Norin Maddix

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Norin Maddix
NOR-in MAD-dix
Created by Connor
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Brown Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Eliza Maddix
Bondmate(s) Eliza Maddix
Nationality Amadician
Weapon Skills
  • Polearms ✦✦✦✦
OP Strength 6.0
Affinities Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit

Norin Maddix is an Amadician Brown Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower. He is bonded and married to Eliza Maddix.


Norin stands at about 5'9" in height. He is slim and muscular, somewhat enhanced by the Warder Bond. He possesses black hair, and deep green eyes. Norin tends to wear dark clothing as is his preference.

Norin is a bit odd for a channeler, as he will as quickly brandish his ashendarei as weave Balefire.

Emotionally, Norin can be a man of extremes. Towards most he can be reserved if not downright icey. But towards those he cares for he is effusive and emotional. It was fear that drove him to the Grey Tower, determination that made him an Asha'man, and now love that keeps him there.

Only one person keeps Norin centered, collected, and happy, and that is Eliza Maddix, Norin's wife and Bondmate. Norin loves her with all his heart, and reminds her every day. His feeling toward her carry with them a darker side, because Norin loves Eliza so completely that he is willing to do anything to protect her, and his unborn child, even give his own life.

If Norin lost Eliza, Norin would lose himself....


I was born in the country of Amidicia, I know a channeler in Amidicia, Whitecloak Central, here's my story. The first few years of my life were completely and utterly normal, loving parents, calm life, anything I could ask for. Then things began to change. When I was about 13 years old my father began to preach to me about the glory of the Whitecloaks and there cause. He began to train me to one day become one of them. I had a different opinion of the Whitecloaks and their cause, I thought they were disgusting, prejudiced, zealots. I knew that if I stayed that my conscription into the Whitecloaks would be inevitable. I did the only thing I could think of, I ran. I ran until I reached the nearest village. There after much groveling and pity I was able to get a ride with a traveling merchant train. the travel was long and the work was hard, but in my mind I knew the alternative was worse. When we neared Jehennah odd things began to happen. One day I was ordered to muck out the horse stalls. This was usually reserved as a punishment, I had done nothing wrong. I was infuriated, the stall that we were near spontaneously caught fire, I helped to put it out and the next day I felt like the inside of a horse stall, bloody terrible. I had been cultivating a relationship with the merchant daughter when one day something spooked the horsed and she fell, and then trampled, she was badly hurt, she was on the brink of death and we were only hours outside of Jehennah, I wanted badly for her to live and oddly she seemed to cling to life a little longer until we were able to get her medical attention. The merchant recognized the signs and told me that it was possible that I had the spark of channeling. Unfortunately he shared the same views as my father, he wanted nothing to do with me, so he put me in the street. I wandered around Jehennah for a few days until I spied a group of men in black coats. They were speaking of channeling and a place called the Grey Tower, so I went up to them and explained my story. A smile crossed their faces and they told me I could one day be an Asha'man. The journey was not to long, all the while the Asha'man thrilled me with stories of magic, Aes Sedai and Warders. One day as the sun rose I saw it. The Grey Tower in all its glory. We arrived and I was tested. It was confirmed I had the spark, I couldn't wait to begin my training.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated (30 June 2010)
  • Asha'man of the Brown Ajah (30 November 2010)
  • Sitter of the Brown Ajah (3 April 2011)
  • Keeper of the Archives (7 August 2011)