Senarah Anshar

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Senarah Anshar
Senarah Anshar
Sen-ah-rah Ann-shar
Created by Dan
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Senarah Anshar is a Andoran Novice of the Grey Tower.


Senarah is of average height and weight for her age, with tanned skin and long golden blond hair. Her eyes are the green of a newly budding spring. Boys and men often were drawn to her, but the girl never quite understood what drew their gaze. Were she not so blind in regards to her own appearance, she would realize she was a young lady in full bloom. She is brave, much like her mother had been in her youth, and has no fears about taking a step towards the unknown. Be in an unblazed trail, or a dish never experienced before, she enjoyed things new and odd. To her, different was not a bad word, but a statement of challenge.

Having been raised by the distant kin of nobility, she had some education from her father, she knew to read, write, and some mathematics, but nothing significant. He had taught her just enough to see her succeed, if she were to ever succeed her parents in running the family business.

She knows her way around an inn, and has the skills and knowhow to make a living as she travels. Be it cleaning, some cooking, seweing, she was a capable woman.


Senarah was born to distant relatives of Andor’s House Anshar. She had been a quiet, observant child that was raised in a strict, yet fair household. Her parents had been considered good people, proud of the name her father carried, and had passed on to wife and child. But her immediate family lived a humble life, not benefiting from the fame and fortune the main house enjoyed. Her father had used what little of his inheritance he had received decades past, when he had lost his own beloved father, to purchase a sizable house in the countryside that he had converted, with years of work and dedication, into a respectable inn. His bride had been of humble birth herself, and had come from the Two Rivers to find a life for herself.

When their pride and passion had started to make a respectable reputation for itself, the couple had conceived a child, which had been born on the first day of summer. The family’s entire life revolved around that respectable inn, so between father teaching daughter the basics of reading and writing, they taught the girl how to work, and help them with the family business.

Some may spin tales of tragedy, heroism, rebelliousness, but her tale was nothing of the sort. Much like her mother had left home when she became of age, Senarah had done the same. By sheer luck, an envoy from the Grey Tower had spent a few nights at her folks inn, and a woman with ageless eyes had offered her a place in the caravan, with grand words of her own home.

With hugs, and love shared, the young woman departed the only home she had ever known, with a wanderlust deep in her heart.

Career History

  • Novice (28 July 2022)