Nhur Shioma

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Nhur Shioma
Nur Sioma
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Kandori

Nhur Shioma is a Kandori Soldier of the Grey Tower.


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Nhur is tall and lean, if somewhat athletic-built. He has long, dark hair, deep, cold eyes, and a few day's beard. He rarely changes his self-assured expression that hides much. He is also arrogant, impatient and a fighter in all terms.


Born as a free child of a wealthy merchant and a maid in the land of Kandor, just several years before the Aiel War, Nhur Shioma was ungrateful at the best. He had the so-much-wanted freedom of choice between careers, as he could followed his father’s footsteps, or join the army of queen Ethenielle, or even choose one of the many crafts. By the time he was seven and chose, with his father’s authorization, to go to a military academy somewhat east of Chachin, the Aiel War started, and his father was one of the queen’s volunteers, of to fight on the borders of Cairhien. This didn’t make him change his mind, only eased his way in to the academy; for during the war, the necessary qualities needed for officers had dropped quite some. But that was when disaster struck his family – his father died on a skirmish on the plains surrounding Dragonmount, and his mother, unable to bear the loss, killed herself after several days of weeping.

Nhur showed no reluctance – he was not going to die like his father, in someone else’s war – in choosing to run south. This was only a few days before his trip to the academy was to be made, on the night his mother killed herself with poison. He ran, only on his horse and with his father’s old, rusted sword, out through the southern gate, down the road that led directly to Tar Valon, with no plan in sight and small chances to survive on his own on the road, now infested with bandits and cutpurses.

After several days of safe journey – he was no fool, to let himself be seen by suspicious – looking men, he finally realized he had no food left, very few amounts of water, and with no shade from the upcoming storms. He was still in Kandor, though, with enough knowledge of the road he was heading to know that there’s a small hunting village on the outskirts of a nearby forest.

He was caught by the wind and rain on half way to the village gates, and one of the villagers took him to his home, feeling pity for a soaked, hungry and nearly sick child coming to his doorstep in the middle of a heavy rain. Nhur collapsed on his doorstep, and the villager took him to a bed no one seemed to be using. Tired and wet to his bones, Nhur fell asleep almost without saying a single word.

The next morning, he felt only one thing – hunger. After the old man had him nicely dressed up, and brought some breakfast, he finally got the chance to thank him for his hospitality and learn something of him. His name was Alaimnan Hachil, a former soldier and to old for battle, now an owner of the village’s inn, and one of the most influential men in the area. He lost a son to the Aiel, and wife to a strange disease a few years earlier, but he still had a granddaughter named Seylli, a six-year old, whom his son had brought a year earlier, actually his son’s bastard child.

Once Nhur told him of his family’s fate, Alaimnan felt a strange familiarity to the child’s misfortune and decided, several days later, to adopt him, since he had no other relatives. Nhur happily accepted, mostly for his young granddaughter whom he found to like in a way, like a very close friend.

Still young Nhur Shioma spent most of his childhood days in that village, accepted by the village folk, practicing his sword – fighting with Alaimnan beside the usual childlike activities. He also went hunting after he aged a bit, and started helping the old man in his housework. When he was twelve Alaimnan succumbed to a hard disease, and in his bed, made Nhur the successor of his estate and the inn, alongside with his granddaughter.

Alaimnan spent the whole next year in bed, while Nhur and Seylli ran the inn with Gayina, the inn mistress. Somewhere in that time Nhur realized he had quite strong feeling for Seylli, and he decided to approach her, only to realize that those feelings were not mutual. This came as a strong blow to Nhur, and actually made his love grow and grow; the more Seylli went away from him.

At his age of seventeen, Alaimnan died, and left Nhur actually alone with his cluster of feelings. About that time, Seylli announced that she was going to marry Luthain Shizai, a local merchant with whom she was in love for a few years; and that made Nhur furious. Luthain was, by his opinion, a lowlife, and he never lost time to point that out to her, which only made her dislike him more, actually growing to hate him.

At this time Nhur’s love for Seylli was stronger than ever, with a strong sense of a need to protect her, especially from a fraud like Luthain, by his opinion. This ended in a fight between them, which led to a sword-duel, in which Nhur slew Luthain in a fury. That happened just outside the village’s small walls, and Nhur, not knowing what to do, took his horse and escaped deep south, and was out of Kandor before his crime was even found out.

South and south he rode, to a land even still recovering from a war, right to Tar Valon, where he decided he should try to seek out Warder’s training. He was accepted, mainly for his talent in the use of a sword, and began his training just several weeks after he escaped the place of his lost childhood, the place of memories he tried hard to forget.

He spent four whole years in Tar Valon, and Kandori armsmen never came to take him. During that time, he perfected his skills, and his Warder teacher, Tornholl, told him some of the Aes Sedai were interested in him, especially the new ones; several times he saw one or two watching him while they fought with practice swords.

On the day he became twenty – one years old, he went to do some mercenary work, in Andor, Cairhien, Murandy and Ghaeldan. He participated in a lot of sword – fighting competitions throughout the middle lands, and earned his money which he spent on inns, girls and food. Besides a sword and a horse Tornholl had him made and brought, he hardly had any belongings, and he lived a nomadic life the next several years, before he reached some battle experience his teacher told him stood as high as fighting skills in eyes of an Aes Sedai.

He participated in the Ghaeldan civil war Logain brought on several on the side that bided higher. He was over twenty – five and the time, and already an experienced soldier, which he proved in a number of battles. After Logain fell, he continued his freelance work, which was plentiful in the two years to come, since the showing of the new Dragon and the whole mess that brought.

He fought at several battles in Ghaeldan and Cairhien, all caused by this new Dragon, for whom he more and more thought was the real Dragon Reborn. Finally, when he found out about the Black Tower, he went almost immediately, eager to find out whether he was capable of seizing such a powerful and unpredictable force such was saidin.

He was brought to a tester in a remote place near Caemlyn, a large group of mansions and houses he found out was the Black Tower, and was surprised by the number of these Asha’man already there. He felt a strange connection to the force that was somehow around him during the testing, but he did not know what it was. After a few minutes of strange feelings and concentration, the tester told him he had the spark inside of him, and that the Black Tower will accept him in his training.

What he felt at that moment was strange – he knew nothing of the True Source or the One Power, but he still had the ever-growing desire for knowing more about it; that desire had spread inside of him the moment he found out about the Black Tower from a merchant in Lugard – and, there was the thirst for power that dwelled inside of him whole his life. He was accepted in the Black Tower shortly after that, and began his training.

At first it was hard – trying to take control of something you didn’t really see, just feel, and then using it in your own will – but he passed the basic training pretty fast, and he is still advancing rapidly.

Career History

  • Soldier