Liolet Belwhyn

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Liolet Belwhyn
LEE oh lay BELL win
Created by Mim
Gender Female
Occupation Accepted
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Tairen
Weapon Skills
  • Mace ✦

Liolet Belwhyn is a Tairen Accepted of the Grey Tower.


Liolet is a typical young miss in many ways: she has a charming smile and enjoys using it. As a delicately boned blonde with a wealth of ringlets, she appears deceptively weak, but years of country life in Tear have made her capable of many things, and she lacks a sense of vanity for the most part. Her eyes are a deep blue. She is reserved with strangers and suffering an inner change. She is obedient, biddable, and good-natured, but unenthusiastic about channeling.


The night was dark and still as the woman waited on the upper balcony. Her lover, the Undercaptain of the Guards, was coming soon. For the baby. The baby that would be their future. Einar said he could not afford to marry her, but this child - the third daughter of the High Seat of House Rhistyl...she would change that.

Meune, the nurse, the woman waiting on the balcony, was plagued by second thoughts. The High Seat's wife was enthralled with her children, and would surely miss her. Einar had said that that would make the ransom paid all the higher....and that would mean they were married sooner. Married would be good, because then, Meune could stop the foolish sneaking around and being terrified to be caught. They'd take their coin and one another and live as they ought. And Einar said that with her there, what could happen to the babe?

Nothing, of course

Scraping sounds on the outer balcony alerted her to Einar's presence. "Give me the babe," he murmured, "and in an hour or so, you can return and sound the alarms. Meune, I love you. Don't disappoint me," he said, his dark eyes catching hers. "Meet me at dawn in the Gated Gardens, and we will plan what to do next."

Plan. So far, everything was going according to plan. The babe, called Liolet though that was not her given name, slept proverbially, and did not mind being put into the carrying sack that was strapped to Einar's back. Part of their plan was still undone, the part that would see Einar get a raise from the High Seat, who would be full of gratitude at the return of his youngest daughter. Meune worried about that as she paced her quarters, waiting for the sand to fall far enough for it to be time to announce the missing child.

She walked back to the nursery when the glass pronounced it time enough, and made as if to pick the infant girl up. She was, of course, not there. Meune stared into the empty cradle, then twisted the flesh of her arm so painfully that tears came to her eyes. Smarting, she ran to the drowsing Guardsmen of the estate.

"The babe, the baby is gone," she screamed at them, taking a dismal pleasure in their slow reactions. Truly, as slow and as untrustworthy as these guards were, they would never realize where the babe was! It would be as easy as Einar had said!

When dawn came, she slipped away, leaving the Guardsmen to examine and reexamine the nursery. Let them look, she thought, I've concealed everything.

She went into the Gated Garden, expecting to see Einar. But he was nowhere to be found.

Einar chortled in delight as he escaped over the high walls of the Rhistyl estate. Meune had been so easy to fool! Now he had the prize. True, he would return this one to her parents...if they offered more. And all it had taken was a few stolen kisses in the moonlight!

He had hatched his plan when he had escorted Meune to a community fair. People had been crying for apprentices, as was their wont, and Einar thought that there must be a shortage now, for the prices were high. Especially for the Illuminators of hated Tanchico, where the child to be apprenticed must still be in swaddling clothes. He thought of the sweetly sleeping blonde child in Tanchico, that evil place, and had a momentary pang of guilt. Should he, after all, return her? It would almost be as if nothing had happened to the girl this night.

Greed kept him motivated. He quickly found the Head Illuminator's quarters, where he had bring the children he had, for the gold they had. He looked at the doorway, and back at the sleeping bundle, long ago transferred from his back to his chest, hidden beneath the cloak. She would be worth her weight in gold.

Einar sighed. Could he do it? He did not want to send the child to hated, evil Tanchico after all. Not even for gold. He turned back towards the palace, but as he neared it, he noticed that it was in a high state of uproar.

They know she is gone, he thought.

Einar did not know what to do. So he ran.

As Liolet, called simply Lio by her doting "papa", grew, she became much like the purloined prize of the Inn's name. Her hair grew long and golden, and stayed as curly as it had been in her infancy. At fifteen, she was the darling of the small border village, friend of boys and girls, and the kind and caring doormat to every animal she could find. Her "papa" often complained that every time Liolet came home, she brought yet another barn cat!

This day, though, she had not brought home anything. In fact, she had been forbidden to play outside! Her papa Einar had decided that fifteen was old enough to begin a career waiting tables and pouring drinks. But now she would have gold, he had said, and proper long dresses, and be danced with. She liked those ideas, since in the year between twelve and her now-adult fifteen, she had seen romance bloom everywhere. All the village boys called, and some of the village girls would not be her friends anymore, but that was all right. She didn't need them.

