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Created by Lou
Portrayed by Danielle Campbell
Gender Female
Occupation Accepted
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Tuatha'an
OP Strength 6.6
Affinities Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Talaitha is a Tuatha'an Accepted of the Grey Tower.


Tala stands at an average height of five feet and seven inches. She has a rounded frame, prone to a little plumpness, which gives her some very nice rounded curves, though she secretly hopes she can lose some of the softness at the Tower. Her skin has a dusky look to it, not quite tanned, but not milky pale either, though her skin is smooth and clear, free from blemishes and spots other than a smattering of freckles across her nose. Her eyes are large, and the colour of the forest leaves in springtime, coloured with flecks of gold. Her lips are plump and smooth, almost rosy compared to her skin. Her blue/black hair hangs down to her waist in thick waves which she usually leaves lose, sometimes pushed back from her face with ribbons.

When not in Novice White, she still has a love for bright fabrics and silver jewellery. She used to have a silver bangle, inscribed with vines and leaf motifs, which was taken by the Tavern owner, which she misses terribly.

Quiet and shy at first when dealing with those outside of the camps. Once she is warmed up to a person she’s rather talkative and well behaved. Talaitha is used to laughing, to smiling and being happy. She had a good life with the People, but she has found that since she was left behind for going against the Way of the Leaf, she does not see much to laugh about anymore, though she does try. She can be flirtatious, fun and charming, but can also slip into bouts of sadness when she thinks of her family. She likes to sing and dance, and even though her People left her behind, she wants to also help them find the Song.


Having been raised in the Tuatha'an camps, Talaitha was a very bright bubbly girl with a gift for cooking. She is well travelled having been to all the countries that still allow the Tinkers to cross their borders to their usual seasonal camps. It was the perfect delicious life any culinary wonder would love to have.

Her mother, Ginette, was a weaver of rugs and baskets, her father, Stephain, made wagons while her older brother, Kaelan, learned his craft with the metal smiths. Tala was different though. She was like a sponge wanting to learn everything at once and then some. She learned to dance, sing, and play instruments, but never really learned a craft fully finding it more her speed to learn that prompted her, and not the want to be a master at any of them. The one she found she liked the most was dancing, and that was what she would do in her free time from the hearth. She found at a young age that she liked to practise the tiganza on some of her male friends, liking the way they looked at her.

All her life Tala had heard her Gradfather's stories of the way the Outsiders had seen her people and it wasn't until she was 7 years old that she had her first taste of the hate others held for her people. One day some of her people went into a village to sell some of their wares, and after only a few hours they came hurrying back, panicked and yelling for people to break Camp and leave. As it turned out, some local youths tried to steal their wares, her cousin, Issac, shouted at them calling them thieves and cowards. They attacked Issac, the violence sending the others fleeing back to the Camp. It wasn't until the camps left that they saw him hanging from a tree warning them to never return.

From that day on her perspective of the world changed. She became a quiet young woman when it came to dealings outside the camp, a wary eye on strangers that ever came for a warm fire. She hated that she suspected everyone out the Camp of doing them violence, but she doubted she could trust anyone who did not follow the Way of the Leaf. And in the darkness of the nights hours, she wondered what she would have done if she had been there, could she had helped Issac, and caused violence to others to do so. Tala worked harder at her crafts developing into a wilful young woman that sort of made her the envy of other woman her age in the camp. She continued to work on her cooking skills, dancing for the men in the Camp, waiting for one of the men to ask her to be his. She had her eyes on one in particular, though as it turned out; it was not meant to be.

On the night of her sixteenth birthday, she was going to dance the tiganza for the tribe, in hope to capture the man she wished to be with. But as the music changed, and the wine flowing, a band of men stormed the Camp, shouting and brandishing weapons. Everyone in the Camp ran, though as Tala made too, she saw that a small child, Enzio, had been left behind. She knew she could not leave the small boy, and she run to him, not wanting to see him hurt. As she stood before him, two of the men, filthy and smelling of goats, came towards her. They stood before her, arguing over who would take her first. She watched, silent and scared as they then fought over her. When one of them dropped the second, she scrambled for the dropped short sword, and held it up before her, in defence of her own body and that of the wailing boy behind her. The man laughed and charged, and with the will of the pattern, she managed to stab him in the chest.

When most of the men had gone, and the Camp came back to the ruined fires, they saw here sitting before the fallen body, bloody staining her hands. Their judgement came swiftly, and it was decided that she was to be left at the next village they passed.

She was Lost.

They left her at a village in Arad Domain, and she was taken in by the Inn Keeper, a fat man by the name of Christoff. Even though she could cook, he kept her out front, to serve and wench for his patrons, who found her figure and face to their liking. She worked for him for three months, and she knew he was planning to sell her virginity to the highest seller, as he told her of it often. She dreamed of running away, but as she knew she had nowhere else to go, she did nothing to leave the Inn, the Rummy’s Rest.

One night a woman came, a woman in such finery of silks that Tala was shocked beyond words. She served the woman, and her stony faced companion, taking orders for food, rooms and wine. It was as she was clearing away the plates that the woman caught Tala’s wrist, and there on her hand she could see a gold ring, a serpent eating its own tail. She gasped at the Aes Sedai’s touch, but the woman spoke soothing words and spoke of seeing much potential in Tala. The next morning the Aes Sedai entered her room, and in a sweep of motion, had her washed, dressed, and on a horse with them, bound for bound for the Grey Tower.

The journey was slow, and she asked many questions of the Aes Sedai on the way, though the woman did not answer much, instead she was more interested in the plant life they passed and recording everything on their route. And when the woman did stop to pay Tala any attention, it was to ask questions of the Tuatha’an.

They day they arrived, she signed the Novice book, and was stripped of her clothes, the drab and revealing items that Christoff had made her wear and placed in a long white dress. It was here her new life was to begin, and she could not help but to wonder what path her life would take her. But no matter what, she knew she would continue to look for the Song, to help her people.

Career History

  • Novice (29 May 2019)
  • Accepted (3 February 2020)