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The awards for The Children Major Roleplay were announced on the 11th of October, 2016.[1]


The Children MRP Ribbon
Awarded for participation in The Children MRP.
Alianora, Austin, Avyra, Becks, Bella, Bridget, Craig, Estel, Jack, Jenny, Kenneth, Leala, Locke, Matty, Quibby, Roan, and Sunny.
The Bronze Tower
The Bronze Towerx1
The Silver Tower
The Silver Towerx1
  • Matty and Sunny for I commend your pains... A wonderfully written thread that struck a different chord with Fiona's personal struggles in the wake of the attack, mixed with Murdock's love and grief for his deceased wife, Giselle.
  • Kenneth for directing Taesh as the saviour Calira and Cassie needed in The Sky is Falling, and for advancing the plot in threads across the first two acts.
The Gold Tower
The Gold Towerx1
The Golden Wheel
The Golden Wheelx1
  • Becks for the beautifully heart-breaking introduction with Rhiale and Mycenna, which captured the physical and personal horrors of the attack in the most vivid details, and for her contributions in the Hall of Sitters as Illyria.
  • Locke for leading the charge in two Disaster Relief threads, and for advancing the plot in threads across all three acts with Alric, Terric, and Bora.
  • The Triumvirate would also like to present Craig and Jenny with The Golden Wheel for a masterfully planned MRP with an intriguing beginning, middle, and shockingly blunt (or is that razor sharp?) end, that made sure to give specific roles and information to everyone involved.