Liaran din Chelai Morning Star

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Liaran din Chelai Morning Star
Created by Alianora
Gender Female
Occupation Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Bondmate(s) Haeden Ives
Nationality Atha'an Miere
OP Strength 6.7
Affinities Fire, Water, Air, Spirit, Earth

Liaran din Chelai Morning Star is an Atha'an Miere Blue Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


Liaran stands about 5'4. She has the deep brown skin of the Atha'an Miere, with eyes that are a very dark brown. Most people, viewing her from a distance, would simply refer to her eyes as black.

Her hair is black as well, falling to her shoulders in spiraled curls. She has long since given up any attempt to make it obey her, and the most she will do is tie it back with a ribbon if she needs it out of her way. More often it tumbles down around her oval face.

During her journey back to the Tower, Liaran lost a good deal of weight and she was not a large woman to start with. She is thin enough to appear ill and is still working on improving both her weight and her physical strength.


Liaran opened a pair of dark brown eyes to the sound of banging on her door. Blinking, she surveyed her surroundings. The small room she occupied was still dark, so that she could barely make out the wall just opposite her bed. The Accepted forced herself out of the bed, not at all sure she wanted to answer the door. If those girls are playing their pranks again, I will be telling the Mistress of Novices, she thought in annoyance. She had only just planted her feet on the floor when the door swung open with enough force to hit the wall behind it. "You'd best get your things packed quickly, child. We're leaving," said the intruder. As soon as she saw the speaker, Liaran knew who it was. There were very few Aes Sedai as tall and dark skinned as this woman was, and no sister but one of the Atha'an Miere would have been seen in the pants and blouse she wore. Talona Sedai wasn't an Aes Sedai she knew well, and Liaran suspected that few people did. The only reason the woman had to take notice of Liaran was that Talona Sedai had been born on the ships like herself. With such a limited amount of their people living in the Grey Tower, they had an odd sort of bond though their paths almost never crossed. "Leaving, Aes Sedai?" Liaran asked as she began to pack. "I'm taking you back to the ships, Liaran." Talona Sedai explained. "With your block broken, your place is with your own people. Surely you did not think yourself meant to make your life here?"

Liaran shook her head as they left her room on the way to the traveling grounds. She knew better than to ask too many questions of an Aes Sedai, but she could not help but wonder if the Mistress of Novices had really given permission for this. She could not imagine the Tower willingly letting her go after all that they'd done to force her to remain. All too soon they arrived at their destination and Talona Sedai opened the gateway. As Liaran's foot hit the deck of the ship and the smell of the salt reached her nose, it was almost as if she'd never left, as if her entire novicehood were nothing more than a long nightmare.

She took eagerly to her apprenticeship, certain that this time, there would be no difficulty in learning. At first, the second chance at becoming a Windfinder was exactly what Liaran had wanted most ever since she'd left the ships. For years, she worked under a full Windfinder, regaining old skills and expanding her abilities with the Air and Water that were used. It was clear that Liaran would never be one of the strongest Windfinders, but she thought she was also far from being the least able. In due time, her apprenticeship ended and she was placed on a ship of her own. It was not long after becoming a Windfinder in her own right that Liaran began to feel as out of place on the ships as she once had within the Grey Tower.

When it began, she barely gave it any notice. It was small things that bothered her, things like encountering other Windfinders who seemed to have so much more ability with Air than she could ever have. It was when, during winter, she offered to maintain a fire and was told quite coldly that that surely couldn't be possible as Windfinders just did not work with fire. The small things piled up, and Liaran began to feel almost bored. Regardless of the route, the winds, or any other factors, her essential task of maintaining the winds remained the same. She felt as if she had not only reached the limits of what she could do with the weaves, but that her limits were quite below what the other Windfinders were capable of doing. Liaran might have ignored it; there being little she could do to change what the Pattern had woven for her, until the day she found herself shut up in her room by her own choice, idly weaving Fire. Fire had come easily to her since the very day she'd broken her block, though she'd been told many times that that was unusual in a woman. Completing a fireball, as large as she could manage without setting fire to her cabin, the Windfinder suddenly froze. She dropped the weaves, brown eyes fixed on her door, lost in a memory she hadn't thought of in years and had tried to forget. Liaran almost expected the door to begin glowing silver, as it had in her Accepted test not long before she had left the Tower behind her for good. This was almost exactly what the arches had shown her; a bored Windfinder in a prison she had entered voluntarily. In the testing, escape had been simple, but Liaran knew it would not be easy now. She was, of course, free to leave to go ashore at any time she liked; leaving would not be difficult. It was the journey over land that concerned Liaran further, but not nearly enough to stop her.

Liaran surprised even herself with how quickly she felt the need to leave. Almost as soon as the idea had occurred to her, she was ashore and walking, in a direction she vaguely hoped would lead her back to the Tower. She took nothing with her from what would soon be her former life, not even a share of the food in her haste. As a result, she barely survived her journey, either working in exchange for her food or living on what she could steal when she had no other options. Those days all seemed to blend together for her, so that she could barely recall any of it upon awakening in the Yellow infirmary. She does not remember her actual arrival at all. What Liaran does know is that she spent quite a few months just recovering from her greatly weakened state, runaway Accepted not being seen as a priority for Healing by the Yellows. When they deemed her ready to leave, she returned to the Accepted's quarters, at last fully committed to living out the rest of her life as a member of the Grey Tower.

Career History

  • Novice
  • Accepted (23 August 2016)
  • Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah (25 June 2017)