Sadira Jolstraer

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Sadira Jolstraer
Sadira Jolstraer
Suh-deer-uh Rose Johl-stray-er
Created by Bella
Portrayed by Rhona Mitra
Full name Sadira Rose Jolstraer
Nickname(s) Sadie
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Hama Valoner
OP Strength 5.5
Affinities Spirit, Water, Earth, Air, Fire

Sadira Rose Jolstraer is an Hama Valoner Blue Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Except for the distinct Saldaean slant to her eyes that she received from her mother, Sadie resembles her father in all other ways. She is above average in height for a woman with a solid and not overtly feminine figure. Her jaw has a strong line and she has piercing blue eyes, and black hair that she keeps long and braided.


Sadira Rose Jolstraer was born the second child of Miahala, but the first daughter and the first child of Miahala Jolstraer and her husband Darien Jolstraer Asha'man. From her first day, she took after her father and grew up precocious and stubborn and strong. She helped her mother to take care of the brother and sister to come after her and was close to her half-brother, who was older than she by five years.

When she was eleven, it was discovered by her mother that she had been born with the Spark and she became a Novice. She was something of a trouble-maker, although always in innocent fun and never to the extent of her legendary rabble-rousing father. As soon as she was placed in Novice white, Sadie knew what her path would be and she pursued it with all faith and certainty. And when she received her shawl, it was fringed in Blue.

For a few years, she would eagerly work upon all causes set before her by the First Selector. She was not first among her Ajah, but was steadfast and reliable. She carved a name for herself that way, even if it was but a quiet one. It would be a personal creed that she would never forsake. She would never turn down a cause she believed just, and would never forget a loyalty that she had sworn.

The loss of her father, twice, only went to make these traits grow deeper rather than further away with cynicism born of pain. Yes, there was pain for losing him, but she remained unwavering in her beliefs and felt that it was his memory guiding her on her path.

Three years after attaining the rank of Aes Sedai, Sadira bonded a Gaidin named Scerai Allon. He was the same age as she and a fellow child of the Borderlands, hailing from Kandor, and even though Sadie had not been born there, with a Saldean mother and a Shienaran father, it sang in her blood and it drew them together in a way they could not put to words. They shared pride, stubbornness and the utter belief in justice and doing what's right.

In due course, Sadie would take up one trait like her mother and would become the lover of her Warder, though they would never wed and kept it private. It was another aspect of the bond that would only strengthen it and each other. Though their lives were tested in battles of wits and battles of blades, they would never be tested in their belief of the cause or in each other.

As she was not exceptionally strong in the One Power, she would oft rely on a keen, quick intellect and sharp tongue inherited from both parents and the skill in the sword, inherited from her father but that Scerai had helped her to gain, as well as some minimal skill with throwing daggers learned from her mother. She continues to employ these skills to their best effects in any challenge she is faced with.


Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted
  • Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
  • First Selector of the Blue Ajah