Peyton Sain

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Peyton Sain
Pey-Ton Say-N
Created by Lugh
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Tar Valoner

Peyton Sain is a Tar Valoner Novice of the Grey Tower.


Peyton is a slender woman, smaller in stature but with an inner confidence and defiance that occasionally landed her in trouble.

Blonde hair with dark undertones, falling straight to just below her shoulder blades, often pulled out of the way when she is doing chores.

She has striking grey- blue eyes, the color of storm clouds before rain starts to fall. She has fair skin, with a tendency to burn if outside for too long in direct sun. She is slender, with gentle curves and beauty that she could learn to use with practice and coaching from the older women of the Grey Tower. She was sheltered, her father preferring to keep her home and away from the rougher parts of town, especially the wagons and their crews.

She hates the White dress of a Novice, and longs for the chance to dress as she chooses. It is more that she had little choice at home, then a desire to resist the rules. Her father kept them in simple dresses, plain and durable and cheap. Living in a trading town though, she saw the wealth and the jewelry that was available. She often whispered with the rest when an Aes Sedai came through town, and if the woman happened to be Domani, Peyton would sigh enviously with the rest of the young women.

She moves smoothly, though she has a tendency to hold back. She was taught reserve and decorum are important parts of a woman’s presentation, and she is just beginning to claim her own strength and possibilties as her own.


Peyton sighed as she slung another sack of chicken feed over her shoulder. As a small girl she had loved the farm; the fields of clover and wildflowers to run through, the animals and creek nearby that helped to break the heat.

But then her grandparents had fallen ill, passing away in a bitter winter storm. Although they had been quite elderly, dividing the inheritance had left her father with little money for planting and not enough to hire help. Rather than struggle, he had sold the land to other families in the area; and had moved the family into town.

Spreading the feed for their handful of chickens, she watched as they pecked in the dirt and bit another sigh of boredom as she saw her father leaving their home. He would be walking to work, another day spent loading wagons and driving teams and with the weather promising to be hot, it would mean a late supper after he quenched his thirst in the common room.

Rattling off her chore list in her head, she realized she was nearly done, which meant she could at least work on reading the book her mother had purchased from the peddler. Her father had been insistant that his daughters learn to read, and it had already paid off with her older sister having obtained work clerking. Peyton knew that was likely her fate, clerking or perhaps marrying one of the young men who had danced with her at the last harvest. There were a couple promising, William Hunt for one had kind eyes and had spun her till she felt breathless.

Smiling to herself at the fond memory, she decided she would instead walk through town and see if there was a chance to sneak a pastry to William. She had heard a few rumblings from her father, the Whitecloaks pushing people around and woman being taken for questions. But she wasn’t a darkfriend, she wasn’t an Aes Sedai, so long as she kept her tongue; what issue would the Children of Light have with her.

Career History

  • Novice (21 May 2019)