Paedra Kovlcek

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Paedra Kovlcek
PAy-drah Kohlvacheck
Created by Christopher
Gender Female
Occupation Drin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Arafellin / Saldaean
Weapon Skills
  • Bow ✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦

Paedra Kovlcek is an Arafellin-Saldaean Drin of the Grey Tower.


Paedra Kovlcek was born Ishaine Nemir. Her mother was Arafelan, and her father was a Saldaean. She shows a bit of each nation in her appearnce. She has tilted green eyes, and long curling dark hair. Most of her up bringing was in Saldaea so she acts and speaks like a Saldaean.

She might seem shy at first, but she chooses to observe her surroundings before she decides to open up. She is self conscious about faded scars that were not healed all the way that stretch from her chin down to her chest. She would rather change the subject quickly than talk of those. Even though she has issues with them she is exotic looking, and beautiful.

She is honor driven like all Borderlanders. She can be difficult if she feels that honor has been compromised. She also can be prickly if people shirk duties when they are given the responsibility of completing them.

Horses have been something that she learned to ride as a young child. She has a passion for them. If she had the time to devote everyday to working with them she would, but there are things that she is driven to do in her life now.


Paedra Kovlcek looked at the leather bound journal. It contained the last year of her life. This was filled with the reasons that led her to the gates of the Grey Tower. She was almost sad. She was healed by an Aes Sedai there in that very tower. The journal was given to her for her internal healing. It was to help her feel complete once again. She opened the book, and began to read the first page.

“Six months ago I was Ishaine Nemir. I was a simple farm girl that laughed openly looking at life the way any girl of fourteen does in Saldaea. My father worked his farm for a meager living, but we never did without. I had three older sisters; one almost ready to be wed. It was simple, but there was always plenty of love.

One night everything was just as it always was they eat dinner, and sang along with their father after. Sleep came like always. The difference came late in the night. There were strange howls, and beastly roars. I did not really know what was going on at first. They were all running in different directions. I could hear her sisters crying with her mother. I stepped on the porch of my family’s modest home.

The scene was something out of a nightmare. My father with the help of his farm hands was trying to defend against a Trolloc attack. I was so transfixed that I did not realize when the wolf face half man reached me.

I was slashed from the crown of my head down to my breasts. The pain was nothing compared to the sounds of my sisters being raped by the Trollocs. I closed my eyes, and tried to cover my ears to the horrifying screams. I realized that my night dress was being ripped from my body. My eyes bulged. No! I screamed. Let me die! Let me die!

I thought my wish was granted because everything went dark. The silence of death was a comfort to me. There was nothing but silence. There was nothing but peace. She knew her family was feeling that peace. When my eyes opened I screamed until my voice was no more. I was alive. Burn me I was alive.

I was cared for by the patrol of Saldaean soldiers the best they knew how. The disfigurement to my face and body was nothing compared to the decimation of my soul. I was a shell left to rot around my own skin.

I was eventually given over to a safe house full of women that had suffered similar attacks as me. Soon they realized that I would harm myself so they watched me. I never spoke a word or ate any food. To me I was already dead. How could I not be? This must be how the Dark One torments the souls of the people his creature’s kills.

There was a day that I was feeling unbearably low that three women entered my room. I pinched my eyes closed. The fact that they thought they were alive was enough to shut them out. If she wished them away they would leave her to her nightmare of an afterlife.

I heard a soft voice. It was the voice of someone that meant that voice to be soft. I did not want to open my eyes, but the tender tone made me. I looked into amber green hazel eyes. The look behind those eyes was sincere.

My name is Aiko she said. I am Aes Sedai. I am also a Healer. The rest of what the Aes Sedai was saying to her became a blur. She was softly led to the bed. When the Aes Sedai unbuttoned her dress she flinched. What they did to me started slow, and turned painful. They spent a week on me. I still would not look at my reflection.

Aiko came every afternoon. I was still not convinced. She told me stories. They were stories about her life. Some moved me. I realized that I was not dead. That everything that happened that night was a reality. I cried for what seemed forever.

Paedra flipped to the last page.

“My scars are almost gone from what Aiko Sedai has done for me. The scars to my soul will never fade, but I stand here now looking at the city of Hama Valon, and beyond they Grey Tower. I am thinking to myself now of why I am here. The only thing I can say is that I will never be in that dark place again.

Paedra closed the journal. She looked at the cover once, and tossed it into the fire.

Career History

  • Drin