Lahrenso Aballa

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Lahrenso Aballa
la-REN-soh AB-al-a
Created by Jessie Vernham
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Far Maddinger

Lahrenso Aballa is a Far Maddinger Soldier of the Grey Tower.


Lahrenso has very long, light brown hair in the style of his homeland, however, since he has been away from home for a few years he has taken to wearing it in a series of random-sized braids, some of which are really just glorified dreadlocks. He wears his mass of hair tied back into a pony-tail or sometimes a bun, held in place with hand-woven cords. His other striking feature are his eyes, which are always wider than expected and are a pale grey colour, almost silvery. He has the look of someone who has spent a lot of time in the weather, with a considerable tan and a slightly weathered look. He is constantly gesturing, tending to speak almost as much with his hands as with his words, and has a slightly crazed appearance and manor.


Lahrenso Aballa is a native of Far Madding. As a child, he was always sort of strange, but because he was also extremely friendly and open, it worked to his advantage and he was a very popular child, with many friends and well-wishers, even among adults. As he grew up, he became known as "the funny one," not because he told jokes, but because his eccentric nature always drew laughs from his friends, as well as comments like "Oh, Lahry!"

He had no sisters, so although males owning buisnesses in Far Madding are practically unheard of, he had a good chance of inheriting the cutler's buisness his mother owned. However, like any good Far Madding boym he was uncomfortable with the idea of owning a buisness without a woman to guide him, so be planned to marry and let her do most of the thinking. He met a young woman called Charrine, who he loved dearly, and thought that when they were married he would own the shop with her. Unfortunately, she had other ideas; she wanted to move away from the city, out into the country, and start a farm. Although he loved her, Lahry wanted no part of this and left her.

Now, a man leaving a woman is highly frowned upon in Far Madding, so Lahry found that his life became rather uncomfortable. Instead of remaining there and always living under that stigma, he decided to travel. One day, he packed up his things, armed himself with a hunting bow, and headed off to find his fortune. When he left, he was a young, ackward man of about 23 years, and he never returned to his former home. Instead, his home became any place he happened to hang his hat for the next six years. By the end of that time, although he never learned to use a knife or sword to defend himself, he had a good eye with that old bow and had learned many things about how the world worked. He certainly thought so, anyway.

Strange things started to happen around him, and being from Far Madding, a city obsessed with the fear of Channeling, he immediately recognised the signs. Although he knew that the taint was gone, he still feared something terrible would happen, and decided to take some training. The Black Tower was obviously not an option, as Lahry was not really comfortable with even saying the word "weapon," so he travelled to the Grey Tower instead.

Career History

  • Soldier