Schedules and Chores

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This page is to give learning ranks an idea of what their days are like. These are not strict schedules and need not be closely adhered to.

The Schedules

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Hour Novices and Soldiers Accepted and Dedicated Drin Ji'val
Early (6 a.m.) Wake, Groom, Dress Wake, Groom, Morning Exercises
One hour after Early (7 a.m.) Breakfast Wash, Breakfast
Two hours after Early (8 a.m.) Class Personal Studies Class/Training Personal Studies
Three hours after Early (9 a.m.) Class Sparring
Two hours before High (10 a.m.) Chore Time Free Time Chore Time Free Time
One hour before High (11 a.m.) Class Class/Training
High (12 p.m.) Lunch


The following chores can be entrusted to the beginning ranks (or unlucky middle ranks):

  • Dusting trinkets in hallway niches
  • Sweeping garden paths
  • Raking leaves
  • Nursery watch and tending to young children
  • Sweeping the Warder Yards
  • Polishing and maintaining armour and weaponry
  • Scrubbing floors and walls
  • Washing, drying, or stacking dishes
  • Washing, hanging, or folding laundry
  • Mucking out the stables
  • Cleaning the pigeon cotes
  • Chopping wood to feed the Kitchen stoves
  • Shelving and replacing the tomes, scrolls, and other Library Supplies
  • Boiling and cleaning the bandages used in the Infirmary

These tasks are more likely to fall to middle-rank characters, but might be entrusted to very mature beginning ranks who are close to being raised:

  • Guard duty: being paired with a professional to guard the Tower's walls and gates
  • Escort duty: show visitors or new students around the Tower, and make sure they don't wander into restricted areas
  • Deliver messages, summons, or pigeon missives
  • Perform secretarial tasks to assist a full rank
  • Serve food and drink to hungry Aes Sedai, Asha'man, and Gaidin
  • Copy documents, without mistakes or smudges

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Here are some ideas for ways senior Accepted, Dedicated or Ji'val might spend their spare time as they near their goal of the shawl, cord, or fancloak:

  • Green aspirants might be asked to hunt small game in the hills above Hama Valon to keep the larder stocked, or to assist in exercising the stable's horses
  • White aspirants might make themselves useful by taking minutes during debates, audiences, or Hall sessions
  • Yellow aspirants could assist in the infirmary or gather herbs in the hills above Hama Valon
  • Brown aspirants often serve as Library assistants: shelving, dusting, repairing, and lending the books, etc.
  • Grey aspirants might welcome the chance to serve tea to visiting diplomats and perhaps overhear a bit of the discussion
  • Blue aspirants could take an interest in many things, from serving meals to Hama Valon's poor to cleaning the pigeon cotes in hopes of snooping into newly-arrived missives
  • Indigo aspirants could assist the Ajah by tidying the pieces used to make new ter'angreal and dusting the collections of less valuable ter'angreal
  • As Ji'val prepare to ward an Aes Sedai or Asha'man, their interests will likely dictate their pursuits: one interested in bonding a Grey might stand as an honour guard during important meetings, while one interested in bonding a Green might study tactics and hone their martial skills