Rahim Vaelyn

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Rahim Vaelyn
Raw-heem Vay-lin
Created by Ashley
Gender Male
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Altaran

Rahim Vaelyn is an Altaran Drin of the Grey Tower.


Physically, Rahim Vaelyn is an olive skinned young man with flashing green-grey eyes. He has messy black hair that falls nearly into his eyes. He is rather tall, approaching 6’2, and his mouth is more prone to quirk up in a mischievous smile than anything else. He is known to be fiercely protective of the things he cares about, but has a nasty mean streak as well. Growing up in Ebou Dar from a family with multiple children who died young in duels, and not having been in many himself, he was considered somewhat of an outcast from the rest of his people.

His nose has been broken many times, so it is slightly crooked, but it does nothing to deter from his profile. If nothing else, it makes him look more stern when he gets angry. His mean streak is not one many people want to cross - it has been known to stretch the length of the mainland and his grudges last as long as an Age. There is a scar that runs down the left side of his face, from above his eye to his nose. He earned that scar in his first duel, trying to defend his father.

When he is interacting with other people, there are two sides to Rahim. Either you will get the flirtatious, mischievous side, which the ladies seem to enjoy, sometimes a little too much, or the mean spirited angry boy that he tried to leave back in Ebou Dar. Rahim specializes in dueling daggers, but wants to learn the sword, like his father, and learn to be more versatile.


Rahim was born to Khalim and Liana Vaelyn in the Rahad. His mother and father both were Altaran, both coming from the city of Ebou Dar. His father came from a richer family on the other side of the Eldar, though, and he moved to the Rahad with his mother when they married. From there, he continued to carry out his business as a merchant.

As a child, Rahim would go outside whenever he was able, choosing to go there than to learn about his heritage from his father or to do any other activities inside. He began riding horses when he was five, finding from his father a favorite steed in a stallion named Duatha’ar. This black stallion caused Rahim to fall for the first time from a horse, breaking his nose the first of many times. His father was proud of his son, proud of what he had achieved on the back of a horse. The horse had a fiery temper and a wicked disposition, mirroring that of his rider.

Rahim, as a child, stayed away from other children a lot, even from his siblings, who were much younger than he was, except for one older sister. His older sister had been found with the spark within her, and brought to the Tower when she turned thirteen to channel. Elisa, her name was. He was polite to his remaining siblings, 4 more in total, as all Ebou Dari were to each other, but he couldn’t help but resent the attention his parents placed on them. They seemed to like them much more than him, partly because Rahim was so quiet. He kept to himself, spending more time with Duatha’ar than with his siblings or other children his age. This lack of interest in him has caused him to be cold to other people, mean-spirited at times. He can be cruel, making harsh remarks without really thinking about what he is saying…he would live to regret making those remarks.

When Rahim turned 19, he started training with daggers in earnest. It was very late for him to start training with the daggers, since two of his younger brothers and one sister had already died in duels. His mother was proud of them, wearing the jewels in the marriage knife around her neck proudly. The white and red settings proved to Rahim how useless he really was, not being in a duel. His mother felt the same, nearly disowning him on a number of occasions. So one day Rahim finally began to learn the daggers, and after he picked them up, he wouldn’t put them down.

Rahim got into his first duel at age 19, only a few months after learning the daggers, earning himself the scar that crosses his eye vertically, from the top to nearly parallel with his nose. After proving himself honorably in the duel, his father began to acknowledge him, and be proud of him. He announced on Rahim’s twenty-first name day that Rahim would be inheriting the family business and began to take Rahim out with him to the marketplace with the rest of his father’s guards. One day, while they were in the marketplace, a man slighted his father, insulting the wares of his business.

His father merely bowed his head, drew out his sword, and challenged the man to a duel then and there. They fought, Rahim and the other guards only able to watch as they fought like men. Rahim’s father lost, and demanded to have the horse, Duatha’ar, as the winner. Rahim refused, saying if he wanted the horse he would have to duel Rahim for it. So, yet again, Rahim found himself with his daggers in his hand, going against a man far his superior, with gray in his hair, who held his sword like one who had been born with it in his fist. They fought, Rahim getting more than one wound to his credit, until the older man stumbled on something in the street, allowing Rahim to slice in, spilling the man’s life-blood and avenging his father all in one breath.

Wordlessly, he had led the caravan, his father’s livelihood, back to their home in the Rahad, and announced to his mother that his father was dead. She demanded that he take his father’s place, and take over the business. Rahim refused, announcing that he planned to go to the Grey Tower, to find his sister, who had gone there three years previous to train to be an Aes Sedai. His mother only bowed her head, and Rahim took Duatha’ar, his coal-black warhorse, and left, riding towards Hama Valon, where he would become one of the Gaidin, mastering his skill with weapons, and to fight alongside Aes Sedai.

Career History

  • Drin (8 August 2020)