Lysira Viathene

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Lysira Viathene
Lysira Viathene
Lih-seer-ah Vie-uh-theen
Created by Bella
Portrayed by Emily Swallow
Nickname(s) Mouse
Gender Female
  • Gaidin
  • Blademaster
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Spouse Jerid Walker (former)
Nationality Cairhienin / Murandian
Weapon Skills
  • Bow ✧✧✧✧✧✧✧
  • Sword ✦✦✦✦✦
  • Unarmed ✦✦✦✦
  • Dagger ✦✦

Lysira 'Mouse' Viathene is a Cairhienin-Murandian Blademaster and a Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Mouse is small both in height and weight, but she is wiry and stronger than she appears to be. She has both flexibility and speed, which make up for her lack of bulk. Her many years of training in the Warder Yards have only increased these qualities. Her frail appearance is deceptive. Her eyes are large, looking almost impossibly so, and a black color as dark as ink. It gives her the look of a frightened animal, which is deceptive and she is all too willing to use that to her advantage. Her hair is long, thick and a little wild, but she keeps it tied back in a tight braid most of the time.


Selenirra Viathene was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah in the Grey Tower. Her sole warder was also her best friend, truest love and husband. His name was Benar Viathene Gaidin. For seven years after their marriage and bonding, they traveled the world and fought on behalf of the Tower and for causes they believed in, but it earned them their share of enemies in the Black Ajah, a particular Aes Sedai whose name they'd never be sure of, who sought their demise.

When Sel discovered that she was pregnant, the stakes were suddenly higher than ever, so Ben took his expectant wife and Sedai out of the Tower and in to hiding. She delivered their daughter in an inn room in Saldaea. They named her Lysira. They remained on the move until settling in a small town in Shienar, where Ben worked as a blacksmith, primarily an armor and weapons smith.

From the start, they knew Lys was different, for she never cried or made any sound. Sel feared to ever use the One Power, so she took her daughter to a local healer who diagnosed the girl as having been born without the organs of speech. Ben and Sel set themselves to learn the languages of signs and they taught it to Lys when she was old enough. In what time extra there was, she began to teach her to read and write, but it remained rudimentary for time ran out.

The Black Ajah Sister who had been at their heels years earlier caught up to them when Lys was six. They would escape and run for another two years before the confrontation was inescapably upon them.

From behind a loose plank in the wall, Lys watched her mother and father face off with the Black Sister and her warder. Benar's blade moved so quick that Lys could barely see it and he pushed them back. In the yard, the two women traded invisible blows. The air crackled over Lys' skin and she wouldn't have dared to cry out from the hiding place her parents had put her, even if she could have.

She could hear Ben screaming, which on its own was strange to hear as he was a quiet man. He shouted that he could hold them and that Sel should escape. She screamed back, refusing to abandon him. Lys couldn't really understand the cruel things that the others were screaming at them.

A flash of light blinded her for a moment before her mother was suddenly pulling her from the hole and running from the house in night gown and bare feet, hair loose, in the middle of the night.

Lys, who understood and thought in words, wanted to cry out and ask where her father was...

...but she couldn't.

Mother and daughter went even further in to hiding, moving erratically from town to town for the next four years. Sel began to call her Mouse and told her never to reveal her real name to anyone. The trial of day to day survival took place over all else, except for hiding.

By the time Lys reached twelve years of age, Sel could sense her child's ability to channel beginning to burgeon within the girl and it terrified her.

She did not have long to fear, as soon after she realized it, a Dream came to her. Sel had always had the gift, but it had been muted but exhaustion, stress, for years. This one came with the ferocity and clarity of fire. Upon awakening, she was sure of one thing that had been unclear before, until now:

Benar was alive, and they had him.

Only now, she knew where.

The pull was so desperate that she had to follow it. Sel traveled for days to deliver her daughter to the one person in the world that she thought Lys would be safe with: the healer in Saldaea who had first told them of Lys' lack of speech. She promised her girl that she'd not be long, and to be careful. Then, Sel left to find Benar and bring him home.

