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The awards for the Legacy of Darkness Major Roleplay were announced on the 14th of March, 2017.[1]


Legacy of Darkness MRP Ribbon
Awarded for participation in the Legacy of Darkness MRP.
Alianora, Andy, Avyra, Bella, Cat, Craig, Elan, Jenn, Jenny, Kenneth, Locke, Marla, Matty, and Roan.
The Bronze Tower
The Bronze Towerx1
The Silver Tower
The Silver Towerx1
  • I chose Elan to receive the Bronze Tower because of his exceptional level of activity in Act One and the exemplary writing contained therein. He easily wrote Jaren as one of the most memorable characters of the Act.
  • I chose Locke to receive the Bronze Tower for his activity across not one, not two, but all three Acts. Especially early on in the MRP, his characters were colorful in their impact and Alric certainly shone in Act II.
  • I chose Craig to receive the Bronze Tower for exemplary writing. Although Ravak did not have many posts in Act II, they were highly well crafted, and Elia's turn in the latter portion of Act III hit so many notes, it might well have been a symphony.
  • I chose Cat to receive the Bronze Tower for her writing across two Acts. Tristram proved to be very colorful in Act I, and Johan managed to shine despite Zeen and Alric making everything around him explode.
  • I chose Matty to receive the Bronze Tower for his exemplary writing in Act III. I believe that the posts following Nate's capture and confinement will leave me with images for a very long time.
  • I chose Roan to receive the Silver Tower for her consistent activity across all three Acts, along with some remarkably memorable moments in Act I, dramatic ones in Act II, and invaluable out-of-character assistance throughout but especially in Act III.
The Gold Tower
The Gold Towerx1
The Golden Wheel
The Golden Wheelx1
  • I chose Marla to receive the Gold Tower for all of the above. She was exceptionally active in two Acts, provided exemplary writing and development that I already know will have lasting impact beyond this MRP, and was of invaluable assistance to me in an out-of-character capacity towards the latter half of the event.

Other Awards

The "One-Shot" Award The "Monster Mash" Award
  • Jaren Marle: From the moment I read "I mean sure he’s good-looking, but he’s also approximately the size of the Dragonmount" and nearly spit my drink all over my monitor, it was hard not to tumble over hysterically from the many witty "one-liners" that cropped up in Jaren posts again and again. Referring to Mia as "Impending Doom" was just one among many that continued to make me nearly choke. I finally had to just stop eating or drinking when I was about to read a Jaren post.
  • Elia Darrow and Nathaniel Carridus: I did not give these two much direction. I basically said, "You'll be taken and brought here. Be as evil as you want." And WOW, were these two off to the races! I felt like half-hiding behind my blankets reading some of these posts, but that made for some great writing and some great reading.
The "Bell of the Ball" Award The "Wrecking Ball" Award
  • Alrim Farshera and Afanen Vallen: This award was alternately called the "I don't know what this is but it's freaking cute" award. She stole food and gave it to him. He taught her to dance. She pulled on his ears and played with the bells. He made them the knight and the princes... It was just cute. I almost couldn't stand it.
  • Zarius Iiro, Alric Aurella and Johan Albaer: I grant this one to this thread collectively. I think Zeen destroyed more of Hama Valon than the bad guys, but hey, it made for some striking reading. And then for Alric and Johan...just surviving Zeen? ;) No, they made good work of their jobs and posts as well and between the three of them, it was one, dare I say it, explosive night and some exciting reading.
The "Bad Decision Train" Award The "Greyscale" Award
  • Jaryd Kosari: For a character who wasn't even originally scheduled to be in the MRP, Jaryd certainly made a mark. His evening started off with a bad idea of getting drunk before the ball even started, but hey, he made amends with our favorite ancient Green. His "are you sure you should do this" streak just kept flying on though and now it's going to lead him straight to the Amyrlin's angry hands, but hey, what a ride.
  • Tia Tomosan and Dakson Torellion: For Tia, this still pretty young Green got a trial by fire when it comes to the shades of morality part of the job. She handled it as well as one could expect, but it was a striking bit of drama, the repercussions of which I look forward to seeing play out later through her threads and events.
    Dax, meanwhile, came in with a pretty "are we sure he's a good guy" air but through the trying events of Vaidulo, he showed us that maybe he's human after all.
    Both of these showed the depth and complexity that makes creative fiction exciting.
The "Suicide Squad" Award The "Cruel Twist" Award
  • Paks Liard: For as long as I live, I will never forget the image of a drunken Drin kissing Miahala Sedai. For that brazenness alone, which most people even drunk wouldn't dare, I would grant this award to Paks. But I think she took the "bad decision train" (before and after the chandelier!) just as far as Jaryd did and made for quite the entertaining trip.
  • Terric: Frankly I don't know if this is an award or apology. Terric got dealt a bad narrative hand in the composition of his group for the latter phase. Leading up to that, however, he was quite the flexible lad going from flirting with Elia to spearing zombies. And I already can foresee some dramatic character building coming from this, and I for one am looking forward to that.