Neclon Zantoo

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Neclon Zantoo
Neclon Zantoo
Neck-lawn Zahn-two
Created by James (II)
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Shienaran
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦
OP Strength 8.5
Affinities Fire, Earth, Air, Spirit, Water

Neclon Zantoo is a Shienaran Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Neclon is around average hiegth of six foot. He has long blonde hair that reaches down to his mis chest. His eyes are a bright colorful green. His skin shows the torment that the weather and battle has casted down on him. He does not hold any scars that are visible. Not to his open skin while he wears his day to day clothes. His body is in very good condition. His physical strength is one to be tested to find the limits.


The little bit of wind that blew moved his long blonde hair into his eyes. With his left hand he moved the hair to see the oncoming enemies. Two days they had known that this attack was heading for them. Two days they waited for this battle. Twelve years had Neclon waited for this battle. This was to be the first battle that he was to lead. Normally he was the one taking the orders. This time he was the one giving them to the men. He needed to prove that he could be a commander. It was the only way he would get the letter to become a Warder.

His unit lived to earn the chance to become Warders. Becoming a Commander was the last step before leaving the lands and training with the best. This was soon to be his last step. All he needed to do was get through this battle with as little casualties as he could manage and drive back the invading force. That was all that it would take for him to learn the ways of the Warders. His lifelong dream was right in front of him.

Little did he know, this would be his last battle with this unit. Things were about to change and none would know if they were for better or for worse.

The night before the battle saw all the men at home with their families. Celebration for their previous victory still holding strong in their minds. Hopes and prayers for their upcoming battle lingered in their thoughts. Stories were told by the older relatives and the young warriors took in the ways of the old battles. Fathers began to teach their sons the lessons of battle.

Neclon was different though. His father had already had that talk with him twelve years ago. At the age of eighteen a boy becomes a man. At that same age they are able to join the fight. That was the same age that Neclon first picked up a sword and killed one of the enemies with it. The very next day his father had the talk about battle and lessons with him. It was a custom in Fal Moran. Neclon knew that he would someday give that same talk to a son of his own. Regretfully he had not found a woman to take yet. He was too busy fighting battles and earning his way to becoming a Warder to look for love.

His family was proud of him for his services to their family and home. Neclon had earned the right to boast about his kills and all the times that he had lived through death. Too many times to count death had almost swallowed him. It was the men to his left and to his right that had saved his life. It had been is previous commander that had saved him against the Mydraal. Even though he knew it would cost him his life he dove on the Mydraal to save Neclon. That was something that he would never forget.

His mother always worried about him. So did both of his sisters and his younger brother. His younger brother was an archer and never saw the front lines. Neclon did not resent him for that for a second. Neclon was happy to have people watching his back like that. He knew that they would save his life from time to time. He also knew that it was his job to keep them from getting to the archers.

Neclon's colorful green eyes spotted the approaching enemy in the distance. He knew that this was the time. It was time to get the final actions going and prepare for battle. He called out his commands for the archers to move into place. He called for the forward melee to move up. The cavalry was to move off into the rocks to swipe off the sides during the combat. The reserves were to move back as to not get pulled into the battle too soon. They would come in once the forward melee was getting tired or wounded.

It did not take long for the enemy to gain on their position. In moments the battle had begun. The sound of sword and shield was all that could be heard.

The ground was covered in bodies. Not just the enemy but also the warriors that were fighting alongside of Neclon. The battle had gone horribly wrong somewhere in the duration. All that Neclon knew was that the enemy had driven back and most of his men were dead or dying. All he could do was hold himself up with his sword stuck in the ground. His body was too weak to brace himself. His brain felt as though it was going to burst. His fingers burned. There was a horrible stench in the air. It smelt like burning flesh from the Trollocs. Like someone had thrown a torch on them. The strange thing was that there was no fire around.

A moment went by before his headache got worse. He could not hold the pain down. His stomach turned and folded itself. Before he knew it has was laying on the ground.

The next thing he knew he woke up on a bed back in the town. He was still dizzy and weak from the battle. He knew that it had to be from the battle. Nothing else could make him feel like this. Nothing had ever made him feel like this. He could not recount the number of battles that he had been through and never before had this happened to him.

