Grey Tower stood for. Torianin tried to take it all in as she rode on the same horse as the Warder. It was all so much. She didn't know where she and her own group had landed in the Return, much less where the Grey Tower and Hama Valon were, but she did her best to take it all in. Finally, the Aes Sedai dropped her off in front of the Tower with instructions on whom to meet. And so, still in her blasted gray dress and disgusting orange flowers adorning her hair, Torianin strode into the Grey Tower.

Torianin, who had already been channeling for five years since being thrust into the collar, was expected to be raised to Accepted within a few day's time. The trauma from her previous life, however, made it clear to her teachers and the Mistress of Novices that she would need some more time. With help from Mirin Sedai, and from her roommate Tia, she became much more comfortable in her new life in the Grey Tower. She was still anxious and afraid of much of what was ahead of her, but she had learned to conceal it, and use her friends as support.

Her stint as an Accepted was full of potential. She took in so much about the Westlands, and took to the culture in the Grey Tower quite easily, ready to rid herself of the empire that had used her as a tool for murder. She gave each Ajah a chance. Yellow appealed to the healing she had done on her mind, Green seemed like it had a noble mission, Blue's idea of reaching out for justice was something she was interested in as well. But, it took a meeting and a mission together with the First Inquisitor to cement her choice. By the time she finished her career as an Accepted, Kaia Ariasca was the Keeper of the Chronicles, and handed her the red shawl during her raising.

After an initial attack on the Grey Tower by the Seanchan, Torianin confided in an Asha'man of the Blue Ajah whom she was familiar with that she planned to fight when the full forces arrived. After a conversation, Erishar Kurian became her Gaidin. During the attack, both Torianin and Erishar fought none other than Lumanin and a pair of damane. The Aes Sedai had the added task of protecting a young girl who had come outside with her. At the end of the battle, the two damane were freed, and Lumanin was dead by her twin's hand.

Not long after the battle, Torianin visited the girl she had protected, a shy child called Abby. After a small amount of consideration, she went to the Mar siolin'an and adopted the girl, taking her last name of Soulane to replace her old one.

Career History

  • Novice (23 December 2015)
  • Accepted (22 January 2016)
  • Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah (12 April 2016)