Kaihan Masawi

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Kaihan Masawi
Created by Toby Selwyn
Gender Male
Occupation Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Kandori

Kaihan Masawi is a Kandori Yellow Oathsworn Asha'man of the Grey Tower.


Although of a lean build and only average height, years of sword training and sports such as hunting have put muscles on Kaihan’s frame. His skin is pale, and he has inherited his mother’s clear blue eyes. His dark brown hair – so dark that it often appears black – is straight and long, and is usually tied back with a simple leather thong, but Kaihan occasionally wears the tiny silver bells that are fashionable in his mother’s homeland. Unlike many Kandori men, however, he is clean-shaven.


Twenty years after the foundation of the Grey Tower, a young Arafellin noble, a nephew of King Paitar Nachiman, was brought to study with the Asha’man and Aes Sedai. Despite his prejudices against those he saw as commoners, Kyelen Nachiman learned quickly, and within a few years was raised into the ranks of the Yellow Ajah. He progressed from rank to rank, gaining first a Sittership, then the office of Head of his Ajah, and soon after became the Master of Soldiers. Sadly, Kyelen was lost when he went too far into his investigations of a ter’angreal - despite the ban controversially imposed on him by the Head of the Indigo and the M’Hael that prohibited his access to the storerooms – and has never been seen since. Unknown to him, however, the role of his family within the Grey Tower was not to end on that fatal day.

Before coming to the Grey Tower, the only person Kyelen had truly cared about was his younger sister, Sukiri. Shortly before Kyelen disappeared, Sukiri was betrothed to one Lord Radoran Masawi, a cousin to Ethenielle, the Queen of Kandor. The marriage was to bring a strong alliance between the two Borderland nations, firming their joint determination to halt the progress of the ever-spreading Blight. Although forged from politics, the relationship between Radoran and Sukiri became one based on strong affection, if not true love, and the family prospered.

Like his uncle, Kaihan Masawi is the third of three sons, a single sister – Natara – his only younger sibling. Kaihan inherited much of his uncle’s personality: Kyelen was given to arrogance, believing any born into a lower level of the social hierarchy than he to be inferior, there to serve him and his peers. Although Kaihan is somewhat less conceited, he does have a rather firmly established belief of his position relative to others, and does not hesitate to give his opinions. He expects others to bend to his will, and hearing someone of lower birth speaking out of turn rapidly ignites his sharp temper.

Kaihan’s ability to learn to channel was discovered during routine testing, during the winter of his eighteenth year. Although not pleased at the news, Kaihan had been half expecting it: he knew the tale of his uncle’s training at the Grey Tower, and the spark had shown in his mother: it was only because of the pre-arranged wedding that Sukiri herself had not gone to the Grey Tower to become Aes Sedai. He protested against his father’s decision to send him to the Tower for training – it would signify the end of a relatively easy lifestyle, although life in the Borderlands is never easy – but to no avail, and within weeks of the discovery he left Kandor for the Mountains of Mist, in the company of the Asha’man who had tested him and several other young men, servants and soldiers for the most part.

Kaihan is certainly finding life at the Grey Tower difficult to adjust to, for the same reasons as his uncle. To serve and learn from people who are almost always of lower birth than himself is not something that he can swallow with ease, and his superior attitude is the cause of many chores that he would otherwise have avoided. He is, however, a quick learner, and it is likely that he will eventually change to become a willing member of the Tower community.

Career History

  • Soldier
  • Dedicated
  • Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah
  • Sitter of the Yellow Ajah
  • M'Hael