Thea Allajeh

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Thea Allajeh
Thee-uh Al-eh-jeh
Created by Bella
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran
OP Strength 6.8
Affinities Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth

Thea Allajeh is an Andoran Yellow Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Thea is small of stature and is not slender, though not over-weight either. She rests in the middle, though more on the side of being slightly rounder than some. Her hair is a dark shade of blonde and her eyes are large and blue. Every detail of her physical appearance seems to give away her quiet and sensitive personality.


Thea is the third daughter, fourth of five children, born to a cloth merchant father and a seamstress mother in the small town of Hylea in Andor. While her brothers and sisters tended to be outspoken and adventurous, Thea was something of an oddity. She was quiet and thoughtful, but not dim-witted. She was kind and gentle, and though she often faded into the background of her family, she stood out at the same time.

When anyone in the family was ill, she would tend them. If someone was unhappy, she would work tirelessly to find what would cheer them up and would see it done, if it was in her power to do so. It was always Thea that helped the animals when they did not seem 'as usual' and she was always the first to offer to help friends and others of their town.

Although it did not happen often, Thea sometimes traveled with her father in between towns to barter and sell his cloth wares. She was not much of a seller, but she was quietly studious in the tasks given to her and made herself useful however she could.

It was on one of these trips, while returning home, that their small wagon was accosted by bandits. She was left mainly unharmed, but her father was injured while fighting them back. They lost the money they had made on the trip, and they almost lost him. Fourteen year old Thea did what she could to bandage his wounds and sat by him until morning, hoping for someone to pass, yet come morning his injuries seemed far less grievous. He was able to make it home.

Within a day, Thea fell terribly ill. No one knew what it was. They would have given it to stress or the release of fear from the attack, for she was of a sensitive disposition, but it seemed far too drastic for that.

As luck would have it, there was an Aes Sedai traveling through town. A friend of the family asked the woman, begged her, to tend to the kind girl and see if she could be Healed. The Aes Sedai, a Blue from the Grey Tower named Sadira, agreed to help. As soon as she saw the girl, she knew what the cause was and informed the family that the girl could, and had, Channeled and that she needed to be trained, or she could harm herself or someone else.

Her family was devastated to lose her, but understood and bid her farewell, though they assured her they would come see her and she assured them that she would write as often as she could. (Promises that were all kept.)

Thea was terrified of the Tower when she arrived and quietly joined the ranks of her fellow Novices. She was as studious in her new studies as she had been in her old tasks, and she saw to ever chore given to her with care. She continued to not stand out, precisely, but grew quietly through the ranks and showed promise to be a talented Healer, if little else. She gladly aspired to and attained the shawl of the Yellow Ajah, seeking only ever to help and never to harm, so unlike some other Yellows, she never sought to learn a weapon or any more than the most basic of battleweaves.

A few years after being Raised to Aes Sedai, Thea met a Gaidin named Ryne. He was in pain. She knew that simply from looking at him, for she remained sensitive to those around her at all times. Her heart reached out to him and her actions followed suit. In time, she learned that he had lost his Aes Sedai to death and she knew how perilous a time that could be for a Gaidin and she was impressed by his strength to remain alive. He was quiet and thoughtful, traits that suited her.

After a time, she asked him if he would be her Warder. He was quite a bit older than she, but she didn't mind that. She was a Yellow who preferred to remain in the Tower, with only the occasional assignments abroad, and that worked well for Ryne. He agreed and Thea gained herself a Warder. Over time, her gentle nature helped to draw Ryne from his heartache. In doing so, they helped each other, for he helped to draw her a little from her shell.

Despite their differences, they had much in common and it was a bond that worked very well, quietly and unobtrusively to life around them, but very well.

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah