Samoriahlyra Perriohn

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Samoriahlyra Perriohn
sam-oh-RAI-ah-LY-rah Perr-hi-on
Created by Marit
Gender Female
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Samoriahlyra is an Andoran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Samoriahlyra is a regular tall girl, standing 5 foot 8 above ground level. Her hair, reaching only down to her shoulders, shines like pure gold in the sunshine, and has only a darker shade of gold in the shadow. She often has her hair tied up so it won't blow in her face, something she hates. Her eyes are of blue and green, like the ocean, and they sometimes looks like a cat's eyes.

Sam is the kind of girl who often rather would be a boy than a girl. She loves to go out hunting with the boys, wearing tight pants, usually grey, and a green shirt. But she can't hide that she had a very feminine figure, and sometimes, like on parties, she puts on her favourite dress, a green one that shows the best of her figure.

She is a very tough girl, and she has a very high temper that she sometimes fails to control. She could burst into flames over next to nothing, and she ends up in fights far too often. Though, she wins most of the fights, and she always loves to test her strength with one of the boys, and she enjoys the look on their faces when they loose.

She would most definitely burst into flames if anyone called her by her given name. Even her mother never calls her by her full name, but shorten it down to Sam or Sammy. Her mother told her that it was her father, a man she's never known, who gave her the name when she still was unborn, and her mother had to promise to name her Samoriahlyra if she was a girl. Everyone she knows always calls her Sam.

Sam is very fond of animals, and adores her horse and her cat. Her horse is a roan mare with dapple-grey mane and tail. Sam has had her for 5 years, and the mare answers the name Lightning. She preferred to ride bareback, and rarely uses a saddle. Her cat is a female as well, and has silky black fur. Looking the opposite of the horse, the cat's name is Thunder, and she's as old as the mare.

Sam's greatest fear is death, either her own or her mother's death. She would get crushed if her mother died, and she cares more for her mother's life than her own. She would do anything to save her, but her own life she isn't that careful about. She more than once lives on the edge, and in that way, she challenges her greatest fear and grows stronger.


Ambox warning.png This article contains explicit content. Reader discretion is advised.

The young woman called Lyra walked down one of the darker streets in Whitebridge. Her reddish hair waved around her, irritating her by going into her green eyes. She was only 16, but still she was alone. Her old home had been in these dark and dangerous parts of the city, and her parents had been killed only two years ago by some drunk burglars roaming the streets. Now she was living in an old inn, where she also worked as a serving maid. The old innkeeper, Mr. Lukas, had been a good friend of her parents, but he was dead now too. The new innkeeper, Mr. Hamarc, didn't like her, but he let her stay. She worked each day, and as her payment she was given a room and food.

She turned down one of the smaller streets, heading home to the inn. She hated the dark alleys, but she had to go there. Suddenly a man stood in front of her, blocking her way. She stopped, and stared at the man, her feet like frozen to the ground. She didn't scream, nor run, but she couldn't have done either if she wanted to. The man approached her, and she turned and ran down another alley. The man followed behind her, not in any rush it seemed. She found out why very soon. The alley was a dead end, and she was stuck between the wall and the man. The man grabbed her and pressed her up against the wall. She tried to get away, but she couldn't. Now she was going to die, she thought, just like her parents and old Lukas. Maybe she would see them again then. Still, the thought of dying terrified her. But the man didn't kill her, he did to her something that was more terrifying. He raped her.

It was winter, and the snow had been falling tightly for the last days. Every year up until now Lyra had been out in the snow when it first came, she loved the white cold snow. But this year she couldn't. Her belly had grown over the last nine months, and it was now bigger than she had thought it would ever be. The local Wise Woman had told her the time was near. Mrs Jeanella Marrahon, as she was called, had been visiting her nearly every day on the last time, and now she stayed with her all day. Since she was so young, the older woman feared she would have a hard birth. But so far the baby inside her had given no signs it wanted to come out. The day was turning into night, and she was tired of lying in the bed all day. She wanted to get up, go out and play as she used to. But she felt she was too heavy to get up. The wind was howling around the house, throwing snow far up the windows. The time was close now, it wouldn't be long until the baby came. But when it did, she wished it hadn't. The pain was terrible, unstoppable, and in the end she fainted out of pain and exhaustion.

When she woke up, she was staring into the wise woman's face. It took her some time to realize where she were and what had happened, but suddenly she felt a nipple in her breast. She looked down on a small baby lying at her breast. "It's a girl." She looked up and smiled to the older woman. A girl. Her girl. She smiled and wrapped her arms gently around the little body, and watched her child as it fell asleep.

Her little girl was now a week old, and was the cutest thing on the whole earth. Most people would say a 16 year old girl would be too young to be a mother, and that the child should've been given away, but that was out of the question. She had bore the child though pain and happiness, and she wouldn't give her away, not now, not ever. But sometimes she had to leave her with the old Wise Woman to get some fresh air. The dark alleys covered with snow was still no safe place, but she knew them well, and she had to stretch her legs. She took to walk down the street, her cloak wrapped around her for warmth.

She heard a crack behind her and turned fast, but there were nothing to see. She looked nervously around her, and was about to walk back when a hand was placed over her mouth and another one pulled her back. She stared around her , fear in her eyes, but she couldn't see the person behind her. The harsh man voice whispering in her ear, left no doubt to her chill down her spine. "You've given birth to a lovely girl, Lyra. And I believe the name Samoriahlyra would be appropriate, don't you?" She nodded, fearing what might happen to her if she didn't agree. "I've kept an eye on you, and I will keep an eye on you forever, to make sure you follow my orders." She nodded again, and wanted to run away as quickly as she could. But he held her and kissed her hard and brutally on the neck. When he let her go, she didn't bother, nor dare, to look behind her, she only ran. Her feet nearly tumbling over themselves in the snow, she ran all the way back to the inn, and hold her baby tight into her the rest of the day. He was watching them, the Light knowing he could even reach them in here too. She would obey, she would name the girl Samoriahlyra, but when she got old enough, she would tell her about him.

It was a bright white day in the middle of the summer, a day so different from the one 12 years ago. The snow lay like a silk blanket over the city, pure white and light as feathers. The sun shone from the clear blue sky, casting sunrays down on the 12 years old girl making her way through the light masses of snow. In one hand she had a fresh baked bread of the sort her mother, and herself, liked the best. They had a house of their own now, located near the river and close to the inn "The Golden Lily". The young girl who was called Sam, was exited. Today she was old enough to work, so had her mother said. She'd been waiting for this day for years, feeling eager to follow in her mother's footsteps as a waitress.

In the other hand she was carrying a folded sheet of paper, which she had been carrying around on all day. Her mother had given it to her in the morning, trusting that she wouldn't open it before the evening, as she had said. She had been tempted to unfold it and look, and had nearly done it several times, but she told herself that she would have to wait. She turned around the corner of the inn and walked down the alley to her home. It was a small house, or really several houses lined up as one. Their part was just as small as the others, but it was large enough for the two of them. She stepped up to the entrance and opened the door, entering her home.

"Mama!" she called as soon as she closed the door behind her. "I'm home!" She walked into the room which was both kitchen and living room, and grinned as she saw her mother sitting in the sofa. The light red haired woman turned and looked at her golden haired daughter, smiling. "Come here, sweetie," she said and waved the girl to her. Sam lay the bread on the bench and sat down next to her mother. The woman, not even 30 years old, lay her arm around her 16 years younger daughter. "Have you looked at the paper yet?" she asked, with the sweet motherly look on her young face. Sam shook her head, and Lyra smiled back. "You told me to wait." She nodded. "Why don't you take a look at it now?" The girl looked up at her mother, and then back at the paper, which she unfolded quickly. With a wondering look, she looked at the drawing. Her mother was a gifted painter, and the drawing of a white horse and a black cat was so real the animals almost leaped out of the paper. Looking at the drawing, the girl looked up at her mother, curiosity filling her eyes. The mother rose, and held out her hand. Grabbing it, Sam followed her mother out of the house and towards the inn.

They walked up to the inn, and entered. Her mother smiled and said hello to the innkeeper, and Sam did the same. Lyra led her daughter into the library, and from there back to the backroom. She heard soft meows, and knew where they came from. Sassy, the inn-cat, had got kittens, she knew as she'd been at the inn almost every day. She'd been seeing them often too. There were five kittens, two grey and red striped, one white with black backs and tail, one reddish and one black. She'd liked the black one the best, it was the toughest one. It was a female, she'd been told. Her mother stopped at the cradle, and sat down, her daughter next to her. "Mrs Fauranz has said that you could have one of them," her mother said, and she smiled. "Pick the one you want," she said. Sam aimed for the black one at once. "I want her," she said, and her mother smiled. "I guessed you would." The kittens had not long ago opened their eyes. Sam looked down at the small, black kitten, her blue-green eyes looking into the cat's yellow ones.. She looked just like the one on the drawing, just a little smaller. "I guessed you would" her mother had said, she had known she would pick this one.

"The other part of your present is inside." She looked up at her mother. The other part? Was there more? "Do you want to see it now, or do you want to be here with the kitten a while longer first?" She wanted both, but her curiosity for what the other part was, was strongest. "I wanna see it," she said, and her mother nodded. Taking her hand, they walked out of the inn.

Her mother lead her into the stable, and suddenly she had an idea. The picture, it had been a horse there too, and now they were in the stable. Could it really be? Her mother stopped at one of the horse boxes, and the young girl looked in. There stood a light brown horse, a mare she knew. It was so large! Was it for her? It couldn't be, it was the innkeeper's wife's horse. Then, from behind the mare, came a young white horse, no more than a week old. She looked up at her mother. "Is that foal for me?" she asked, both curios and startled were her eyes. Her mother nodded. "Yes, Sam, she's yours." Mine? She thought and looked at the filly. Are you really mine, young foal? I'm gonna raise you, you'll be the best. Her smile grew wider of the thought. Now she had a horse and a cat, both still too young for her to have for real yet, but they were hers. A white horse and a black bat, just as in the drawing. Their colours were opposite of each other, just like light and dark, good and bad. But they're both good. she thought. Like thunder and lightning, she suddenly thought. "Mama," she said, and the woman looked down on her. "Can I name them Thunder and Lighting?" Her mother smiled. "Of course you can, sweetie."

The young, golden haired woman leaned on the fence, watching the boys training with the swords. Her eyes weren't on the boys with their torso bare, but followed every movement they did with the weapons. She watched them for a while, until they sat down to rest. She jumped over the fence, that being easy since she wore trousers. Walking over to the boys, she set her eyes on the only man there. She didn't know his age, but he was at least as old as her mother, and she almost envied his skill with the sword. Master Poheran spotted her as she approached them.

"Hey Sam," he said and smiled to her. She smiled back. "Come for some training, have ya?" She nodded, and walked pass him to the sword rack behind him. She looked over the swords, back and forth, before choosing a one handed, light sword. She favoured the lighter swords. She looked over at Aemon, but he had his back to her, facing the boys. Looking back at the sword rack, she picked up another sword. Holding one sword in each hand, she walked back to the group.

"Poheran?" she said, and he turned to face her. "Can you teach me how to fight with two swords?" He smiled at her eagerness and will to learn weapons. He rarely taught girls, but he didn't have anything against fighting women. "Sure thing, Sam," he said with a grin, and turned back to the boys. "Everyone else wanting to learn 'bout Dual Swords, follow me." Some of the boys rose and went after Poheran, among them Aemon, a boy on her own age. The 16 years old, black haired boy was her best friend, and lived in the house next to her. He loved to learn about weapons, just like her, and he had said that he would go to the Grey Tower one day and become Gaidin. He had tried to get her with him on the idea, but she didn't want to leave her mother and home.

She followed after Poheran over to the grassy part of the open area they used as a training ground. He told them to sit down, and she sat down next to Aemon, smiling to her friend. As Poheran began talking, she listened up. "Dual Swords are not easy to use, but are powerful when you learn to use them right. First, those who use Dual Swords instead of, lets say, short sword and shield, are often more aggressive, offensive. You don't have the protection from the shield, but you do have both hands to attack with. But, two weapons means more to hold track on, and if you're not careful, you can easy cut yourself instead of your opponent…" She listened to what he told them about Dual Swords and tactics, and was eager to practice it when it came to that. Poheran handed out wooden swords to everyone, so they wouldn't hurt themselves. They trained on movements, and positions, and in the end they paired up and sparred. Her opponent was Aemon.

After the lesson, she and Aemon walked towards the inn. "So, you beat me in Dual Swords," Aemon said to her, grinning, "but in the larger swords I rule." She prodded him in the side. "Large swords ain't my style. But give me a quarterstaff, and I'll beat you whatever weapon you choose." He frowned to her, with a playful look in his eyes. He knew she was right, it was their way to challenge each other, an everlasting test about who was the best. It was of course just for fun, their competition, and they never got angry or envious when the other won.

They arrived at the stable, and she walked in and down to her horse. "Hello Lightning," she said with a soft voice, and the 4 years old white mare turned to her, greeting her back. She walked into the box and stroke the head gently, and brushed her over the mane. Leaning out over the low door, she looked over to Aemon standing a few boxes away, talking to his grey stallion. "Wanna go for a ride, Aemon?" The boy turned his head, and smiled. "Of course!" Sam walked over to the saddle room, and lifted up her saddle. Then, she out it back to its place and walked out of the room. "I forgot," she said to Aemon, "that mama told me to come home after midday. That's now, isn't it." The last wasn't a question, more a statement. Aemon nodded, looking a bit disappointed. She grinned back. "We'll take the ride later today." She said, and walked back to Lightning. She stroke the horse's neck and gave her a hug. "See you later, sweetie," she whispered to the horse and walked out.

Aemon followed her back to the house, and the parted outside her door. "I'll come over later!" she said after him as he walked towards his home. He nodded and waved back to her. She returned the wave and went inside. "Mama?" she called. "In here, Sam," her mother's voice sounded from the living room. She walked in, and sat down in the sofa next to her mother. "You remember I said I would tell you about your father when you got old enough?" She nodded, her blue green eyes meeting her mother's green. "I want to tell you now." Sam looked at her mother, and saw the pain and fear in her eyes as she told about the man who had made her pregnant. I will protect you forever, Mama.

She laughed as the wind howled around her, Lightning running like the wind. Aemon and his brown steed was following along side her on their wild run along the riverside. She loved to ride like the wind. Pulling in the reins, she made the white mare slow down. Aemon slowed down and fell in by her side. "Shall we turn home again?" she asked and looked at her friend. He was 18 now, only a few months older than her, but she was still 17. "Now already?" he replied and looked at her as they rode slowly near the flowing water. She nodded in return, her mother was alone home, she didn't like her to be alone, not being there to look after her. "Mama's waiting." She still called her mama, it fell so naturally in her mouth. He nodded acknowledging and turned his horse. They galloped back down the riverbank to the city.

She settled the horse in the stable when they came back, and brushed her firmly. "See you later, sweetie," she whispered in the mare's ear. Then she stroke the black cat lying on the horse's back; Thunder practically lived in the stable, together with Lightning. She smiled at her two pets, and walked out. "I'm going now," she called to Aemon. "Are you coming as well?" His head popped out of the box. "No, I'll stay here a little longer." She nodded back. "Could you give Lightning some food?" "Sure," he replied, and disappeared into the box again. She left the stable and walked back to her house just down the way.

