Selenirra Viathene

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Selenirra Viathene
Sell-UH-neer-uh Vie-UH-theen
Created by Bella
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Benar Viathene
Bondmate(s) Benar Viathene
Nationality Cairhienin
Weapon Skills
  • Dagger ✦✦
OP Strength 6.5
Affinities Water, Spirit, Air, Fire, Earth

Selenirra Viathene (born Selenirra Breyon) was a Cairhienin Blue Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Selenirra is the classic Cairhienin. She is small of stature and has thick dark hair and dark eyes with delicate features. Her manner is quick-minded and generally pleasant, despite a life of hardships.


Born Selenirra Breyon, Selenirra was the first born child of House Breyon, a minor Cairhienin House. She would be followed by two brothers, although the second child would die when he was but thirteen years old. This placed Selenirra in line for the High Seat of her house, but it was an aspiration she did not wish, even from her early years. She was an active and eager child who disliked the stillness of nobility.

As luck would have it, she had the ability to Channel. This was discovered by an Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower passing through the town, and so Selenirra was brought away from the home in which she'd grown up and placed in the Grey Tower. It was new and exciting to her. She took well to her lessons and was a good student, although not exceptional but she always gave her best.

When she was an Accepted, she came to know the Blue Ajah and knew that it was the one for her. She attained the Shawl and joined the Blues, seeking to bring justice to the world. In this quest, she was joined by a Gaidin named Benar Viathene. It had been love at first sight, and bonding later. They would also wed, and as he was of no noble House and she was now Aes Sedai, she formally renounced her claim upon Breyon and it was passed to her brother Gerard.

Together, they made an avid crusade against the Shadow. This made them enemies in the Black Ajah and unfortunately for them, one of these enemies was the sort to not only hold a grudge but actively pursue revenge and they would have reason to believe that this particular enemy had threads running through the Grey Tower.

So, when it was discovered that Selenirra was carrying a child, she and Benar made a dangerous and desperate decision: they left the Tower.

It was in Saldaea that she would deliver their child: a girl they named Lysira, who was the striking image of her mother. Benar and Selenirra would come to discover that their girl had been born differently than most children and a healer confirmed that she could not speak, for she had not been born with the organs to do so. Thus, Benar taught them all the hand signals oft used by the Warders of the Tower.

For years, the small family remained on the run. They found what happiness they could, in some occasions, but there was always a tension, day to day.

One night, when Lysira was six, the expected and yet still terribly tragic would happen: the enemy would catch up with them. Selenirra hid her girl in the house and stood by the side of her husband as they fought against a Black Ajah Aes Sedai and Gaidin. Face to face, they now knew their pursuers: Halana Sedai and Garin Gaidin. Halana had been a Blue.

The fight passed quickly, with fire to fire and blade to blade. Benar and Selenirra fought for their own lives, but also the lives of each other and their daughter. Benar, a man not of many words, made a daring stand and held both back long enough for his wife to escape with their child. Selenirra desperately did not want to leave him, but would not deny him the knowledge that their daughter was kept safe.

Years passed.

Lysira now went by the nickname assigned her by her mother, Mouse, because of her silence and the exceptionally large size of her eyes. Selenirra sensed the Spark within her daughter, but knew she could teach her.

When Mouse was a young woman, Selenirra was visited by a Dream. She occasionally had these and this one told her a very shocking thing, something that rattled the foundations of her soul: Benar was alive and he was being held captive in Ghealdan. Somehow, the bond had been muted so that she had thought him dead... yet he was not.

A fever took hold of her. She left Mouse with the healer in Saldaea who'd told them of her lack of voice, promising to return soon, and she went off to rescue her husband.

Unfortunately, things went wrong and she too was taken captive.

Benar and Selenirra would remain the captives of Garin and Halana for almost a year. Much of what happened has vanished from her mind, but a thin thread of fortune allowed them to escape. They ran.

Once they had recovered enough from their ordeal to travel, they went immediately to Saldaea, only to discover that the healer woman had died and that they had no idea where their daughter was. Selenirra all but died then herself, drowning in the guilt of having abandoned her only child. They sought for her, as best they could, but they could not find her and they were still pursued.

Fearful that Garin and Halana might still have hands in the Tower, they stayed away from it and stayed on the run. They tried to rebuild themselves from the terror of their captivity and the loss of their daughter, who they feared dead but always did try to find.

Four years after their escape, something amazing and frightful happened when Selenirra became with child again. She would birth a second daughter who they would name Kassyna. She could never replace Lysira, but it did help to heal the holes left in their hearts.

They remained watchful, but in time, it seemed they were not pursued as much as they had been and they could almost return to normal lives... almost.

Thirteen years after Selenirra had left Lysira in Saldaea, the Viathenes were moving through Tehrga, Murandy - it was a town they had often moved through or stayed in, because Benar was a native of Murandy. While there, one of their new network of Eyes and Ears caught them to give them the news that someone was looking for them and asking after their likenesses. This was cause for fear until the man elaborated that it was a young woman with dark hair and large dark eyes, who could not speak.

A hope they had given up returned to them almost painfully and they tracked this woman down to Allara and discovered that their daughter had found them, and that she was a Gaidar of the Grey Tower, having been accidentally severed from the source... but she was happy.

And so, after so many long years, Selenirra Viathene, and her family, returned home.


Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah