Keriinen Boliria

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Keriinen Boliria
Ker - eenan Bow - leer - ia
Created by Andrew
Gender Female
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Aes Sedai
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Domani
  • Daes Dae'mar Mastery
  • Master Diplomat
OP Strength 5.3
Affinities Spirit, Water, Air, Earth, Fire

Keriinen Boliria is a Domani Blue Oathsworn Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower.


A typical Domani woman, she takes fierce pride in her heritage and her family line, descending as it does from a branch of the more successful trading families of Bandar Eban. Reaching only 5ft 4", she makes up for a shortness of height with a graceful and beautiful body which - even though she is Aes Sedai - she likes to show off a little whenever the appropriate opportunity arises, such as a balls or Tower-wide events. Not holding with the view that Aes Sedai should be reserved and emotional as a stone she speaks her mind often and prefers to wear her personality 'on her sleeves- and can be surprisingly gentle. She can also be brusque if the occasion calls for it, but is generally jovial in her own little way. But she has a fiery temper if and when it is sparked, and holds little truck with those whom she feels are not even attempting to achieve their potential as Learning Ranks.


The Boliria family was well known throughout Bandar Eban, and possessed much influence - not to mention many lucrative and wide-spread trade network links. They were a powerful family, and rightly feared when brought to wrathful anger over slights to their reputation or character. And it was into this family that one Keriinen was born, and grew to maturity and womanhood.

She spent most of her childhood under similar conditions to most other Domani women. She was instructed by her mother and elder sisters in the soft art of seduction, and though she does not admit it to others she thinks back to these times with fondness. She still sometimes dreamt that she was not a channeller and would one day seek out to attract the attentions of a strapping, but easily controlled, Domani man to place upon her hip.

Alas, that was not to be her path in life. She fell ill and feverish several times within three months, and it was only pure good fortune that this was noticed by a travelling member of the Grey Tower, as she knew now that if it had continued un-checked and un-noticed she would be dead, and would probably have taken some of those she loved dearly with her. And so she had been bundled onto a horse and taken to the Grey Tower with haste. She spent many years there teaching others, as well as being taught some of the most important lessons she had ever learnt.

She was a mischievous Learning Rank, spending a lot of her time getting to know many of her male peers, which often ended with them fighting over her and herself in a deep trough of boiling hot water. She was punished more than any Novice or Accepted that she knew of. But over the years she matured further and took aboard the value of restraint and right action.

She was drawn to the Blue Ajah by such philosophical quandaries, and by the newly discovered passion for spreading fairness and justice to those whom had none. It was a romantic notion that was almost impossible, as she learnt to her dismay as she grew older, but it is an ideal which she refuses to fully abandon.

She spent several years outside of the Tower proper, travelling and establishing new contacts for the Blue Ajah's already impressive Eyes and Ears network, but eventually the call to return to the Grey Tower rang out louder than her desire to further her Ajah's influence outside Tower grounds. As such she had set out to return, only to find that as she once more crossed the threshold of the Tower gates that the Ajah she knew was no longer in existence. Riven Trimak had died, and the other Trimak's were mostly scattered to the four winds.

Many of her old friends were now either dead or had left to follow their own paths within the Pattern. She had retreated into herself for the first time in her long life. Taking up a position where she could assist both the local orphanage and her own small desires she drifted for a time until she learnt of one specific child that brought back old memories with fondness.

She spent much time thinking, and it turned out to be just too long. When she finally had made up her mind as to what t do events had already been set into motion and all she could do was an attempt at picking up the shattered pieces. As usual she rolled up the sleeves of her semi-suggestive dress and turned her hand to salvaging what was now left with a new purpose upon the horizon - and approaching rapidly.

Career History

  • Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah