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Portal-icon.png This article is anachronistic and refers to the original Wheel of Time world of the novels.
Please be aware that the contents within refers to a different continuity from the one that currently exists for the Grey Tower.
san dahr
Created by Prew
Gender Male
Occupation Westlander
Nationality Aiel
Weapon Skills
  • Axe ✦✦✦✦
  • Spear ✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦

Sandar is an Aiel Westlander.


Sandar is 6’4”, reddish gold hair, cut short except for a tail in the back. He has sun browned skin with scars on both arms from spears. Member of the Taardad Clan, Four Stones Sept, Stone Dogs he was one of the Brotherless, Mera'din.

Sandar left the Three-fold land upon Rand assuming title of Car'a'carn, and joined the Shaido. Treated as outcasts even by them, the Mrea’din lost respect for the Shaido when the latter ignored The Ways and departed from ji'e'toh. Joining with a few others, Sandar left to try and return to the Threefold land. Captured by Masema’s men, Sandar was rescued by Fen Garlan but was touched with compulsion by Graendal to serve the channeler.


From a hilltop above Malden Sandar surveyed the sprawling encampment below. Like most Aiel men he was tall with his red hair cut short. Adjusting his shoufa, he turned to his companion, disgust darkening his face. His green eyes did not blink as he spoke to the older man next to him.

“We have made the correct decision, Erad,” he told the Aielman at his side, “The Shaido bring great shame.”

“Pah! They do not deserve to be considered Aiel any longer,” Erad shook his head, “Look at them! Warriors staggering about, drunk on wetlander wine. Aiel taking more than the fifth due us, taking all from the wetlanders.”

Sandor nodded in agreement, “And making them gai’shain! Impossible, yet Sevanna allows it, even indulges in it herself.”

“Sevanna! She has become a wetlander, Sandar. Have you seen her?”

“I avoid the Shaido even as they shun us, the Mera'din. Oh, they welcome our presence when it comes time to dance the spears but all other times they treat us as if we are the ones who have departed from the Ways.”

“So, it is agreed then,” Erad confirmed, “Tonight we leave; you, Torad, Jeco, and myself. We make our way back to the Three-fold Land, to our septs, our clans.”

“Of course it is agreed, Erad, no matter the shame. We shall have great toh to our chiefs and our sept brothers, but they will take us back. They must!”

Erad did not appear entirely convinced. “We refused to follow the Car'a'carn, Sandar, could not accept the idea that a wetlander could be him, no matter his birth. To return now will be to admit that which we could not before.”

“May I never know shade if we do not leave!” Sandar swore, “The toh cannot be as great as the shame for remaining here. To depart from ji'e'toh is unforgivable”

“Calm yourself, brother. We meet here tonight and begin the trek… home.” Home. Back to the three-fold land, to Four Stones Sept, to Rhuarc and the Taardad clan. “Yes, home,” Sandar rose and began moving downhill, not looking back at Erad. Time to make the final preparations for the journey, to depart from the Brotherless and from the dishonorable Shaido, Sandar would be ready.

Career History

  • Westlander