Marten Emry

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Marten Emry
Marten Emry
Created by Elan
Portrayed by Josh Whitehouse
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Red Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Ghealdanin
OP Strength 7.8
Affinities Earth, Fire/Water, Air, Spirit

Marten Emry is a Ghealdanin Red Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Marten has a boyish look that makes him appear younger than he is in a way that has nothing to do with the slowing; most people would place his age at around twenty.

He’s a bit on the taller side of average and slender in build, with long limbs and clean features. He has warm, brown eyes that in good light appear flecked with gold and full lips that seem most comfortable in a roguish smirk. His brown hair is a mess of unruly curls, and especially in summertime there are sun-lightened highlights of dark gold.

He’s objectively good-looking and he knows it, and he doesn’t see any reason to play it down; he’ll use it to his advantage if he can, but mostly he just enjoys the confidence he has in his looks.

He may seem like an unlikely Red, especially to those who used to know him as a Soldier or even Dedicated; he used to come across as a selfish, obnoxious prick who certainly wouldn’t have put his life on the line for someone else. But a near death experience has a way of changing things. He doesn’t think he’s a particularly good person and he carries a lot of guilt over his failures, real or perceived, but he’s trying to dedicate his life to something that matters.


Marten was the youngest of a village blacksmith’s six sons, grew up bossed around by his older brothers, ignored by his father and spoiled by his mother. He didn’t want to learn the blacksmith’s trade because he had practically no chance of inheriting the forge anyway, and he spent much of his youth dreaming of running away to join the Great Hunt for the Horn of Valere.

He got into a fight with one of his brothers at the age of eighteen and accidentally made the rocky ground they were standing on heat up to the point of melting beneath his brother’s feet. The Village Council sent men to take him to the Black Tower, but in the first town along the way they met Asha’man from the Grey Tower and figured one Tower was as good as the other and relinquished Marten to their custody.

Marten spent almost eight years as a Soldier, mainly because of his poor attitude towards his fellow students, especially those of the female sex. Coming from a small village, he felt compelled to try to show that he was as worldly and ‘cool’ as any of his peers, not realising that many of them were from similar origins. Obviously, he only succeeded in antagonising a great many people, including any roommates he had over those eight years, and was left without friends and with a reputation for being insufferable.

After he passed through the Three Arches, his attitude changed somewhat and he kept more to himself and devoted more effort to his studies. Still it took nearly four years before he was considered ready to take the test for the Asha’man pin, mainly because despite his efforts he never found a calling or an Ajah that he was drawn to…

Until a confrontation with a Darkfriend Amyrlin nudged him in the right direction. Shortly after the events surrounding the impeachment of Ninya Evoneigh, Marten was summoned to the Great Stair. Upon passing the test, he chose the Red Ajah.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man of the Red Ajah (23 April 2018)