As she walked up to the door, she felt something wasn't right. The door wasn't properly closed, her mother never let the door open. A sudden fear caught her, and she ran into the house. "Mama!" she called out, and run into the living room. It was empty, her mother wasn't there. Calling again, she ran up the stairs. In the small hallway she stopped, staring towards the bedroom. Something red was on the floor, blood. She ran into the bedroom, and found her mother lying curled up on the floor. "Mama!" she screamed. She was bleeding. She bent down and touched her mother. Please Mama, don't be dead. She fought back the tears. "Mama?" she whispered with a shaky voice. She was unconscious, breathing, but only barely. Sam stroke her face gently. "Hang in there, mama. I'll get you well again."

She rose and rushed downstairs and out. On the street she saw Aemon walking. "Aemon!" She screamed. "Get the Wise Woman, hurry!" Aemon stared up at her, and with a short nod he turned and hurried up the street. Sam looked after him, praying he would get the woman here in time, and hurried back into the house. Light, save Mama, don't let her die, she prayed as she once again knelt by her mother. She stroke her head, very carefully, not really daring to move her in fear of doing more pain than good. She stroke her mother gently, praying to the Light, hoping the Wise Woman would hurry.

"Sam!" She looked up and looked at Aemon standing in the door, another woman walking into the room. She rose as the woman knelt by her mother, and threw herself into Aemon's open arms. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, and she hulked into Aemon's chest. He stroke her through the hair and down her back. She turned her head towards the woman. "She'll be okay, right? You can heal her, can't you?" The woman turned her head and looked sadly up at her. "I'm sorry, I can't do much for your mother. She's badly hurt, she needs an Aes Sedai." Sam fought the tears away. "Can't you do anything?" she suddenly snapped, her anger and sadness bringing forth her temper. "I will help your mother the best I can," the woman replied calmly, "but my powers aren't strong enough." "Not strong enough? You… I…" She felt a hand squeezing her shoulder gently, and she stopped. Aemon was one of the few who could calm her temper. The Wise Woman turned to Aemon. "Help me lift her up on the bed, carefully."

The Wise Woman had told her to go downstairs while she took care of her mother. She nearly snapped at the woman again, but Aemon lay his arm around her and walked her down. She leaned on him, as they were sitting in the sofa. Footsteps sounded as the Wise Woman came down the stairs. Sam jumped to her feet and looked at the woman. "How is she?" she asked, letting the woman barely come into eyesight. "She's resting…" "But she will be okay?" Sam cut her off. "At the moment, she is better, but she won't live long." "What?" Sam snapped, "Nothing? There has to be!" She felt a hand on her shoulder, and Aemon whispering her name. That calmed her down, a little. "I'm sorry, child, but there's really nothing more I can do. Your mother needs her rest now," the woman said. "I will be back later to check upon her," was the last words she said before she turned and walked out. "Wait!" Sam called sharp before the woman reached the door. She walked towards her. "What's wrong with Mama?" The woman looked at her. "I'm not sure, child, but she's been poisoned. It's slowly killing her. I'm sorry, child," she said and left the house. Sam stared after her. Child! She was no bloody child!

She walked upstairs, hearing Aemon coming after her. She walked into her room and started stuffing some clothes down in the saddle bag. "What're you doing, Sam?" Aemon's voice asked from behind." She didn't turn as she answered. "Packing, what does it look like?" she snapped. "I'll go to the Grey Tower, and get an Aes Sedai to heal Mama." She swallowed hard to keep herself from crying. She had to be strong, she would be strong for Mama. Aemon lay a hand on her shoulder, but she jerked away, and sat down on the bed. Aemon sat down next to her, and she looked up at him, tear wet eyes. "Will you come with me? Please?" Her temper had calmed down, been replaced with sadness. He smiled back at her. "Of course I will."

