Seonin Namendar Seladrin

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Seonin Namendar Seladrin
Seonin Namendar Seladrin
SE-oh-nin NA-men-dar SEL-a-drin
Last appearance The Beginning of the End[1]
Created by Jenny
Gender Female
Occupation Accepted
  • The Grey Tower
  • House Namendar (former)
Nationality Seanchan
OP Strength 7.0
Affinities Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth

Seonin Namendar Seladrin was a Seanchan Accepted of the Grey Tower.


Seonin is slim, willowy, and pretty. She has large, dark eyes and long black hair that falls straight to her waist. Her training as a slave and damane have left her with the habit of keeping her eyes lowered to avoid eye contact. She rarely smiles. There is a large, blotchy, birthmark on the back of her left hand.

The former damane seems naïve and childlike. Some would even consider her dimwitted. In fact, she is simply a shy woman who prefers to think before she speaks. She has a prodigious memory and can recall her Dreams in exquisite detail.

She is very mystical and eccentric. Like most Seanchan, she believes strongly in omens, and lives her life ruled by the smallest signs.

As a former damane, she has trouble refusing direct orders. Obedience is second nature to her. She dislikes arguments and thinks that rebellious people should be punished and taught to obey their superiors. Her view of the world is very hierarchical due to her upbringing in Seanchan culture. She still believes in the supremacy of the Empress, may she live forever, and will fiercely defend against any insults to the Seanchan.

She looks back on her time as a damane fondly, and has taken on the surname of her former sul’dam in honor of her memory. While she still doesn’t believe that all damane should be freed, she does believe that they should be given a choice. She thinks that it would be good for every channeler to experience being collared for at least a few months, especially when she thinks someone is being rude or selfish.

However, her primary loyalty is now to the Grey Tower. In her year spent healing in the infirmary of the Grey Tower, Seonin gained appreciation for the kindness shown to her by the marath’damane. She has realized that these people are not savages as she had been taught. Now, she looks up to the sisters and brothers of the Tower and desires to be an Aes Sedai.

Seonin is very loyal and has a strong sense of honor. She is respectful and obedient to her superiors. However, she still believes in slavery and is very cold to servants, mimicking many of the behaviors that she saw in her Seanchan owners.

She is terrified of loud noise and explosions due to her traumatic experiences in battle. Despite her fear, she is a ruthless fighter and will not hesitate to defend herself. She has extensive knowledge of battle weaves, although this is knowledge that she would rather forget.


Seonin was born to a da’covale owned by a minor member of the Low Blood. Her father is unknown. From childhood, she was regarded as property and trained to serve. This was not difficult because she was, by nature, shy and quiet. She learned to obey all orders quickly and without complaint. Rebellion was unthinkable.

Her childhood was uneventful. She found life as a slave, in its own way, to be tolerable, even enjoyable. At the age of thirteen, she was tested with an a’dam and collared. Her mother immediately rejected her, treating her as though she were invisible. After all, to the Seanchan, damane are no better than animals. Seonin was deeply hurt, but she understood and accepted her fate. She left without resistance.

A shy and quiet child became a shy and quiet damane. She learned quickly and easily. Escape never crossed her mind. She was so obedient that her trainer allowed her to keep her name for being such a good damane.

About a year into her training, her Talent for Dreaming began to manifest. Seonin saw visions in her sleep. She woke up frightened and confused – and like a good damane, she told every detail of her Dreams to her sul’dam. Her sul’dam recognized her ability and soon, Seonin was sold to one of the Blood, High Lord Eban of House Namendar. She was handled by his sister, Anelle Namendar, a sul’dam who was well-versed in reading omens – and together, they advised the High Lord. As the years passed, they developed a fond relationship.

They followed High Lord Eban across the ocean during the Return. Because damane were in short supply, Seonin was used to fight – something that she feared and strongly disliked. Due to her value as a Dreamer, she was sent on relatively safe missions. Even so, she saw her fair share of battle.

They were escorting a supply caravan when they came under attack. The Seanchan lost. In the conflict, Anelle died. Seonin felt every bit of pain and she screamed and screamed and screamed. Even when an Aes Sedai pressed a thread of Spirit to the collar and freed her, Seonin continued screaming and begging to be collared until she passed out from exhaustion and shock.

When she woke, she was in the infirmary of the Grey Tower. She had to be confined for over a year while she healed from the trauma and adjusted to freedom. Never in her life had she had to make choices. Never in her life had she had to care for herself. Slowly, she learned to live without the collar.

She had spent thirteen years as a slave, seven years as a damane, and one year in the infirmary of the Grey Tower before finally writing her name in the novice books.

Career History

  • Novice (26 February 2016)
  • Accepted (5 August 2016)