Lanian Gamalin

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Lanian Gamalin
Created by Callum
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Andoran

Lanian Gamalin is an Andoran Soldier of the Grey Tower.


A tall handsome young man with a good face. He is well built and fairly muscular as he has always tried to keep in good physical condition. The weapon training given to him by his father in order to help protect his trading caravans should he be with one and it be attacked has helped him to do this. He was trained in many weapons but found a quarterstaff to be his first choice and so has tried to develop it. He tends to wear it slung across his back. He generally wore well cut wool before coming to the tower reflecting his status as a merchant's son. It tended to take the form of a dark blue woollen coat and trousers although it did differ occasionally to other dark colours. He has sharp, intelligent blue eye and light, slightly wild blonde hair which he has long since given up on trying to control properly. A highly clever young man, he often hides his intelligence behind drinking and gambling. Despite his often laid back (or drunk) appearance he is a shrewd merchant and a cunning planner. He tries to avoid having to trick people into giving him what he wants but will do it if he believes it to be needed. When not dealing with business he is light-hearted and carefree, he is the first to laugh and last to stop and often makes joke, usually at his or someone else's expense. He is kind-hearted and friendly but not altogether that open about his thoughts and feelings which he hides behind that laughing face he so often wears. When in business he his shrewd, clever and careful with his money. When not doing business he is reckless and often careless with his money losing it in stupid bets and gambles. Luckily for him he is generally a good gambler which tends to result in him breaking even at the end of a night. This is probably due to his for mentioned intelligence which leads him to be able to select good bets, when he isn't too drunk. Overall he's a person of two faces, a business face and a drunk face.


Born and raised in Andor he was the son of a wealthy merchant. As a result he lived in relative comfort. He was given a good education by his father and tutors to ensure that one day he could take over the family business. This has led to him being well-trained in business from a young age, as well as having more skill in the Game of Houses that most Andorians ever develop due to the possibility of trading in other lands.

At the age of seventeen the Spark in him quickened and he channelled for the first time in order to save a friend form a street thug who was trying to mug them on their back way from a pub one night. It was a stormy night and so he called down lightning blasting the thug into dust. Both thought that it was just extreme luck which had saved then and thought nothing more of it. As common when channelling for the first time Lanian fell sick for several days afterwards. This resulted in him being carried home by his friend utterly drained after he collapsed halfway back to his house. Neither truly realised what he had done but that is probably due to the fact that at the time both were extremely drunk. They both have only the haziest of memories of that night. When his friend was finally capable of talking the next morning he related what he could remember of the night before to his parents who then promptly told Lanian's parents. Lanian's mother had been a White Tower Accepted who had failed her final test and so had been kicked out of the tower. Thanks to her training she recognised the situation for what it was. Unfortunately she had no way of contacting any full Asha'man or Aes Sedai quickly enough as there were no Aes Sedai currently in the city and she did not trust the Black Tower Asha'man. This resulted in her being forced to care for Lanian as best she could. She monitored him for signs of channelling and even shielded him once in order to stop him when she thought he might have possibly been channelling. As a result he survived the sickness which sometimes kills those with the spark.

At the age of twenty his parents revealed to him the truth that he could channel but that he most likely has a block preventing him from doing so. They immediately ordered him to leave for the Grey Tower, fearing the Black Tower because of the rumours they had heard about it. They had not sent him earlier as they felt him too young to leave and had wanted time to begin making preparations to train his younger brothers to fill his place as heir to the family business. He left a week after being told and made his way to the Grey Tower to begin training.

Career History

  • Soldier (22 May 2016)