Kiryn Chaimere

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Kiryn Chaimere
Created by Aleatha (player)
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Grey Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Tuatha'an

Kiryn Chaimere is a Tuatha'an Grey Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Kiryn is fifteen years old, small and athletic in a boyish fashion, yet very mature. He wears his long black hair in the Arafellin fashion, in two long braids with silver bells in them. When he arrived at the Tower, he quickly found some colored lace to brighten his braids. He has a Tinker's liking for bright colors, so beneath his black coat he always wears colored breeches, mostly purple or yellow. His eyes are like burning charcoal in his face, reflecting the passion that is in him. Most girls would find him handsome…


"But why can't we, dad?" Kiryn's fiery brown eyes were full of fervor when the boy questioned his father. "Surely the Way of the Leaf is not the only way people can find peace?"

"If I were you, Kiryn, I'd stop talking about that subject. You know I agree with you, but you also know most of the Traveling People don't. Following the Way of the Leaf means we stand aside when any kind of battle comes near, and when we're attacked, we don't defend ourselves. The Tuatha'an don't interfere with other people's disputes. We dedicated our lives to searching the Song, you do remember that!"

The boy walked away, disillusioned. It had seemed like such a good idea, talking to the leaders of the Westlands, and solving their problems in a peaceful way. Yet he had to listen to his father. He was Tuatha'an, he followed the Way of the Leaf.

Outside, the girls and the young women were dancing. Kiryn was only ten years old, but he would soon be allowed to join in the parties. He sat down next to his mother and listened to the music. He was learning to play the fiddle himself, and his teacher said he was doing pretty well. He hoped he would be allowed to fiddle during their celebrations soon. That was even better than dancing!

"Bed time, my boy," his mother said. "Not yet! I want to hear Yuri sing one more song!" His mother's statement could not be changed. The yellow haze that usually surrounded her had darkened, so Kiryn knew she could not be moved, not today.

He often saw colors around people, and images. Sometimes he knew what they meant. Sometimes he found out their meaning after what they predicted had happened. That was scary. A few years ago, he had met a woman who was surrounded by a nightblack hue. He had tried to warn his parents, and the Mahdi, but they had not wanted to listen to him. The woman killed three man of their band before they managed to run. They listened to him, now.

Kiryn sighed as he entered his family's green-and-purple wagon.

The images were dreadful, horrible. Kiryn had talked them into leaving Kandor, but he knew disaster would strike, eventually. The images he saw were always real, although he could never say how it would happen, and when. He had seen the Mahdi's wife without skin, tied up in a tree. The image had made him scream, and he had refused to open his eyes for hours. When finally his mother convinced him to open them, Kiryn saw her face in an awful grimace, her neck sliced and bloody. He had stayed in the wagon since then, unable to talk and afraid to open his eyes. He hoped it would not be soon, but his mother… His mother had looked the same as she looked now, young and beautiful, her hair as long and dark as her son's and her eyes of a strange hue of green Kiryn had not inherited. His eyes were black, fiery black, like stones with fire trapped inside.

There were hundreds of Trollocs that night, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, and at least three Myrddraal leading them. Trollocs killed for pleasure. The Tuatha'an follow the Way of the Leaf, which means they cannot defend themselves when they're attacked. From the window of their bright-colored wagon, Kiryn saw the Trollocs slay their entire band, his father, his mother, his baby sister…

He found himself thinking about the evil that drove those Trollocs, but it was hard to justify the Traveling People couldn't use violence. Yet, Kiryn was raised never to touch a weapon, and he knew he never would. Still, if he could only help… The Westlanders fought anyway. If they'd be united… Maybe they could defeat the Dark One. Well, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, he thought. He could not mourn then, the wounds were too fresh. His family… Well, they would be born again, in another Turning, to continue their search.

Right now, Kiryn found himself alone. He had no idea where to go, they had not met other bands in months. He was only twelve. He would die out in the wild. Reluctantly, Kiryn admitted to himself he should go to a village or a city.

He took all the food he could find in their ravaged camp and he walked, for days, before finding the first village. Hungry and thirsty, he knocked on the first door he saw, where an elderly woman let him in.

"You're lucky I found you first, boy," she said. "We don't like you Tinkers here, not at all. But I can use you here, my bones are growing tired and many people need healing these days. Yes, the Dark One's hordes are upon us again, yes. Now if you just put on some normal clothes…"

This woman was surrounded by flares of green, not yellow like most Tuatha'an. Her aura seemed soothing in a way, so Kiryn decided not to question her and to take her offer. He was in Arafel now, and the woman, whose name turned out to be Trisane, wore her grey hair in the local fashion, in two long braids with silver bells tied up in it.

Kiryn took off his dirty yellow trousers and his red shirt, and put on some clothes Trisane said once belonged to her son. He had never dressed in black before, and he thought it looked poor on him. When Trisane offered to do his hair, he gladly agreed. At least the bells would add a touch of merriness to him.

"All right, boy, now tell me your story. What is a young Tinker like you doing so close to civilization, all alone? By the looks of you, I don't suppose you only came here stealing?"

He could not stop the tears.

"I tell you, I will not give up the Way of the Leaf!" They always tried to make him play with them, swordfighting with wooden swords and fighting imaginary Trollocs. Kiryn would never touch a sword, not ever. "Now go away, leave me alone!"

"The Way of the Leaf, hmm?" A soft, melodious voice made him turn around. A man and a woman were standing there, the man all dressed in black with a golden dragon and a silver sword on his collar, the woman in the most expensive green dress Kiryn had ever seen and with a very smooth face. He couldn't even try to guess her age. But what was even more stunning were the images that surrounded the pair. Certainly, many people had images around them sometimes, but not all the time, and not so many, so very many! He couldn't see any of them clearly, though.

"I am Illyra Sedai of the Green Ajah and this is my Warder, Jutrin Asha'man of the Blue. We've come from the Grey Tower, after some rumors the Blight was unsteady again. I never expected to find someone like you here…" The man Illyra had called Asha'man started speaking next. "You were born with the ability to channel the One Power, boy. You must come with us to the Grey Tower, else you will die. We will train you to handle the One Power so it will not kill you, and if you train hard you can become Asha'man like me."

Kiryn looked at the sword that was girded to Jutrin's belt. "I don't want to die…" he said, "but I follow the Way of the Leaf. I won't touch a weapon… Never! If becoming Asha'man means having to carry weapons, I will meet my fate and die."

"We will work something out," Illyra Sedai responded. The next day, Kiryn was headed for the Grey Tower. He wondered if becoming Asha'man would mean he'd be able to help people. He sure hoped so.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man of the Grey Ajah
  • Head Clerk of the Grey Ajah
  • Master of Soldiers
  • M'Hael