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The Grey Tower, as with any group or organisation, uses a number of in-house acronyms and abbreviations. You are more likely to encounter them in out-of-character posts, but some sneak into in-character posts.


  • AM: Asha'man
  • AS: Aes Sedai
  • BA: Black Ajah
  • GC: Gaidin Captain
  • GT: The Grey Tower
  • IC: In-Character; the opposite of OOC.
  • KoA: Keeper of the Archives
  • KoC: Keeper of the Chronicles
  • MoA: Master/Mistress of Arms
  • MoN: Mistress of Novices
  • MoS: Master of Soldiers
  • MoT: Master/Mistress of Training
  • MRP: Major Roleplay
  • NPC: Non-Player Character
  • PSC: Player Support Character
  • OOC: Out-of-Character; the opposite of IC.
  • OP: One Power
  • OPB: One Power Basics
  • RP: Roleplay(ing)
  • WSP: Weapon Skill Points
  • WY: Warder Yards


  • A/D/J: Accepted, Dedicated, Ji'val. See learning ranks below.
  • Admin: The OOC term for the individuals who lead the Grey Tower; see the Current Admin page.
  • AS/AM/G: Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin. See full ranks below.
  • Ammy: The Amyrlin Seat; strictly used OOC unless you enjoy scrubbing pots.
  • Full ranks: Aes Sedai, Asha'man and Gaidin.
  • Learning ranks: Novices, Soldiers and Drin are learning ranks. Sometimes also includes Accepted, Dedicated and Ji'val.
  • MoNSTers: One of the three administrative roles. Previously stood for Masters and Mistresses of Novices, Soldiers and Training.
  • N/S/D: Novices, Soldiers, Drin. See learning ranks above.
  • Officers: Collective term for everyone above a full rank, namely The Triumvirate, Keepers, MoNSTers, Sitters, Heads of Ajah, and Counsellors.
  • Shara (OOC usage): A leave of absence.
  • Triumvirate (IC usage): Collective term for the Amyrlin Seat, M’Hael, and Master/Mistress of Arms.