Sigmund al'Amon

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Sigmund al'Amon
Created by Billy
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦✦

Sigmund al'Amon is an Andoran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Sigmund is a moderately tall Andoran man is his mid twenties. He has light blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair that he typically wears bound back neatly with a leather cord. He has maintained a lithe physique due to his work as guardsman in Whitebridge. He can often be seen smiling to himself and is known to have a friendly and jovial personality. He is also known around Whitebridge for being respectful to individuals that he meets. He is rare to anger, but when he is pushed past his limits he is known to be quite fierce in his arguments.


Sigmund was born the son of a shipping merchant in the town of Whitebridge. His mother and father provided their only son with an excellent formal education, intending for him to replace his father in the family offices when he came of age. However, while the young man took well to his education he was also known to sneak away often so that he could spend time with the Whitebridge guard contingent, who had become quite fond of the child and had become something of a second family to the merchant's wayward son.

After years of being hounded by the youth, several of the guardsmen had begun teaching Sigmund rudimentary martial skills. The young man soaked up these lessons with a passion that bordered on obsessive, much to the dismay of his father Darius. Gradually the ink stains on the youth's hands changed to calluses as he spent more and more time away from his family's office in favor of spending time with his "uncles". Throughout this time he continued to refine his skill with the sword which he had developed a special affinity with.

As Sigmund grew into manhood Darius eventually relented and spoke to the Guard Captain of Whitebridge, Alexander Morabin, about formally accepting his son into the Guard as a squire. Alexander, who had already been training the young man for several years, gladly accepted Sigmund as his personal squire. Sigmund would be forever grateful to his father, though their paths in life were clearly very different, he had always maintained a deep respect for the man that had raised him and sought him out for advice often.

Alexander would prove to be a tough but fair man. He treated the young man well and taught him what he could not only handling a weapon, but the actual business of being a soldier. To his credit, Sigmund learned what he could from the now aging Alexander, but he always desired to take the next step, he would often spend his limited free time seeking out visitors to Whitebridge in hopes that he might be able to find someone to help him improve his burgeoning skill with the blade.

It wasn't until Sigmund had seen his twenty-fifth winter that he truly found his path in life. He was nearing the end of a shift patrolling the Bridge and was already starting to wonder what he would find to eat that night when he saw them. Four individuals riding across the Whitebridge. The thing that had first caught his attention was the bearing of the party, they didn't ride across the like so many other groups of travelers. When they crossed the bridge they did it as if they were royalty returning home from a successful campaign. People moved to either side of the bridge and stared at them opened mouth. Sigmund heard hushed whispers and caught the words "Aes Sedai". He looked quickly back at the party passing by him. They were led by a slight woman who exuded a regal bearing, Sig couldn't decide if that face was pretty or cold. However, the three individuals behind the small woman are what held his gaze. There were two men and a woman all armed to the teeth and wearing strange cloaks that made his eyes hurt to focus on. Sigmund couldn't help but to think of a pack of wolves as he stared at the three of them. As they passed by one of the men scanned him up and down, and then dismissed him with a small nod. The young guardsman stared after them for a long time, before he returned to the guardhouse.

The barracks was abuzz with gossip that night. Rumor of the Aes Sedai's group had spread through the city like a wildfire. As he sat down at the barracks' communal dinner table his friend Pel slapped him on the shoulder. "Did you see the Aes Sedai then Sig? The lady and her Warders should have been crossing over during you shift. What was it like? I've always wanted to see a Warder!" Sigmund thought back to the three riders escorting the Aes Sedai. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you Pel, it was like seeing three heroes out of Al's stories. They each looked like they could turn me inside out barehanded without breaking a sweat." That night Sigmund went to bead dreaming about the warrior kings of his favorite stories.

He saw them again the very next morning, during morning drills. The guards were in the drill yard for weapons practice when two of the warders strode into the yard. The female Warder had walked up to Alexander, bowed and asked his permission to utilize the training yard. The awestruck Guard Captain fell over himself in telling the Warder that Whitebridge was at their service. With a nod the woman returned to her companion, a tall stern man, and they moved off to a corner of the yard and faced off with a pair of training swords. To this day Sigmund isn't sure he could explain the ensuing bout. The two Warders moved like water, attacking, feinting, blocking. The young guard didn't even recognize most of the moves the two were using against one another. He felt his face redden, he had never felt so inadequate in all his life, to think, he had taken pride in his swordsmanship, he thought he was more than proficient with a blade. Watching these two masters work didn't make him feel proficient any longer, he felt like a child with a stick. As the Warders finished their training they thanked Alexander, gathered their things and walked out of the yard. Sigmund felt a growing sense that he HAD to do something, he wasn't sure what, but he felt like a chance was slipping away from him. He stared after the Warders and then looked across the yard to Alexander. The old man was staring at him with a sly, sad smile. "Well, you better hurry if you want to catch up to them." Sigmund smiled and sprinted out of the yard in the direction the Warders had gone.

It didn't take him long to catch up to the two, who had whirled to face the sound of his running footsteps behind them. The young man pulled up short in front of them panting. "My Lords, my name is Sigmund al'Amon. Please, please take me with you. I-I want to be a Warder!" The woman eyed him cooly. "Go home boy, this is no kind of life to choose. Feeling dismayed, but slightly upset at this dismissal the young man dared a step forward. "Don't discount me so fast my Lady, if you would just give me the chance, I will prove to you that this is what I was meant to do!" Before the woman could respond the other Warder laid a hand on her arm and looked at Sigmund. "Are you running from something?" Sigmund shook his head. Nodding the Warder continued. "If you choose to do this, you have to do it all the way. If you by some miracle make it through the training, you have a life of danger and servitude ahead of you. I will ask you now, are you sure you want this?" Sigmund nodded emphatically. "I'm not afraid." The two warders shared a look at the young man's proclamation. "We'll change that."

Career History

  • Drin (2 June 2023)