Suki Po

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Suki Po
SooKee POE
Created by Christopher
Gender Female
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Borderlander

Suki Po is a Gaidin of the Grey Tower from the Borderlands.


Suki is small in stature, but she is all muscles, and no curves. She has a soft face, brown eyes that are full of the untold answers, or maybe without the knowledge of what has happened to her. She can be thought of as mischievous at first glance, but there is a seriousness in her eye's at times. She almost seems to be trying to hard at times. One thing one will notice about her, and her duties, is she never complains, and she is willing to do the dirtiest job with every conviction. She is five foot three inches of hard work. She keeps her black hair pulled back with a yellow ribbon. She says yellow reminds her of the flowers back home.

Suki has soft brown eyes, but they tend to turn from soft to hard in an instant. Her overall beauty is in the hands of the Creator. She is what she is, and she has no problem with it.


Suki, like her creator was born in the Borderlands, but does not know exactly where. She does not know her real parents. She also has no desire to seek them out. She just wants to live, and learn. She knows how to fight, but she wants to learn more about the Warders. She wants to become one. They are something that is a mystery to her, and though she has braved most of her life's burdens, she wants to be this.

She met a young Drin named Thoia during the course of her studies, and asked her to take her to the training yards. This was a snap decision on both of their parts. Thoia not knowing what could happen if she was found out, and Suki not knowing what hair brained scheme she was dragging the girl into.

Suki walked on to the training yards with every confidence in the world. Her creator was still filled with apprehension, Suki was filled with the resolve that it was time to live her own life. It was time to take her life into her own hands, and make it her own. She wanted to learn what it meant to defend with honor. She wanted to know what it meant to sleep with one eye open. She wanted to know what it meant to have someone in her head.

She has never held a weapon in here life, but she is quite fast, and knows a bit of hand to hand. She also has a talent for knowing the weak points of the human body. She down plays this, unless someone is hurt. She also is well studied on histories. She has a good hold on the basic practiced of warfare.

So, Suki Po finds herself in front of the Master of Training. She is in disguise, and unsure, but she walks tall and proud. Let the world wait until she found herself. It was time to live for real.

Career History

  • Drin