Nathaniel Carridus

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Nathaniel Carridus
Nathaniel Carridus
Created by Matty
Portrayed by Brock O’Hurn
Nickname(s) Brawn
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Blue Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
  • Reuben Carridus (younger brother)
Weapon Skills
  • Warhammer ✦✦
OP Strength 7.5
Affinities Fire, Earth, Spirit/Air, Water

Nathaniel Carridus is an Mayener Blue Asha'man of the Grey Tower.



Nathaniel's parentage lends itself to strong, hardy children and Nathaniel is no exception to this. The seaside life has given him an inclination towards the heat and a tan to show for it. His penchant for loose clothing to keep cool involves not buttoning his shirts and generally trying to remain barefoot at all times, though this works better in theory than practice.

Fairly tall, Nathaniel takes pride in his appearance. His hair, light brown and somewhat lightened by exposure to the sun, is thick, unkempt and hangs well below his shoulders, often loose but sometimes pulled into a bun when he's trying to concentrate. Nate tends to have short facial hair in the way young men tend to when they feel it makes them look like a man. Irritatingly, he pulls it off fairly well, especially given the grin he wears more often than not. It is said that perhaps he grows the hair on his face because he can't grow it on his chest, but any such suggestions are only met with a chuckle. His beard when it grows in is as thick as his head hair.

There is a bit of a twinkle in his eye as if he is thinking up some prank or other to pull, which does him good when trying to get what he wants but not so much when what he wants, is for someone to believe he had nothing to do with whatever amusing mishap just occurred.

His active lifestyle means Nathaniel is toned and fit. His continued training over the years has helped the man fill out considerably, standing taller and broader than most. The Grey Tower may have made a man out of Nate physically, but he is still in need of some time to learn responsibility and how to be an appropriate Asha'man.


Nathaniel likes to think of himself as charming and irresistibly charismatic. Whilst he is a friendly sort and he is more likely to see the glass as half full than not, he is not quite as suave as he likes to think. Still, his smile and generally good natured spirit tend to get him a long way, mixing with the typical Mayener forthrightness to make the man quite a passionate fellow overall. Nathaniel is a man who feels strongly, and acts on impulse rather than rational thought. Generally, this means he will open his mouth first and think second, when it ought to be the other way around sometimes.

Nathaniel is unapologetically vain, and does like to take care of his appearance. He knows he is pleasant to look at to some and he isn't above taking advantage of this, though he is not the sort of fellow to chase the ladies (or gentleman). He might be a bit of a flirt and he might be receptive to a kiss or a cuddle, but when it comes down to it Nathaniel will never love anyone else more than he loves himself. Not that he loves himself to an incredibly excessive level, but enough that it makes it difficult to share himself with others in such an intimate, exposed way.

Although he is not one to bear grudges and is generally happy for other people and their successes, Nathaniel is quite the competitive sort and this does lead to some trouble when he gets mixed up with his brothers in whatever scheme they have going on. Put him in a team and he'll step up to the role of leader if need be, but only if he thinks he's the best man for the job. (Normally, he thinks he is...)


Ma and Da,

You'll be pleased to know that Reuben and I have made it as far as Far Madding, and neither one of us has killed the other. The ride was a slow one, I think we could have walked it faster than we rode on that bloody cart (pardon my language), but it was the safest route through the marshes. We counted no less than three stray bits of cart sunk into the quagmire. I didn't think it would be that dangerous... it opened my eyes for sure.

Reuben's doing okay. He's excited to get to the Grey Tower and do his Saidin thing. He keeps asking why I didn't take the test as well, but honestly? I don't think I want to know. I don't need that stuff to be able to protect my little brother!

At the moment he's sitting across from me, eating his stew (he says hi). The Inn we're at is strange, it feels like we're home but at the same time... we're really not. Everything here is run by women, would you believe it? Ma, you'd love it here. But there's no sand and no sea, so I guess it would be a bit difficult for Da to get to his boat.

Reuben wants us to go and check out the markets, I'll update you when we've met with the Grey Tower Asha'man.




Ma and Da,

It's been a trying few days. The Grey Tower Asha'man has yet to appear and we're running low on coin. I've taken to washing and pitching in in the kitchens to give us some more time but Reuben seems more interested in exploring and drinking in the Inns here. Don't get me wrong, I like that as much as the next fellow, but we can't wash all our money away in mugs of ale. Even if it's really good ale. Nobody at the gates here has heard of any Grey Tower men coming into the city, I guess they're not fans of this place because of the Guardian thingy which is really weird to look at by the way. If there's no sign of them in a week, we'll make our way to the Grey Tower by foot or cart or something. We'll work something out, we're pretty resourceful. At least, when we're sober.

Don't you worry about us though! Oh, and send our love and stuff to Tristan. I hope he's not too lonely without us! In a year's time Reuben can come pick him up or something, however it works. I sort of wish we'd gone to the Grey Tower with the Asha'man when he offered, but at the same time I think Reuben needed to come to that decision himself. At least he'll have me there to keep an eye on him, huh?

Right, I've got some supper plates and a cauldron to scrub so I will write again soon. I love you all! Even Tristan.



Ma and Da,

Why couldn't Reuben have been a sailor instead? Da, that boat business gets more appealing by the day. Maybe I can haul Reuben back by his ear and you can take him on as your pet project until he gets his sea legs. And sea arms. And sea everything. At the moment the only thing he is drowning in is drink.

He came back late last night, and I could smell the ale on his breath. I may or may not have gotten into a discussion with him about his behaviour. Ahh you know what we're like, we had a bit of a row, and the people in the room next door woke up and got rather angry. Oh yeah, the people next door were the owners of the Inn so, er, this morning we were given our marching orders. Both of us!

Reuben is hanging his head and chucking up whatever he ate last night, which by the looks of it wasn't much. I'm not sure what sort of Asha'man he'll be if he can't even make it to the Grey Tower... Light. I feel like I'm letting you guys down but I can't stop him from doing what he wants. Not like when we were kids.

Two more days, and we're heading back to Mayene. It's too cold here and I miss the salty sea air. I even miss the bloody boat, I'll never complain about the smell of fish again Da. Don't tell Tristan I said that though.

Don't worry about us though, we'll get through this. I've got my sights set on another Inn where I've been doing odd jobs. Even if we just get the stables for the night, it's dry hay and it's the best time of year to sleep outdoors. We're pretty used to that as it is, so I'll turn my charm all the way up. Wish me luck!




Ma and Da,

I'm sorry it's been so long. It's been a rough few weeks and I don't really know where to start. The beginning, I guess.

The day we were set to leave Far Madding to return home, we met an Asha'man. His name was Derek and he seemed like a nice sort. Of course I had to get Reuben to talk to him, he was the channeller and all. Reuben was sporting the biggest of headaches from his drinking and Derek didn't look all that impressed, but when we said the Grey Tower had tested him his eyes lit up. "The Grey Tower?" he asked, and I felt this real cold shiver down my spine. "The Grey Tower can't have a fine young Soldier like you. Let me tell you about the Black Tower..."

And he did. How it's a place for men and men alone to learn to channel and do things with Saidin. He said the training was tougher, but that it made the men tougher. That they could work Reuben hard, but it would make him a great Asha'man. I don't know why he took so much interest in Reuben from then on but he did, and Reuben was convinced. Can I blame him though? The Grey Tower embassy never showed. This man though, he said he was from the Black Tower, and he was there where no other men were. Maybe Reuben needed that support to get him out of his destructive cycle. The support I should have given him, but failed to do.

We got our things and left Far Madding so Derek could make a gate thing to get us there super quick. I figured that if Reuben wanted to learn at the Black Tower then so be it, I'd go with him as well. I could still take care of him, it would just be a different place to the Grey Tower. No women, which... sigh. But this was about Reuben. So we stood there outside the city gates, away from the main path. The Asha'man looked at us both, and then he asked me, "do you have the ability?"

"I don't know, and I'm not interested to," I told him. Y'know, being honest and all. And then he wrinkled his nose. "I'm just here to look after Reuben."

"Reuben doesn't need looking after. At the Black Tower we can make him a weapon."

I guess I'd never thought of it like that but even so, Reuben needs me. I looked across at him and waited for him to defend me, to tell Derek I was coming along, but he was looking straight ahead. He didn't even turn my way.

"Nathaniel can go to the Grey Tower," he said. "I'm going to the Black."

I tried to stop him, I swear. I told him he was crazy to go without me, that we should be heading on this journey together, like we said we would. But he was having none of it. It's like he didn't even know me any more.

Derek thought this was hilarious for some reason. He made this hole in the air, and said "Reuben, say goodbye to your brother."

But he didn't even bother, he just shrugged his shoulders. And then Derek yanked me through this hole with something invisible, and it closed behind me as I stood up. I was alone in this weird countryside. One minute there was three of us, the next I was Light knows where. Alone. I don't know what in the Light Reuben was thinking, or even if he was. He was almost acting as if he was asleep. I never thought he would do that to me, his flesh and blood. I hope... I hope he gets in touch with you soon. If he does, let me know?

Oh. I should mention where I was. I turned around from where that hole had appeared, and it turns out I was outside this city called Hama Valon. And you know what's in Hama Valon? The Grey Tower! I figured, I may as well go to the Tower and tell them what happened. Maybe they could... get Reuben back or something. A Tower swap. Or take me there to find Reuben. I asked all the black coated men I could find until one of them told me to be quiet. Apparently the Towers aren't on good terms so I couldn't just go over and find Reuben. I don't know if he'd even want me to, now. I looked at this Asha'man in front of me and I felt so... so useless... Light, I've left him down. I've let you down. The man must have seen the look on my face because he started to look a bit nicer then. He asked what was up and, yeah, I guess I told him everything. I had to get it off my chest, kind of like I am here with you guys. It made me feel better, but what I didn't expect after was for the man to say "why don't you join the Warder program here anyway? You might not have your brother here as well but you can still learn something." Apparently I have potential!

So if you need me, send for Nathaniel Carridus at the Grey Tower. I'm a Drinsomethingsomething now. I can't remember what the word is. Something Old Tonguey.

I'm going to give it my best shot and come back to join the Winged Guard!

Career History

  • Soldier (19 May 2016)
  • Dedicated (21 September 2016)
  • Asha'man of the Blue Ajah (2 May 2017)