He tossed his head back and forth in an effort to remember what had happened out there.

"Please be still. Do not move yourself to fast or you will spill again." The voice was that of a female. It was soft and a comfort to anyone who did not feel like he did at the moment.

His voice was a rasp and dry, his tone was cold and harsh. "Where am I? What happened to me? Why do I feel like this? I need answers." His head was still spinning. It seemed like it might never stop.

"I am not sure what happened out there. I have only heard bits and pieces of it. You are in the infirmary. As to why you feel like that, well that is either a side effect of the treatment or it is a result of whatever you did out there." She stopped herself after that. She had realized that she had said too much and should not speak anymore about it.

She walked over to him and placed a hand on his forehead. She then placed something at his lips. "Here, drink this. It will help with the dizziness. I promise."

Reluctantly he did drink the liquid that she was pouring down his throat. With a gurgle of the liquid as he tried to swallow it, he squinted his eyes. "Ah. What is that? It does not taste well at all." He began to sit up a bit. She tried to force him to lay back down, but he would not have it.

"Let go of me. I need to see my commander now." He moved her arm and sat on the side of the bed. Moving himself slowly off the bed he moved over to the door and opened it. The hallway passed by rather quickly. He did not notice it at first, the woman from the room was walking with him. Helping him to move down the corridor.

It was the last room on the right. The door swung open and Neclon covered the door way as he tried to move himself inside the room in a respectable manner. Almost falling over several times he finally made it to a chair and took a seat. He lifted his head and looked for his commander. Their eyes locked and Neclon could see fear and confusion on his face. He knew right then that there was something terribly wrong with him.

"What is it sir? I need to know what happened." His voice still had a rasp to it. It might have that rasp for a long time to come.

His commander stared at him for a moment and then looked down at his hands that were placed on the desk. He was messing with the paper in an attempt to control his nerves and what his gut was telling him. He thought that he should have just killed this man right where he sat but also knew that this man was a better swords man on his worse day. The commander finally decided to answer the question the best that he could.

"When the battle was over we found you laying on the ground. There was a circle of dead around you. Not just the enemy but also our own. There was a path cut through them though. Whatever that was that you used to cut that path it made everything flee the area. Nothing, that should have been in that path, remained. Not a single trace of it. Do you not remember anything of the battle?"

Neclon looked rather confused at first. It was not until he gave it some thought that things started to return to his memory. He remembered running into the battle to help out. He saw that one of his long time friends had come up right beside him. They had fought together for years and knew how the other one thought. It was a Mydraal that had killed his friend. That was the event that set the massacre in motion. It was that one death that set Neclon off and made him go into a blind rage. All he wanted was to see that Mydraal disappear. With a flourish of his hands he somehow managed to send a blast right into the Mydraal. That blast was the thing that had made the path through the enemies. Another blast emitted from his body as the rest of those around him died. Stabbing his sword into the ground he dropped to his knees and just stared straight ahead.

He gave the recount to his commander. He told him everything that he could remember from the day. Neclon knew that nothing was going to be the same from here. His chances of being a Warder were over now. His life as he knew it was nothing more than that of livestock. His family would turn their backs on him. Never before had he heard of someone doing anything like that. Though he was sure that it had to have happened before.

His commander could only look at him for a long moment. "We shall let you rest here until you have fully recovered. After that we are sending you off. We do not care where you go. You will not be staying here anymore. You will not be fighting with this army again. I suggest that you go some place where you will not hurt anyone else. The Warders that return to us speak of male channelers. Maybe you can find out from one of them what they mean. You will not stay here. You may return to your room now."

With that Neclon departed for his recovery room.

The next few days meant nothing to him. All he could do was lay in bed and wait for his wounds to heal. Once that was done he could figure out his next move. He needed to see a Warder and find out more about the channelers.

A week went by before he could leave his room. He found himself a Warder and started to ask his questions. It was at that moment that he found out about the Grey Tower. That would be his new home. That was going to be where he would get his answers to what was happening with him.

Career History

  • Soldier