Kylin Riatin

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Kylin Riatin
Created by Callum
Gender Male
  • Soldier
  • House Riatin
  • The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin

Kylin Riatin is a Cairhienin Soldier of the Grey Tower.


A quiet and contemplative young man. He is a calm and thoughtful person, preferring to think matters through before acting. Polite and well-mannered he is a naturally solitary person and won't actively seek out the company of others although he won’t refuse it or hide from it if it is offered.

He is a very patient person and is careful in his actions. He is extremely precise and takes his time to ensure that his work is perfect in every way he can make it. At his core, he is a researcher and enjoys working on projects or trying to find information. He is not a violent person although he does not explicitly oppose it either. He just doesn’t have the guts to be violent.

He has a thirst for knowledge and constantly works to gain more, the fact he would sign up to the Grey Tower in order to access more knowledge and time to study it is an example of what he will do in his quest for knowledge.

Like most Cairhienin he is highly reserved and is skilled at keeping his emotions under control, rarely allowing them to show on his face. Unlike most Cairhienin he is poor at the Game of Houses, not because he lacks the intelligence to play but because he sees himself as being above the petty politics of normal people. He is quietly arrogant and assumes himself to be better than others. He simply presumes that he is more intelligent than anyone around him and although he is too polite to say this out loud the fact he thinks so is evident in his bearing and often slightly condescending attitude towards others.

He is a logical person and is open to debate on most matters, so long as his opposition can put forwards sensible or logical arguments, because of this he is not a stubborn person.

He is of above average height at around 5”8 with pale skin and sharp blue eyes. He tends to wear dark clothing like most of his people. His preference for clothing is a high collared black or dark blue coat, black trousers and neat black boots. He is relatively handsome with his short blond hair and chiselled features. He stands straight-backed, making use of his full height. Like most Cairhienin he is slender although not to the point where he would ever be called thin.


Born as the third child of a major house in Cairhien he grew up in a life of relative luxury. He had one older brother, one older sister, a twin sister and three young sisters. The house was something of a rarity to have so many children in it. He was always close to his twin sister and older brother but aside from them he mostly ignored his other siblings.

Even from an early age he was fascinated with information and spent time in the Royal Library whenever he could. He would spend hours reading books on as many topics as he could, learning as much as he could. His parents were happy enough to let him do this, his two older siblings were trained to take over the house when his parents died. For the most part, his childhood was peaceful and uneventful.

This life continued until he was twenty-five years old at which point he began to yearn for more information than the Royal Library could offer him. As there were only two libraries in the world which were greater than that of the Royal Library he set out for the Grey Tower to try and gain access to the vast amounts of information where were contained within.

Upon arrival at the Grey Tower he was asked by an Asha’man if he would like to be tested to become a Soldier and join the Grey Tower. Seeing it as an opportunity to learn about Channelling as well as gain access to the Library, he accepted and was taken for testing where it was discovered that he could channel.

Career History

  • Soldier (3 December 2017)