Maever Donovan

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Maever Donovan
Maever Donovan
Created by Matty
Portrayed by Jeremy Renner
Gender Male
Occupation First Weaver of the Yellow Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
  • Ryan Donovan (younger brother)
Nationality Illianer
OP Strength 6.0
Affinities Air/Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth

Maever Donovan is an Illianer Yellow Oathsworn Asha'man and the current First Weaver of the Grey Tower.



Maever looks taller than he is due to a slender, toned build, with a tendency towards looking concerned or worried - because he often is concerned or worried about one thing or another. He is quiet and tends to be withdrawn unless there's someone in trouble, or he's confronted directly. He tends to fiddle with his sleeves when he is out of his comfort zone, which is not too difficult to find.

His sandy blond hair is unruly from frequently running his hair through it, though it is supposed to be an adorable cowlick. His wide eyes and concerned expression make him look younger than he is, though his hair is already turning grey. Beneath his black coat Maever wears a yellow shirt, the cuffs visible and at a contrast with the tidy, dark material.


Maever is a soft spoken, kind hearted man who has a fondness for children, animals, and chocolate cake.

A skilled Healer, Maever has a good bedside manner and is generally well liked by trainees for his skill and compassion. Although most Asha'man may be foolish enough to disregard him, Maever is aware that they will be much nicer to him when they need Healing. Not spiteful enough to deny them this even when they've wronged him, Maever is too good-natured for his own good and will often overchannel in his desire to help as many people as possible.

Since being Raised to the Yellow Ajah, Maever has travelled around and taken great delight in sharing his skills with others, learning as much as he can about the craft. He has an excellent bedside manner and is generally well liked by his patients for his empathy. When he is not Healing, the Illianer can be found baking, knitting, or practising his sword forms.

The man is extremely difficult to anger, getting upset before he gets angry, but when his eyebrows furrow and he no longer picks at his sleeves, his displeasure is unpleasant to witness. It is of a colder nature than most men's, but flashpan in how it quickly passes and becomes guilt.


Once upon a time, a happily married farmer and his wife had a baby. They called him Maever.

One year later, they had another baby. They called this one Ryan.

Ryan was a fussy, bossy child. He baulked at helping out his father with the cows, turned his nose up at helping his mother with the chickens, and didn't get along with the sheep. He threw the most horrible temper tantrums, kicking and lashing out at whoever was nearby. Maever was often assigned babysitting duty, but his shy nature combined with Ryan's abrasiveness meant that his control over his little brother was minimal at best. As soon as Ryan was old enough to be aware of the power he had - and the blind eye often turned over his behaviour - he became the one doing the bossing around.

But Ryan was talented. He was strong for his age, something which became more noticeable as he grew into a sturdy young man. He had a head for numbers, he read all the books the schoolteacher had and he could point out any town on the map in the classroom. He was a better runner than any other boy in the school and he could track deer as well as Mister Thorn. His first attempts at Blacksmithing impressed his mentor to no end, and the Innkeeper of the only Inn in the village announced that he had a splendid singing voice.

On the other hand, Maever was remarkably unimpressive in all of these areas. He didn't enjoy running, though his figure was more slender and trim than his little brother's so he was more suited to it if he was so inclined. Numbers and long words puzzled him, and he didn't like tracking deer in case it scared them. As for singing, well, Maever was more of a dancer but good luck getting him to turn a reel in public.

How wonderful Ryan was! How everyone loved him! Even when he was angry, people shrugged it off and blamed it on someone else. It had to be so frustrating, being so talented and coming from a simple farming family. The village was just too small for this misunderstood young man. And to have to look after his inept older brother as well, it was understandable that he would lash out. He could have any girl in the village, but he loved and left each and every one. He could work anywhere he wanted, but he opted to waste his time in the Inn. The troubles of having a too talented mind.

This changed when the Asha'man appeared. They saw that Ryan had the spark, and soon he would channel whether he had teaching or not. And he would be strong, so strong. He was whisked away to the Black Tower after a confused celebration party. Everyone was so proud of him for going to help The Dragon Reborn. The Donovan family must be so, so proud of young Ryan! He was no doubt going to find the Horn of Valere, become the Dragon Reborn's best weapon and single-handedly stop the Breaking Of The World. How lucky the Black Tower was to have such a wonderful young man amongst them!

Maever was curious about this whole channelling thing, and during the celebrations he plucked up the courage to approach one of the men and ask if he could be tested also. A long time of staring later and the Asha'man said that he could be taught if he was interested. Not wanting to travel there with Ryan, Maever declined the offer to go with them via their magical Gateway. He would carve his own path. The morning after Ryan left, Maever packed his bags and hitched a ride on the back of a cart up to Caemlyn.

Unfortunately, Maever was not very good with directions and too polite to correct the farmers who took him along to a place called the Grey Tower, instead of the Black. He must have misheard them when they said "The Two Rivers" instead of "Caemlyn". Still, he could learn to channel here as well - funny that the Asha'man had never explained that there was a Tower with men and women both - and Ryan wasn't here, so Maever opted to stay here and enroll as a Soldier.

Training was not a fun experience for Maever, who was generally made fun of and not very popular due to his shyness and his tendency towards crying. He wanted to leave, but he never did - he remained, stubborn and hopeful, realising his skill with Healing complemented his generally pacifistic nature. Forgetting about Ryan, and never hearing from his parents (and never trying to reach out to them either), Maever steadily worked up the ranks, taking 12 years to become an Asha'man. The Three Arches left the man inconsolable for a long time, and as a Dedicated it was only really his skill with Healing that kept him at the Grey Tower. He recovered, persevered, and was more level headed when it came to his testing on the Great Stairs.

The Yellow Ajah was the obvious choice for him, and he took the cord proudly. From that day he started to wear yellow shirts beneath his coat.

Career History

  • Soldier (16 August 2016, off-camera)
  • Dedicated (16 August 2016, off-camera)
  • Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah (16 August 2016)
  • First Weaver of the Yellow Ajah (16 November 2016)