Meer Rhojedix

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Meer Rhojedix
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Shienaran

Meer Rhojedix is a Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


"NOOOOOOOOOOO" Cried Meer as he was told his parent had been cut down by Trollocs defending against the blight. Meer was shocked. His parents had been away to fight the shadowspawn hundreds of times before and had always come back, but not this time.

Now he knew how some of his other friends felt that had lost a parent but this was worse because he had lost both to those murderous things. Most managed to keep one parent and go on but some unlucky children lost both and had to live with relatives. Now Meer was going to have to go that way too.

"I'm fifteen now" Meer told the man who came to tell him his parents were dead one more year and he could ride out with them. Then is struck him. If he had been riding with them he would probably be dead now too. Knowing he was not yet ready to face shadowspawn like his father had he decided to seek a place where he could learn. Leaving in the night was dangerous but it was the only way he could get away without being stopped. Taking a horse was easy and so was riding away from his home. Anger and hurt fuelled him as he went on searching for a place to learn to defeat these evil beasts.

On the fifth night he was removed from his saddle by an arrow the size of a spear. Falling to the ground Meer knew he would soon be dead. But he never gave up hope. Removing his belt knife he put the blade to his own throat and prepared to kill himself, the shadow would not have him alive.

Suddenly the horrid beast burst into flame and a strong hand removed the knife from his grasp before he could blink. "You have much courage young one. Taking your own life to prevent you falling to the shadow shows a strong will." The man standing over him said. Then he was gone. Meer looked toward the flaming trolloc. The man was dancing death amongst them while a Fade smashed around on the ground without a head.

"The pain took over as Meer fell back down and a woman stood over him. Meer felt cold, then the spear removed itself from his side and the wound began to knit itself. "Your Aes Sedai aren't you Ma'am" Meer managed.

"Yes I am and you'll be right in a few days with the proper rest and care" the Aes Seadi said.

"Then that is your warder" Meer added pointing toward the man cleaning his blade on the last fallen heap. "Can I learn to be like that?"

"If you study hard and come with us you may be able to" The Aes Sedai replied. "You'll have to come with us at least for the next 3 days anyhow."

After 3 days Meer did feel better and was on his way toward a new life where he would learn to kill shadowspawn Just like his Parents.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin
  • Master of Training