They'd been travelling for several days, and they weren't that far from the Mountains of Mist and the Tower. Her mother was sleeping in the back of the wagon they'd borrowed from the innkeeper. She was getting worse, the poison, whatever it was, was eating her up from inside. It was terrible to see her like she was, and she was glad their journey soon was over, and her mother finally could get better again. Most of the time she was riding in front, back and forth, leading Lighting restless around. Aemon was sitting on the wagon, following behind her. She would rather be sitting by her mother's side, but she couldn't sit still. She dug her heels into the mare, and set off along the path. She needed some wind in her face, other than the dusty windless road.

She was on her way back, in sight of the wagon, when she noticed it was not moving. Lightning galloped on her signal, and she reached the wagon in seconds. She jumped off the white mare. "Aemon?" she called, and he came out of the wagon. "What's wrong, Aemon?" she asked, fearing the worst. Aemon looked at her, his dark eyes filled with sorrow. "She's worse," he said, "she hasn't much time left. I'm not sure if we'll make it to the Tower." She stared at him, then turned in heat of sorrow and despair. "No!" she snapped. "Not now, we're so close. Please, not now..." her voice cracked, and she knelt. Aemon knelt beside her and hugged her. "Is she…?" Sam said, her voice shaky. "No," Aemon said, and she felt a small relief. He squeezed her shoulder, and she rose, walking back to the wagon.

Inside the wagon, she knelt by her mother. Aemon was outside, tying Lightning to the back of the wagon. He would try to make it to the Tower, they wouldn't give up, not now, not this close. She stroke her mother's face, wiping away the sweat. "Mama?" Her mother's eyes opened, and she looked at her. "Sam…" Her voice was low. "Mama, who was it, who did this?" "He, you.. your father…" Her voice faded, and she closed her eyes again. "Mama?" Sam said, stroking her mother's face. "Mama?" Tears floated down her cheeks as she looked at the lifeless body. She rose, and opened the back of the wagon. Unbinding Lightning's reins, she pulled him up to the wagon and jumped up on his back. A small black furry creature jumped up on the horse, seating in front of her, but she didn't see the cat. She dug her heels into the white mare's flanks, and galloped forward, past the wagon, tears nearly blinding her vision.

She didn't know how he had caught up with her speed, or how he had managed to stop her, but with Lightning's reins in Aemon's hand, she sat idly on the horse as he lead her back to the wagon. She didn't want to go back, but she wouldn't leave her mother like that either. Aemon lighted a fire, and told Sam to sit by it as he dug the grave, but Sam wouldn't hear of it. They kept it going until it got darker, and had a funeral her mother worthy, in the forest a little way off the road. Lyra had loved the nature, just like herself. Lyra, her mother. She missed her deeply, staring into the flames lighting up the night. What was she to do now? She'd got only one thought in her mind, to find her "father" and revenge her mother. She'd nearly left after they'd buried her, but Aemon had got her to stay. He had been right, she'd got nowhere starting out in the night like that. And besides, she didn't know where to find him nor what she would do if she did. She only knew she would find him, and pay back the pain.

It had been Aemon's idea, that they should continue to the Tower. She remembered that he had been talking about how he would become Gaidin when he was old enough. He had tried to get her along with him back then, but she wouldn't leave her mother. Now, she had nothing that tied her to her old home, to any place. They were both old enough now. She would become a Gaidar, and then she would be skilled enough to go after the man who had taken her mother away. The same man who was her father…

Weapon Experience: Samoriahlyra has the knowledge of the bow and arrows as hunting weapons, but she's been shooting at targets as well, and beat many of the local boys. Since she was young, she has, dressed as a boy, she has taken part in the boys training, their playing with wooden swords and quarterstaffs. Their joy of holding the first real sword she shared with them.

Her hair cut short, she managed sometimes, in her younger years, to pass for strangers as a boy. But still after she became a young woman, she trained with weapons. Mostly she used the bow or the quarterstaff, and she could take down two men with sword armed with the staff. She also got training in the sword, and her favourite among the rare swords the weapon handler in Whitebridge had, she liked the shorter swords best, the one hand swords. She is very high-tempered, and none would be in a fight with her when she is angry.

Career History

  • Drin