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Map of Tear.jpg
Political information
Demonym Tairen
Government type Aristocratic council
Ruler(s) The High Lords of Tear

Tear is a country located in the south-westernmost point of the Westlands.


Tear is one of the richest nations in the land. This partially comes from controlling the third largest port on the Sea of Storms behind Illian and Ebou Dar. A great deal of Tear's wealth comes from the oil produced on the country's numerous olive farms. The lucrative trade in grain, fish, and spices also brings money into the rich nation.


Clothing and Appearance

Tairen noblemen tend to wear short beards, oiled and drawn to a point. Both men and women of noble birth tend to wear mainly clothes of embroidery and silks, while commoners dress in loose pants and wear flat-topped hats to keep the rain off of their heads.

Due to the unpaved, muddy streets in the common areas, wooden clogs are worn outdoors, and frequently are left outside the door when coming inside to keep the floors from getting too dirty. Upon leaving a common building, such as an inn, it is not unusual to grab a different set of clogs, provided they still fit over one's shoes.

Phrases, Sayings and Adages

  • By the Stone.
  • Squealing like a spawning grunter.
  • An anchor is not demeaned by being used to hold a boat.
  • A full net on the first cast.
  • Mudfish don't school with silversides. (Birds of a feather flock together.)
  • Do not trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.
  • A flapping tongue can put you in the net, instead of the fish.
  • Caution gets the boat home, but boldness brings back a full hold.
  • A fish in the boat is worth a school in the water. (A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.)
  • An Aes Sedai is ten women in one skin.
  • When there are fishheads and blood in the water, you don't have to see the silverpike to know they are there.
  • Trust is as slippery as a basket of eels.


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The list of names below come from Tairen characters created specifically for the Grey Tower.

  • Male names: Aeron, Amadeo, Caddoc, Dakson, Hanad, Julian, Melabrid, Uilliam
  • Female names: Aureli, Ceralyn, Driessa, Latonia, Leiana, Liolet, Quatilina
  • Family names: Daleb, Faranine, Rothan, Sansalas, Selm, Torellion, Taavo, Valdora


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Noble Houses

Tear has a number of noble Houses.