Kaira Darrow

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Kaira Darrow
Kaira Darrow
KAI-rah DAH-row
Created by
Portrayed by Lily James
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Hama Valoner
Weapon Skills
  • Sword ✦
OP Strength 9.0
Affinities Spirit, Air, Water, Fire, Earth

Kaira Darrow is a Hama Valoner Novice of the Grey Tower.


Kaira is of mixed heritage. From her mother, she inherited the pale complexion of the Cairhienin and the fierce passion of the Domani. From her father, she inherited the Shienaran code of honor and the fair coloring of an Andoran. Though pretty, she is not quite a great beauty. Her nose is a little too long, her lips are thin and slightly crooked, and her face is triangular with a receding chin. She has light brown hair and expressive grey eyes. She is often told that she takes after her mother.

Her temperament is proud, willful, and mercurial. Her manner is sweet and lively. She is easily moved to both anger and laughter. As a child, she was warm, friendly, and very sensitive to the emotions of the people around her. As she has grown older, she has become more cynical, yet she still retains much of her youthful innocence. She cares greatly for her friends and is very giving. Like her mother, she pursues her goals with a single-minded drive that is almost frightening in in its intensity. Like her father, she has no fear of speaking bluntly.

Kaira is clever, but easily distracted from her lessons. A chair and desk cannot contain her energy, and books do not stimulate her curiosity. Instead, she would much rather be exploring the world. She performs her chores and attends her lessons without complaint, but she has a mischievous streak and enjoys pranks.

She loves and adores her father. Yet his insistence on honor and duty annoys her. She prefers to see the world in shades of grey, which is a source of tension in their otherwise close relationship.


She was born on the same day that a horrific tragedy struck the Tower. A mysterious force collapsed the Novices and Soldiers Quarters, killing many of the young channelers. While helping in the disaster relief effort, her mother went into labor. Her parents did not have a pleasant relationship - but on that terrible day, Kaira’s birth brought a spark of hope. The next day, after an investigation by the Hall of Sitters, her mother confessed to being a member of the Black Ajah and was sentenced to death. Ravak was left to raise his daughter alone.

As the daughter of an executed Darkfriend, Kaira faced discrimination and hatred from a young age. Otherwise, her childhood was idyllic. Her father doted on her and she wanted for nothing. She was a happy and easygoing child who ran wild and charmed nearly everyone she met. Her wet nurse, Rina, and a Tower servant, Weland, cared for her until she was five years old. Then, Ravak sent her to spend her days at the Mar a’Mael, learning and playing with other children. In the evenings, she returned to the Tower and often visited with her father’s friends. She liked to imitate her father in everything he did, and her favorite toy was a small sword ter’angreal.

Yet as Kaira grew older, she came to resent her mother’s legacy. Some feared her for her mother’s crimes. Others treated her with disdain. Most simply ignored her, for who would want to associate themselves with the child of a Darkfriend? She also dreaded the unwanted attention from the Tower channelers and feared that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps.

So, when she neared her fifteenth birthday, she ran away from home. She sought to create a new life for herself, where no one knew of her mother and she could be measured by her own worth. Unfortunately, the journey did not go as planned. Seven months later, she was found by a young apothecary, nearly bleeding to death on his doorstep. He nursed her back to health. Then, he wrote a letter to her aunt Elia, who came and brought Kaira home.

Currently, she is a novice of the Grey Tower. She resents being forced into novice whites, yet she has a newfound enthusiasm for learning the One Power. However, her time away from home has created a Block. She cannot channel unless she is deathly afraid. And so this is where her story continues...


Career History

  • Westlander (23 September 2016)
  • Novice (24 December 2016)