Matrim Elias Trimak

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Matrim Elias Trimak
Mat-rim Eli-as Trimak
Created by Steven Young (player)
Nickname(s) Mat
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Children Amil Trimak
Nationality Hama Valoner

Matrim Elias Trimak is a Hama Valoner Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Matrim is actually a few inches than his father, Riven. At approximately 6'5" he cuts an impressive picture in his usual starch white shirt and black pants. One would almost look at him and wonder if instead of being Riven's son he was actually the son of the M'Hael due to his long black hair and height. But one thing that distinguishes him is his expressive chestnut colored eyes. They are not the only thing though that he inherited from his Mother. His sense of curiosity, justice, and logic was also gained from her. He is emotionally cold though since the loss of his sister nearly 6 years ago. He has devoted himself to finding the truth behind it and preparing himself for an eventual confrontation.


Matrim Elias Trimak was the name he was born with. But since his birth only his Mother called him Matrim. And that was usually only when she was mad at him. Preferring to be called Mat, he had spent many a wonderful day playing outside in the Gardens with his sister Isabel and the other children in the Grey Tower. Until that day almost 6 years ago, when his sister was lost to him forever. At the age of ten Matrim, Isabel, and their nurse Rhianne had been sent to the Citadel. Matrim still did not understand why, plus his parents weren't there to see them off. Instead being escorted by two people supposedly picked out by the Master of Arms to escort them. But that had not been the truth. The supposed WiT had been a dark friend sent to distract Matrim while the other stole Isabel away from him. Matrim was over come with grief at the loss of his twin sister and both him and his Mother cried for many days. His Father on the other hand had grown cold and stoic. The Void had become an automatic way for his father to suppress the grief of the loss. Then one day his father left on Blue Ajah business and had yet to return. Leaving Matrim and his Mother at the Tower to look after things. Then the day of his testing occurred. Serrah looked on without saying a word as her son was tested and a smile crossed her face when she realized her son had the potential to become one of the strongest Asha'man at the Tower. This is where our story begins.

Career History

  • Soldier