Pacu D'arr

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Pacu D'arr
Pawcoo Dar
Created by Christopher
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Aiko Navoo
Nationality Shienaran
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦✦✦✦
  • Dagger ✦✦

Pacu D'arr is a Shienaran Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Pacu D'arr is six foot, and weighs about 215. His hair is a dark rich brown that is peppered lightly with gray. He started Gaiden training later in his life, but at the age of fifty four he is just as quick as the young-lings. He is rarely openly angry. He lets Aiko do as she wishes with the understanding that he will step in if needed. They rarely fight, and he respects that she is a Sitter.

He is muscled being broad for a tall man. He has an even skin tone of someone that is outside most of the time. He is a soldier, but his training at the Grey Tower has refined his skills. He has a gentle tongue for a Shienaran.

He spends most of his time in the Wader yards. Aiko always busy with the Yellow Ajah. He has a calm matter about him, and people tend to trust him. His mind is quick, and he looks at battle from all angles.

He was groomed growing up to head a powerful family. He knows how to look for political under currents, but he usually deals with them as a soldier would. He is extremely loyal to Aiko, and tends to be her eyes and ears during meetings or political functions just in case she misses something.

All that know him know he is quick to smile, and hard to anger. He is fiercely loyal to his Aes Sedai, and her Ajah. He has never shied from a fight for a good cause, and he has never left a man behind. Even though he does what he does with Aiko's approval he always states he is just doing what he was told to do.


He is the eldest son of the D'arr family. He did not want to follow his fathers foot steps in working with the Monarchy. He instead ran away to join the militia of Shienar. He never used his families status to make it easier for him. He chose to work just as hard as the next soldier. He found Honor in the good fight.

During a raid in a northern outpost he watched an Accepted of the Grey Tower walk in to danger to save a woman and her husband. Honor being important to him he was not only impressed, but he was smitten. The following day he brought the Accepted some water, and towels for her to clean up a bit. The Accepteds name was Aiko Navoo.

The Yellows seemed to be bubbling with some kind of disturbance. He stood were he could see the scene unfold. When the Yellows emerged from the large inn their attention was on this Aiko. There seemed to be some buzz around her for whatever reason; although respected Aes Sedai were what they were. Enigmas.

The Yellows announced that they were going into the battle field to look for any that lived. The Greens that he had fought among the night before seemed to be in control of that. Pacu stood first when they were being selected to work as a guard for all of them. He made sure that he was selected to guard the troop of Yellows that Aiko was with.

Aiko was not the mystery the the Aes Sedai or the Asha'man seemed to be to him. She seemed centered on who she was, and what she was. She was a Healer. She had a strength that he had always admired in women. She was a soldier in her own right. She was a soldier that brought life, but could deal death if needed.

The day was long. He watched Aiko stand up to an Aes Sedai that seemed to be leading the lot of them. The Head Aes Sedai passed up a man. Aiko Healed him anyway. This stirred up the Yellows. He smiled when he saw this. Strong was this one, he thought.

He was in the common bathes when a woman he recognized as Lieselle Sedai. She was a Yellow the tried to be meek, but her eye's were strong enough to make a nail jump into stone. He had never been uncomfortable with sharing a bath with a woman, but he was then. She started in about being Aiko's Warder. She did what Aes Sedai did. She wanted something from him, and she went into detail on how he was to do it. He left the bathes red faced.

There was a year that had passed from that day. The Aes Sedai named Lieselle showed up at his encampment along the border of Arafel. It was around the Feast of Lights. She invited him to go with her. The thought of Aiko made him accept her invite to Travel with her.

The night of the Feast of Lights he dressed in the finest clothes he had ever allowed on his body. He was the noble that he was supposed to be in the first place. He really did not care what the Yellow wanted with Aiko. He wanted her.

When he walked into the Great hall he felt out of place, until he saw Aiko talking to Daniko Soroshu. The Soroshu family was in league with Pacu's own family. It was perfect. The introduction was easy. Aiko rolled her eye's when he approached. Daniko had a great following of men, and women, and Aiko chose him to talk to privately.

He felt comfortable when he told her that she needed a Warder. The second he mentioned the Yellows being behind it her eyes changed. She twisted his arm behind him. It was sexually exciting for him, but for her it was anger. She ran. He followed. There was always chaos around the festival. He did his best, and kept up to her.

When she started crying, he was surprised. She just wanted a moment to breath. She wanted a second to breath. He whispered into her ear that she would never allow herself to do that. She was a Yellow, even if the bands of her dress made her beneath them. She was strength. He hoped one day he would fight next to her. For today, she was hurt.

Pacu D'arr left. He returned to Shienar. He tried to forget Aiko, but she was still in the back of his mind always. He raised in ranks. There was no Heron on his blade, but he mastered the broad sword. That broad sword split skulls, and killed Myrddraal. He fought because he had to for the Border Lands.

One night some twenty years later there was a whisper at the entrance of his tent. When he heard Aiko Sedai he stood, and his heart stopped. Twenty years had passed what did she want now?

When she entered, she was every bit the Aes Sedai that she was training to be. He bellowed orders that were seen to immediately. They say when the tea was being served.

"I need your help." She asked him softly. The moments passed between them so slowly that he did not realize when she said she should have been with him. She had been stubborn. That if she would have never been manipulated she would have been with him.

Everything was a blur from then on. He stood. Their lips touched, and they made love. During the love making she placed her first two fingers to his forehead.

"I love you."

There was a feeling that almost buckled his knees. His last thrust into her he could feel her. She looked up at him.

"I should have Bonded you the first moment I saw you. There has been waisted time."

He felt different. She was in his mind. Could she feel him? He was Bonded to his Aes Sedai. He left with her.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin