Phaedra Mashera

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Phaedra Mashera
Fay-druh Brin Mash-era
Created by Darci
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Gheldanin

Phaedra Mashera is an Gheldanin Novice of the Grey Tower.


Phaedra Brynn Mashera is tall and lean with angular features, a straight nose and strong jawline. She is long of limb and often chided by her family for looking the part of a skinny, clumsy colt. She has calloused hands from raising and training horses. Skirts are less natural for her. Being raised with 3 brothers, on a horse farm, she is more often comfortable in breeches and boots. She tends to stand with her feet apart and talks in an animated fashion with wild facial expressions and waiving hand motions. Her brown eyes are laced with golden honey lights when she's delighted and can appear as dark as a moonless night when upset. Phaedra has dark brown hair that falls in thick waves midway down her back. It's often tied back with wisps falling awkwardly in her face. She has full lips that turn down at the corners making her sometimes appear petulant or defiant but her demeanor is easy going. Never one to be shy, Phaedra easily engages with new people she meets. She tends to laugh loudly and even snort when taken by something especially funny. She is quick to assume best intentions and can be naive to a fault. Phaedra is inquisitive by nature and fearless. She will succumb to almost any dare or challenge regardless of the probable outcome. Sometimes labeled as stubborn, Phaedra early adopted an anything you can do, I can do better attitude with her brothers. She always felt she had to work doubly hard to prove herself as a good horse person. But she never minded the hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done.


Phaedra Brynn Mashera grew up in Samara, Gheldan on a small horse farm near the River Eldar. She was raised by her father, Marek after her mother, Seralyn, passed away from the sweating sickness when she was young. Phaedra also has three older brothers. Peiton, Doriel and Weslan. Growing up without any women in the family probably leant itself to why Phaedra has not bothered too much with learning to cook, tend a hearth or many of the other more normal “women’s affairs”. Phaedra actually didn't have any aspirations of leaving Samara much less training to be an Aes Sedai. She had assumed her life would be horses, maybe a family someday far in the future. But the Wheel brought Phaedra a different fate. On a trip to Jehannah with her brothers, to sell horses to the Jheda Palace guards, Phaedra met a well appointed woman with a strange ring at the Inn. This woman said she could feel a “spark” in her and spoke to her about training that she must start. Phaedra was just about to ask about this training when her Father, Marek, approached and quickly whisked her away apologizing to the woman. Never had Phaedra seen her Father behave that way. He was always happy to talk with anyone, especially the deeper in his cup he was. Endless nagging and questions followed Marek all the way home to Samara. The woman, an Aes Sedai, had made him feel uneasy and thoughts of losing his only daughter to the tower frightened him. His sister had gone to the Tower in their youth and he had nothing but a letter of her passing, during some initiation ritual, to remember her by. Months later after endless badgering on Phaedra's part, Marek finally caved. Yes, he would send her to the tower. No, he didn’t think she would like it. Yes, he understood why she needed to go. Her brother, Doriel would see her there safely and she could take her favorite gelding, Cal, with her. With Marek's blessing finally secured, Phaedra packed her well worn leather bag with a few belongings and was on her way.

Career History

  • Novice (1 April 2020)