Tia Tomosan

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Tia Tomosan
Tia Tomosan
Tee-ah tow-mahs-sen
Created by Roan
Portrayed by Alexa Davalos
Gender Female
  • Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Saldaean
Weapon Skills
  • Unarmed ✦✦
OP Strength 7.0
Affinities Air/Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth

Tia Tomosan is a Saldaean Green Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Tia Tomosan could almost be a younger version of her mother, Riahana Ferria Gaidar, though those who know her father can also see a resemblance to him in her facial structure. Standing nearly as tall as her mother, and still growing, Tia has an athletic build that hints at her preference to spend days climbing trees, running trails, and climbing to the tops of whatever hills are nearby.

Tia has an infectious smile, and a playful side that comes out when she is with family. She has a twin brother who, while very different from her in interests, is as much her best friend as brother. The pair, while tending to pursue their own interests, can often be found wandering the grounds of the Tower together, exploring, and sometimes looking for trouble.

On more than one occasion, Tia has been known to use her athletic build to climb to the tops of fruit trees to harvest the sweetest of fruits. She has also been known to climb as high as she might dare to get a better view of the world around her. Her strong, sinewy build is also thanks to practice she’s had with sword and bow, both of which she’s learned the basics of from her mother.

Tia is not known to wear skirts often, as they tend to interfere with tree climbing and other frolicking the teenager is wont to do. In her mind, Tia had visions of following in her mother’s footsteps to become a Gaidar. Given that she apparently has the spark, she might just have to follow in the footsteps of her Great-Great Grandmother, Miahala Ives, Aes Sedai of the Green.


The Sha’hal family is well known in the halls of the Grey Tower, with Miahala Ives, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah perhaps the most notable of the family to walk the halls of the Tower. Miahala’s great-granddaughter, Riahana Ferria, dreamed of following in her Memma’s footsteps, though when it was shown she was not meant to be a Channeler, she signed her name to the Warder Yards Roster, and became a Gaidar.

During her time climbing the learning ranks, Riahana eventually met Gareth Tomosan, Asha’man of the Yellow, who was responsible for healing her on more than one occasion. The pair formed a friendship that turned romantic after a time, and after the death of Miahala Ives, Ria became Gareth’s Warder as the pair bonded.

Life in the Tower seemed too confining after Mia’s passing, and the pair traveled home to Saldaea to be closer to family. During their stay, the pair wed, and Ria gave birth to twins, Tia and her twin brother Einion. Despite, or perhaps because of being twins, Tia and Einion have always been very different to one another. Tia loved the rough and tumble side of things, while Einion was often found with his nose in a book.

Gareth and Riahana spent several years in a small town called Duron, where they raised their children. Tia often asked her mother for lessons with the bow, though Ria did not acquiesce to the requests until Tia turned twelve. The young girl was convinced she would follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Gaidar.

The Wheel spins as it will, though, and one fateful day, Tia had been wandering the Tower grounds when someone mentioned chaos in the Travelling Yards. Whether she should have been there or not is up for debate, but Tia was too curious for her own good. She beamed with pride as she watched her father do his duty as an Asha’man of the Yellow and heal those who needed help.

Moments later, Tia saw her father’s attention turn towards the gateway, and as he rushed there, she saw her mother’s bay come through with Riahana on her back, but clearly injured. Pride slipped away as fear settled in its place. Her mother was injured.

Tia wasn’t sure what happened, but she felt something within, and an instant later, a short burst of wind leapt from her general area. She watched her father work on her mother, unaware of what she’d just done. It wasn’t something she would have kept secret if she understood what had happened. As it was, she was somewhat oblivious. It wasn’t until she spent time with her Great Great Grandmother, Miahala Ives Aes Sedai, that Tia’s ability fully came to light.

Discovering the Spark within Tia sent the young woman down a new path, one that led her away from the Warder Yards she so longed for and into Novice Whites. Resentful at first, it took Tia time to adjust to her new life. She had it easier than most Novices since she’d lived at the Tower and came from a well-established family of the Tower. Having her Great Memma as the Amyrlin Seat, however, didn’t make it easier.

There were those convinced she’d gotten where she was because of her family and not because of her own skills. It was their doubt that drove Tia to double down on her efforts to study. During her time as a Novice, she discovered she had a Talent for Cloud Dancing. She threw herself into studying all she could about the Talent, and found a Blue Sister who helped her with various Weaves that were associated with the Talent. Tia’s passion for Cloud Dancing helped her set aside her regrets for not being able to follow in her mother’s footsteps and accept her path to become Aes Sedai.

The time came for her to face the Arches. As with most Novices who succeed and become Accepted, the Arches impacted her deeply, and she withdrew for a time. Her brother, Einion, tried to pull her out of her shell, but when he didn’t succeed, he went to the one woman who he knew could get through to her. Miahala helped give the new Accepted a bit of perspective on what she experienced in the Arches.

Life as an Accepted gave Tia a bit more freedom than she had while a Novice. That freedom led her to follow Zeen through a gateway... right into the middle of a Seanchan camp, where the pair were promptly captured, collared and separated. Aluana, Tia’s sul’dam, showed the Accepted little mercy and quickly demonstrated the power she had over Tia. From sending waves of pain through the Accepted’s body to forcing her to kill an innocent child, Aluana did her best to break the Sha’hal spirit.

The Seanchan brought Tia, Zeen, and as a shock to the Accepted, Jaryd together before they launched an attack on Hama Valon. Jaryd spoke to Tia in the Old Tongue. Tai’shar Sha’hal. Carai an Hama Valon. True blood of Sha’hal. For the honor of Hama Valon. The words bolstered Tia, and she felt defiance towards the Seanchan ripple through her. She would continue to resist. She would persist. She was a Sha’hal. What else could she do?

The attack on Hama Valon was horrific for Tia. She could only resist in certain ways, as Aluana still had control. The sul’dam revelled in the moment when she forced Tia to toss her own mother like a ragdoll, and carry on without knowing whether Riahana was still alive. Before long, Tia and Aluana faced Miahala Sedai, Amyrlin Seat of the Tower, and most importantly, Tia’s kin and Matriarch of the Sha’hal family. Mia took exception to her kin being collared. Aluana had Tia shield Mia, but the elder’s strength in the One Power meant the shield didn’t hold long. Through all of this, Tia couldn’t help the steady stream of tears that flowed. Every time Aluana had her channel, she felt as if a little part of her died. As soon as the shield was down, Mia dispatched Aluana in a very permanent way, severing the link between sul’dam and damane.

Physically, Tia recovered quickly from her time in the collar, but it was the emotional scars that took longer to heal. She continued her studies, and eventually became fully raised to Aes Sedai, choosing to join the Green Ajah. The emotional scars from her time as damane were still close enough to the surface that when a man tried to attack her by grabbing her by the neck, she froze. Jaryd Asha’man came to her assistance that evening, and the two sought solace in one another, become something a bit more than friends. He became a confidant of Tia’s, offering perspective on other life-changing events that came up for the relatively young Aes Sedai.

As a Sha’hal, and Sister of the Green Ajah, Tia Tomosan Sedai prepares herself for Tarmon Gai’don by fighting the Shadow when it presents itself.


Career History

  • Novice (3 November 2015)
  • Accepted (24 March 2016)
  • Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah (6 September 2016)
  • Mistress of Novices (27 June 2017 - 19 November 2017)