As she grew to fourteen, and then fifteen, headaches began to plague her. People would sometimes do things that upset Liolet Belwhyn, and then beg on the floor for her forgiveness. And always, after they did, there was the blinding headache. Liolet began to worry that perhaps she would be sent to the Grey Tower like the overstudious Claira Burken, a small, plump, dark haired girl who no one had liked anyway. She had had headaches, as well...

She worried about it so much that her father began to note the changes in her behavior. Einar grew tense and unhappy along with his purloined daughter, worrying that she was too ill for him to be able to afford a cure. The Inn was a struggling business at best, and he never managed to put his hands on enough gold coin anymore. He thought about selling the Inn, but no one would buy it.

He finally figured out a solution on a stormy night, when the Inn was uncommonly full, including a pair of strangers, man and woman. The woman had been firmly in charge, and she seemed to have no age. That she was youthful and had flowing white hair, plus her assumption of control over the younger man and his apparent devotion to her...could she be one of the dreaded Aes Sedai? Tear hated channelers and so did Einar Belwhyn, but he loved his Liolet with all his heart. She would be worth even this dealing with a witch.

Einar went upstairs, ostensibly to check on his guests, but truly, to spy upon the odd couple. They had taken interconnecting rooms, and as Einar stopped to listen at the door, certain he had not been heard, he felt the prick of steel at his back.

'Would you mind," the young man asked mildly, "explaining why your ear is at my lady's door?"

Einar rushed to come out with an explanation, but could only think of the truth at such a short notice. The man grimaced and gestured him inside. "Naelysa, he has a question for you," the young man explained.

This Naelysa only gave Einar a considering look. "I think I know of the matter of which he will speak. And your answer, innkeep, is that the girl should belong to me...once you tell her of her true history."

Einar only shook his head. "She doesn't know anything, except that I am her papa and she has always lived here," Einar protested. "She would be even sicker if I told her she was a stolen child, and not even mine, and it would be worse if she knew she was a noble-"

Naelysa calmly eyed Einar. "You must, because she is coming to the Grey Tower with me. If she does not, she will die within the year. She must learn of everything she can. But if it pleases you not to tell her yourself, why do you not write the child a letter, explaining her past to her and why you took her from her House? She may have need of it, later, and it may be the last gift you can give her. If you love the child, let her know what you can."

Liolet Belwhyn sat upon a new horse excitedly. Finally, she was leaving this village! And with a handsome stranger! She sensed that he was somehow linked to the older woman, but she thought that perhaps she was his mother... She did not mind that! Perhaps he had been captivated by her beauty, and wanted to squire her away to his House and marry her! What fun that would be! She spent the morning making eyes at the young Warder, who pretended not to notice.

My, he is a cold one, with his mother around.... Liolet thought to herself.

The older woman, who had said her name was Naelysa Sedai, stopped the party at a little after noon. Quietly, she handed Liolet a slip of paper and her lunch. "You must know this, child, before you go further, and when you have read it, come back to me, for there will be one more thing you must learn."

Liolet took the paper and the travel rations with bad grace, and retreated to the shade of a slim poplar to read the note, written in her father's cramped handwriting. Before she had read halfway, she was crying and shaking with sorrow.

When she was done, Liolet, still not believing the letter, returned to the Aes Sedai as she was bid. Now she knew the woman was a dreaded channeler, and that must mean that she probably was too. And the handsome Warder....well, he would not be interested in her at all, if the stories were true.

As she had feared, the woman told her she could channel. Liolet Belwhyn only cried harder at the news.

Liolet, as she must still be called now, for her father had not known her "real" name, waited politely outside the office of the Mistress of Novices. Just the hour before, she had been left here by Naelysa Sedai, and she would not move from the spot until she was told to. Naelysa Sedai scared Liolet witless. Liolet had seen her make Halfmen catch fire and even seen her heal a sick boy. She would not cross Naelysa for the universe on a golden chain!

Just then the Mistress of Novices appeared, and looked down the bench. "Would you be Liolet Belwhyn?"

Liolet shook her head. Then she remembered, and nodded yes. The woman looked at her with exasperation, then shooed her inside the office. Handing her a pen, the Mistress of Novices informed her of her new life as she struggled to write out her name.

"Liolet, be welcome to the Grey Tower."

Career History

  • Novice (3 December 2010)
  • Accepted (15 May 2014)