Silas Valin

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Silas Valin
Silas Valin
PSY-lass Vah-LYNN
Created by Nani
Portrayed by Sebastian Stan
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin

Silas Valin is an Cairhienin Drin of the Grey Tower.


Silas always does what’s best for those important to him. Even if there is no longer anyone that close to him, he still strives to do what’s best for himself. At the moment, the best for himself is doing his duty, completing his work, and then finding ways to get drunk enough to sleep. When sober, he’s pleasant, even flirtatious. When drunk, he’s withdrawn, depressive and taciturn. He’s slow to allow people close to him, and even if he were to get close to others in a fighting sense, he still would hold himself away from them. He can’t handle losing someone else.

He is 5’11”, dark hair, blue eyes. He leaves his face stubbled, and will tie his hair back while training. He’s fit, muscled, and bordering on lean. When he thinks no one is looking, he will let his face fall from pleasant to brooding. He’s haunted by things that he wasn’t able to stop and people he wasn’t able to save.


Silas grew up as the oldest of four, having two brothers and a sister. He always set the bed example for his siblings, and he always made sure that they were protected. He has a deep seated moral code, and always set the best example for his family. He excelled in all sorts of athletics, and it was only natural that once he was old enough, he followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the Cairhienin army. His father passed on shortly after he had achieved rank in his squad. He was then responsible for the family as well as his men and women.

His oldest sister, Vivienne Valin, wrote to him weekly, making sure that he was kept up to date about what was going on with the family so that he could send her instructions to carry out for him. It was when he got a letter from his younger brother, Aris Valin, that he had cause for concern. The contents of the letter detailed one of the local men that had been coming to call on his sister despite being refused entry to the house.

Silas received special dispensation to go deal with his family issues, which he did immediately. He arrived home, without a word of warning to anyone, and settled into the living room of their house. He waited for his sister’s unwanted caller, and when he arrived, told the man to leave his family alone. He was firm, reasonable and his tone still didn’t leave room for arguments.

However, the man was back the next day, and Silas was forced to challenge him to combat for his sister’s safety. The duel was set for two days later, and his next brother stood as his second. Silas was well ahead of the other man in terms of skill but he still dragged out the duel to make his point. It ended with Silas’ foot on the man’s chest, his sword pointed at his throat, having barely broken a sweat. He had yielded and Silas stuck around for a few more days, to make sure that he didn’t come back. His family was safe once more and then he was back to his squad.

It was all peaceful for the next few years, and he was just shy of thirty when he received a letter from someone close to the family about a fire that had gone up over night and had consumed his family. He was now the last of the Valin line, and that left him mildly bereft and adrift. He wanted to do something good for his family, he kept doing what he knew, which was being a soldier. He started to medicate his sadness with alcohol, but only after his shifts were done and no matter how hungover he was, he was at his post every time.

Silas was out on patrol four years later when they were set upon by the Shaido. Despite how trained his squad was, they were still no match for the Shaido. By the end of that, he was the only surviving member, barely lucid and incredibly weak. The woman he remembered was dark haired, with the reddest lips he had ever seen. He vaguely remembered hitting on her, but he couldn’t remember what he had said to her. She brought him back to the Tower to finish his healing.

Career History

  • Drin (23 August 2020)