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Created by Locke
Portrayed by Prince Harry
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Aiel
Weapon Skills
  • Spear ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Bow ✦
  • Dagger ✦
  • Unarmed ✦

Terric is an Aiel Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Terric is twenty-six years old with unruly strawberry blond hair and stands head and shoulders above everyone west of the Spine of the World. His warrior’s tail tries to curl as well, but falls short of being uniform, and instead sticks out at an odd angle. Among stranger's he seems shy and awkward, rather uncomfortable with small talk and flirting. To the trained eye, his awkwardness is just social, his body is well honed and ready to respond to any threat. Most Wetlanders think Aiel show no expression, but those who know him would catch a twinkle of mischief or a gleam of excitement in his grey eyes. Sometimes, he allows a conspiratorial smile to cross his sun dark features. At times, when he is forced into social situations, he adopts a persona similar to that of his old mentor. A confident smile and rakish demeanor. It’s debatable how effective this persona is. On one hand, the persona has been used to successfully coax information during investigations or to defuse situations before violence breaks out. On the other, it’s not really him and the people close to him know that. Just maybe, if he fakes it long enough, that persona will become him. In the meantime, when his nose isn’t in a book, he entertains his friends with humor most Wetlanders would find incomprehensible. In his ten years as a Siswai’aman, he has seen enough friends die to realize that life is too short and brutal to take too serious. To him that in of itself is the greatest joke of all.


Terric of the Salt Flats sept of the Nakai Aiel is a 26 year old Athen Dor, Red Shield. He's a thief-taker known among his spear brothers, he is known as a peacemaker, tempering the hotter heads. A little over a year ago, a peddler traveling through the waste brought a new assistant. This new assistant pilfered several valuable necklaces before the caravan moved on. Terric and several other Athen Dor were sent across the Spine of the World to hunt the man down and bring him back to face Aiel justice.

New to this strange wet world, Terric has tried to avoid unnecessary contact with locals who are likely to respond to his presence with fear or anger. His pride isn't too great to don the garb of a Wetlander though, and when necessary he does in order to find information about his quarry.

One day, a few miles east of Baerlon, a woodsman in the employ of an Andoran lord noticed several animals on his lord's lands that appeared to have been killed and butchered by a human. Enraged, the lord sent his armsmen out to capture the poacher. Terric, not knowing, or really caring, that he was on some Wetlander's land, had been hunting to feed himself during his journey. He was unaware there were men after him until one night when a search party decided to make camp in the hollow he was sleeping in. The men were startled to find an Aiel camped there already. In an attempt to ease their fear and suspicion, Terric offered the men some of pheasant. The men, realizing that he was offering them poached meat, attempted to arrest him. Terric broke one man's arm and knocked the other unconscious not wishing to kill men and manages to escape. He follows the men from a distance as they rendezvous with a larger group of armed men. Believing he must have offended the first group of men somehow, he decides to reveal himself and attempt to make amends. A cry goes up, "Arrest the Savage!" They were talking about him weren't they? Realizing there were too many bows pointed at his chest for survive if he chose to fight or flee, he did the only option left. Terric slowly raised his hands above his head. He was no Stone Dog. The men timidly edged forward and began relieving Terric of his weapons and other possessions. As they tied ropes around his wrists, Terric, asked them what he’d done wrong. When they explained that he had killed creatures belonging to their lord. Terric didn’t quite understand, he hadn’t killed part of any herds, just a few wild birds. Wishing to be left alone and he offered to pay for the damages with a gold necklace in his pack. A man in a silver inlaid breastplate struck him across the face with a gauntleted hand before pocketing the necklace. He was then struck across the head with the half of a halberd. He woke up an unknown amount with a splitting headache and a close up view of the rear of a dreaded horse. He bounced along tied to the saddle. The shame was unbearable, but it was nothing compared to what these Wetlanders should have felt. For lawmen to brazenly steal from him. Wetlanders had no Ji.

The armsmen tossed Terric into a cell after confiscating all of his possessions. They even took his shoufa and veil as if that would make him less dangerous. When his meal times came about, two guards entered his cell with swords at the ready, a third placed a bowl of porridge on the floor and they all quickly retreated. In that moment, Terric realized something. The guards were afraid of him. Maybe he could use that fear.

He wasn’t sure how long he stayed in the cell, just that he had been given six meals spaced rather far apart when men came for him. They wore different uniforms than the men who locked him away. The new men told him he was being taken to Hama Valon to be turned over to the Aes Sedai, they would know what to do with him.

Career History

  • Drin (13 May 2016)
  • Ji'val (30 July 2016)
  • Gaidin (6 January 2017)