Lars Kal'Mori

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Lars Kal'Mori
Gender Male
Occupation Gaidin
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Kandori

Lars Kal'Mori is a Kandori Gaidin of the Grey Tower.


Lars, 18 years of age, black hair, measures about 1.92 metres, weighs 80 kg and wears brown leather clothing. Muscular build he carries a sword at his waist and a longbow on his back. Both weapons he knows to use but needs improvement. Until the deaths of his brother Lars was a boy who used to laugh and joke around all day but the events seemed to have changed him somehow. Revenge has taken the place of youthful innocence and a desire to kill as many of the Shadowspawn he could encounter.


Lars Kal'Mori was born as the third son of Guthwulf Kal'Mori, one of the minor nobles of the kingdom of Kandor. Hundreds of years ago the Kal'Mori's were amongst the richest families of the kingdom and member of the King's High Council. The days of glory for the Kal'Moris far gone, they now only reside on their small estate in the northwest of Kandor taking. No more trips to court to assist the king but remain on their lands and patrol the borders is what the kingdom required of them now. Every day patrols were sent out to hunt down the Shadowspawn who from time to time dared venture into their domain in seek of easy bounty. It was on a day Lars remembered all too well that three bloodied riders, part of a hunting party sent out by Guthwulf and consisting of his two eldest sons and 15 guardmen, came crashing into the courtyard yelling they were ambushed by a Trolloc raiding party led by a Myrrdraal. When Guthwulf, Lars and three thirds of the garrison arrived at the scene of the crime the butchered remains Lars brothers were found. That happened almost a year ago now. Guthwulf, fearing that with the news of the Dragon Reborn, the Black Ajah, channeling men, and the rumors of the people in his estate whispering the Last Battle is approaching, Lord Kal'Mori made his decision. His youngest son, already quick with the sword and sharp of mind must be given all the help he could give him to become a fearsome warrior in order to protect himself better then his two dead sons could have. He wanted his son to become a blademaster.

Lars was stunned when his father told him to go a place called Elman's Creek, a town in the mountains of Mist. All his life he tought he would grown up and live on his fathjers estate defending the farmers from any incursions of the Dark One, especially when he was now the only heir. When he started to protest his father said that he could manage his estate well enough without his help and that he should come back when he reached the title of a blademaster. The next morning Lars, accompanied by three guardsmen, left his ancestral home for the Mountains of Mist.

Career History

  • Drin
  • Ji'val
  • Gaidin
  • Master of Training