Lexalon Davrina

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Lexalon Davrina
Created by Lex
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Kandori
OP Strength 7.5
Affinities Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Lexalon Davrina is a Kandori Soldier of the Grey Tower.


A young man of average height. He has bright, intelligent green eyes. He is handsome with short blonde hair and pale skin. His features are neither sharp or soft and he has a long scar down his left arm from an accident during training but apart from that he is as unmarked as a new born baby. Due to his time in the army of Kandor he has grown comfortable and accustomed to wearing the standard light armour of foot soldiers and as a result he prefers to wear this too anything else, although he has accepted that he will have to wear the uniform of the Tower when he is there. He is in good physical condition due to this training but he is relatively thin despite it.

He is highly intelligent and has a natural way with people probably due to his ability to smile, laugh and joke. He is prone to playing pranks and tricks upon others and is often getting into mischief. This has often resulting in him getting into trouble, although it is rarely serious trouble as he is usually (but not always) smart enough to know when to stop. He is almost always laughing or telling a joke but despite he can be serious when it is needed of him such as when in combat or channelling. On the down side he often takes other matters far to lightly even when they are serious as he only really acknowledges things which could directly kill him as dangerous. He is a surprising logical person and is good at planning and thinking on the spot (both skills are usually used in pranks) despite his joking exterior but this is thought to be an effect of his intelligence. His morality is a convoluted thing. While he has no issues with small pranks or tricks, regardless of how dangerous or reckless, he is strongly opposed to violence against other humans. Yet at the same time he believes that sometimes violence is needed to deal with problems. In simpler terms he believes that the reason behind the action counts more that the action itself and that intent is what counts regardless of the outcome.


His mother and father were an Aes Sedai and Asha'man from the White and Black Towers respectively who met while travelling along the Blight Boarder. Due to the dangerous nature of this they agreed to stick together for the duration of their journey. During this time the two fell in love. When the finished their journey they both retired from their respective Tower and went to live in Kandor. They lived there for five years before Lexalon and his twin sister Leafa were born.

When the children were two their parents were killed protecting citizens during a trolloc raid. As they were so young they cannot remember their parents. This has resulted in very little feeling of loss in Lexalon as he can't miss what he never had. The two infants were given into the care of the village orphanage were they were raised. It was an okay lifestyle. They were put to work in the fields and around the orphanage at a young age. While neither enjoyed it they did not despise it. At sixteen Lexalon enlisted into the army with the goal of helping to prevent trolloc raids like the one which killed his parents. He served for two years before his spark quickened inside of him. This occurred during a battle with trollocs on the Blight Boarder where the unit of men he was assigned to were stationed. The force would have been overwhelmed had Lexalon not accidentally channelled destroying the attacking trolloc forces with a wave of earth which crushed them all. A bare handful of the men he was with survived and they retreated back to the nearest town. He Lexalon was told that he had the spark and must immediately proceed to the Grey Tower by an Aes Sedai who was present in the town at that time. The Aes Sedai opened a gateway from him and sent him throw after giving him a brief amount of time to write a note to his sister telling her what had happened. His sister is his only living relative and they are close to one another. As they grew up together they spend a lot of time together which has resulting in them knowing each other as well as they know themselves.

Career History

  • Soldier (13 April 2016)