Mouse would not see either of them again.

A year later, the healer died and Mouse had no where to go. Life had been pleasant enough and stable, but the kind woman was not young. She trained Mouse in the care of animals and a little of healing before she passed. Mouse used these skills to survive during her years alone on the streets.

Shortly after turning sixteen, a strange woman with an ageless face met Mouse as the girl was tending the horses of the Inn where the strange woman was staying. The woman eyed her oddly as she soothed and cared for a young mare. She asked Mouse questions that the girl could not answer, as the woman did not understand Mouse's language. She scared Mouse, who had developed a skittish nature.

The woman said she had to take Mouse away somewhere, for her own good. An unfortunate circumstance led Mouse to recall, at that instant, where she'd seen that odd agelessness before: the evil woman her parents had fought.

In Mouse's sudden terror, she embraced an instinct, an urge and a subconscious memory. The woman was knocked back and Mouse ran.

What the girl didn't know was that she had channeled, crafting a weave she'd seen her mother use once: a dome of air and spirit that had exploded all around her. The Aes Sedai had seen it and recognized it. She couldn't avoid falling over, from diving out of the way, but she did save herself from being cut off from the Source.

By the time she had recovered, Mouse was no where to be found.

Mouse grew ever more vigilant, ever more terrified. It would not serve her, though, because soon she was found. The only thing that served her was some very basic, rudimentary skills at fighting. When the Black Ajah found her, she was able to escape with her life... but not her ability to touch the Source.

Being that she had never known she could touch it, or what it was, she did not know what she missed, but she did know she had lost something. Bruised and battered, she hid once more and survived. If nothing else, she had learned how to survive from her parents. She braved the world to make a living by tending animals and assisting healers, though over those months, something would harden within her. The skittishness would pass a little in to a hardened determination.

Eventually, she would pair with a group of traders when she was seventeen. She traveled to a tall grey tower and while in the stables, she discovered a horrifying fact: there were faces all around her that the ageless quality had begun to bloom. She wanted to run, but was encountered by a woman, one of the ageless ones, but this woman was soothing. She understood Mouse's language and spoke to her.

The woman introduced Mouse to information about this place and the girl recognized the form and figure, the beautiful movements, of her father in these... Warders, as they were called. She realized her mother was one of these... Aes Sedai. She could not help but be wary of them still, but she was determined enough to learn more. Maybe... Maybe find a place here, learn of her parents... Be safe, for once. It was worth a try.

Introducing herself as Miahala, the Aes Sedai led Mouse into the Tower.

The Warder Yards of the Grey Tower would become Mouse's life. She was fearful of many things in those initial months and years, but she would learn that not all things were as she believed them to be. She didn't make many friends, but she was very loyal to those she did call that. Mouse would remain fiercely protective of her true name and what she knew of her parents, which did grow as time passed. She learned a little from people who knew them here at the Tower, and memories began to return.

Mouse grew stronger, and more confident in herself. She learned how to fight, with weapons and without. She would be able to protect herself in life, and who ever she would be bonded to, as she learned her path in life. She was to become a Gaidar, a warrior and Warder, like her father. It imbued her with no small amount of pride to know this and to be pursuing this path.

Caden Ives, the Warder of the woman who first brought Mouse into the Tower, would become her mentor. She could not help comparisons between this man and her father, for despite their great differences, there were many similarities. She sort of turned him into a father figure, in a small way. She hoped to make Caden proud, since her father was not there to be proud of her. She continued to grow and to learn, making friends and even finding something like romance, despite the trials that would come.

Ultimately, as she always had, Mouse would overcome that which needed to be overcome and she would survive to see her dream realized the day she passed the test and was granted the right to wear the fancloak of a Gaidar.


Career History

  • Drin (5 November 2006)
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin (16 May 2008)
  • Gaidin Captain (24 March 2010)
  • Blademaster